A farmhouse pantry is exciting

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Even though it draws on tradition, it still feels like a fresh trend in today?s interior design climate. The nice thing is that you can go as big as you want with this type of pantry.

On the adventurous end, you could install a barn door and a rolling ladder. On the other end of the scale, you can incorporate some organizational techniques into your existing pantry. Even if you rent your place and can?t modify anything, you can still bring in some of the aesthetic. To give you a few ideas, let?s talk about 9 different ways you can enjoy this kind of pantry.

1. Pantry ladder and distressed barn door


Farmhouse design is all about functionality and charm working together. You can see that the designer for this space really went all out.

There?s a rustic pantry ladder to help you access the upper shelves. The great thing about the ladder is that you can use it on both sides. Or, if you need it out of the way, you can just stand it up against the wall.

There?s also a barn door that looks like it?s been out in the weather, and it really ties the space together. As you can imagine, this pantry would go perfect with a farmhouse kitchen.

2. Lots of jars and labels


This organizational style is a basic element of a farmhouse pantry. Here, you can see rows of jars and tubs that are labeled with each ingredient. You can even see this kind of organization in other photos in this blog post. It really helps to make you feel like you?re living in the country.

This is the sort of thing you can do to turn a regular pantry into a farmhouse pantry. Even if you can?t change your shelving material, you can still enjoy the design. Plus, with glass jars, you?ll always know how much of any ingredient you have left.

3. Double barn doors open to a shallow pantry


Now, you also don?t have to have a huge pantry to enjoy having barn doors. These sliding barn doors really bring a farmhouse feel into the kitchen. When you open them up, you see a standard shallow pantry. And that?s totally fine because it looks great.

4. Large farmhouse pantry with sink


So this is a pretty large farmhouse pantry. In fact, it?s big enough to actually have a good prep area with a sink. Here, the homeowners have plenty of extra storage for pots and pans, glassware, and, of course, jars of ingredients.

5. Double barn doors to a red pantry


Now we?re heating things up. This farmhouse pantry takes the red of the barn and brings it inside. Red is the dominant color here, and it?s contrasted by dark shelving and the dark double barn door.

There?s also some countertop space in this pantry, and you can see a few glass jars below. However, it doesn?t look like the top shelves are being used. Perhaps a ladder or a stepstool would help in this pantry.

6. Farmhouse pantry organization in the kitchen


So, what if you don?t want to change your pantry at all? Well, you can still bring some farmhouse right into your kitchen. Here, you can see a farmhouse-style organizational unit above the sink. Each little cubby has its own pull-out container for ingredients.

7. Single barn door to pantry and prep area


Here?s a farmhouse pantry with one barn door. This door is finished in a distressed green and it looks great. A barn door might be the only thing in your house that looks good in a distressed finish. If it is, just go for it. Not everything has to look polished and 100% new all the time. That?s another great thing about farmhouse design.

Also, this door is that it has windows. That means you can make sure your kids aren?t sneaking extra cookies when they are in there.

8. Farmhouse pantry with wine fridge


Here?s another deluxe farmhouse pantry. It?s got cabinets, prep areas, open shelves, and plenty of glass jars. Plus, it even has a wine fridge. It?s another example of how you can really do whatever you want with a farmhouse pantry.

9. Modern barn doors with frosted glass


This farmhouse pantry really fits in with the rest of the room. It has sliding barn doors that look modern. The doors have traditional black hardware, but they also have a clean white look with frosted glass panes. Inside, the pantry is lined in white subway tiles which keeps the design clean and fresh.


There are lots of options to choose from. Do you want a barn door? If you do, what should it look like? Whether you want to renovate your whole pantry or just renovate your ingredients, there?s a farmhouse pantry style for you.

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