Bright blue and grey decor fills these three small home interiors with a cool and breezy vibe

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These chilled interior designs come along with warm accents to build spaces that feel welcoming and homey. Rattan pendant shades, natural timber elements and floors, and even some splashes of gold and red turn up the heat. A scattering of indoor plants add another beat of colour to the palette, and paint a picture of a more lived in, more loved place. Modern furniture silhouettes and stylish light choices come together in bold and confident arrangements that make the most of the compact quarters they are assigned to.

Designer: KM Design Lab  
Visualizer: KM Design Lab  

Our first blue and grey home interior is warmed by pale gold scatter cushions on the sofa. The sofa is a small two seater design so as not to overwhelm the compact room dimensions, space is left around the couch on each side so that there can be an easy flow of footfall between the living room and the glass wall bedroom located behind.

The glass wall draws back in a bifold action to open up extra living space for the couple and their child. This is a half studio home that measures in at a neat 62 square metres.

The grey and blue colour scheme, paired with chic modern furniture, creates a crispness of style that makes the home feel much more than its measure. A sizeable plant stand serves as a transition piece between the sitting area and a home workspace in the corner.

A square coffee table stands on large format square floor tiles. A grey area rug warms up the floor around the sofa.

Opposite the sofa, a blue living room wall backs the TV.

Blue paintwork continues behind the modern home office desk.

A trio of kitchen bar stools is made up of two blue stools and one grey to shake off uniformity.

Three wood and white kitchen pendant lights illuminate the peninsula.

In the dark grey kitchen design, the upper cabinets have been faced with wood effect doors for added warmth.

Wooden elements warm the grey and blue bedroom design too. Natural pendant shades and wood effect bedside units make a beautiful overlay to a grey panelled feature wall.

Frameless wall mirrors give the illusion of added space in the apartment.

The bathroom and utility are combined as one.

Wood cladding and blue feature walls break up the space.

The same marble floor tiles run throughout the entire apartment…

… Except for an awesome kid’s room design. In here, a warmer wood laminate floor has been laid to make playing on the floor more comfortable. The ever popular Mr Fox wallpaper brings humour and cuteness to the kids’ wall decor.

A fox cushion adds a flash of orange to the blue bed set.

Toy storage and balloon lights add more energised orange accents to the blue kid’s room. A mountain themed chalkboard climbs a sky blue wall.

A kid’s chair pulls up to a homework desk with colour coordinated blue and orange drawers.

Designer: KM Design Lab  
Visualizer: KM Design Lab  

Our second stop is a 56 square metre apartment, designed for a young male homeowner.

It’s the dining pendant lights that float like brightly coloured balloons in this home, or perhaps more like baubles under their metallic sheen. Their spherical nature ties in with a modern round dining table below.

A couple of blue throws soften the wooden dining chairs.

Additional chairs hang in a bright blue arrangement over one white wall.

A unique wall clock adds one final round of blue to the room.

White geometric tiles back the L-shaped kitchen.

In the bedroom, an industrial style light installation has been created across a smart blue feature wall.

A bright red table with a white bedside table lamp stand out against the blue.

Another blast of bright colour strikes around the frame of a desk chair by the window.

A red shelf boldly underlines the TV.

In the hallway, it’s a small red stool that steals attention. A walk through closet leads into the bedroom on its other side.

A red, white and blue bathroom scheme feels warm and inviting.

Red bathroom paint surrounds the bathtub, whilst blue paint covers the cistern wall.

Vertical white marble tiles cross behind a round vanity mirror and floating unit.

The end wall is painted blue to make the bathroom feel pulled together and cosy. A natural timber table and a rattan basket up the tonal temperature.

Designer: KM Design Lab  
Visualizer: KM Design Lab  

Thirdly, we come to a 66.4 square metre home, designed for clients with a fondness for the maritime theme and travel. This is hinted at in the artwork in the home, and in the style of the gold wall lights that cross the grey living room wall.

Only two large windows let daylight into the home, so designers took on a challenge in including a children’s bedroom, master bedroom, and a living room with kitchen, without losing the feeling of spaciousness.

A run of soundproof glass was installed at ceiling height across the living room to let in additional natural light. A system of forced ventilation was installed along with UV lamps to ensure proper sanitary conditions. The decor is a nautical blue, white and woodtone scheme. The TV stand adds a herringbone patterned piece to the mix.

Wegner style Wishbone Chairs and a rectangular table reside by the large windows.

The position of the dining area makes the most of the sunlight and the view.

White herringbone tiles make up a kitchen backsplash around royal blue cabinets.

Matching blue doors front the entryway closets.

Designer: Crea Design Studio  
Visualizer: Andrey Popov  

In our fourth featured design, bright shades of mid to light blue crash together over the walls of a 102 square metre home in Moscow, Russia. The cheerful accent palette in this interior ranges from primary yellow to orange, as seen in a spectrum of scatter cushions on the solid blue sofa here. Gold nesting coffee tables bring in a metallic warmth.

A coral accent chair and colour coordinating artwork brighten the other side of the blue living room, along with leaping orange flames in a modern woodburning stove.

Rich wooden elements layer against the shades of blue, building added depth and texture.

A wooden media unit floats against the mid blue TV wall. A blue glass lamp base and matching blue glass vase add a little sheen to its shelf top.

Huge leaves spring from a blue planter in the corner of the living room, bringing some of that garden view indoors. Pale yellow floor length curtains warmly dress the patio doors.

Behind the blue sofa, a wood dining table has been teamed with modern yellow dining chairs.

Pale yellow curtains flank a floor length window in the kitchen diner too. A piece of modern art places solid primary yellow splashes between each green garden viewpoint.

Amber glass pendant lights hang in a trio over the wood dining table.

The dining table is set with fresh white tableware and a modern glass carafe.

A blue kitchen stands behind the yellow dining room. Light blue kitchen cabinets are cut through with aqua blue tile.

Black appliances contrast darkly with the surrounding units.

The guest bedroom serves as a second, smaller, TV room. The flatscreen TV is set into a wall of mirror opposite the two-seater bed settee. A small gold geometric table centres on a blue area rug when the bed is folded away, and relocates as a bedside table when the bed is opened out.

A gold floor lamp complements the beautiful gold ceiling light design. White cabinets have been built up and over the couch to maximise the limited amount of storage space available.

Blue art lines the hallway of the home.

A coral stool is seated at a vanity mirror in the home entryway.

Backlit mirrors stripe the turn in the staircase, fashioning an alluring glow.

Shiny gold handles trim the hallway closet.

Perched bird pendants dangle in front of a frameless hallway mirror.

Another bright bird perches by the front door, where the doormat tells us this is ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Warm natural elements balance out a cool blue and white bathroom. A small folding screen covers up the washing machine.

A rustic tree stump side table is rooted by the bath, on a floor of blue geo tiles.

Rattan laundry baskets tuck neatly beneath a floating wooden vanity unit.

Backlit vanity mirrors glow above the fresh white countertop.

Floor plan with dimensions.

Visualizer: Cartelle Design  

Lastly, cornflower blue elements paint tasteful moments of colour into a cream and white interior. Deep brown wood flooring and square coffee tables add chocolate tones into the elegant modern lounge decor. A striped rug brings all the hues of the room together in one connective piece.

A bespoke shelving unit has been painted in cornflower blue, with moments of timber left bare to show its natural beauty. The unit is recessed into the creamy wall, with moulding framing out the custom piece.

A swing arm wall lamp extends its shade over the sofa, where a laptop table stands at one end.

Another blue and wood bespoke shelving unit is recessed into the wall on the opposite side of the window, in mirror image with the first.

The living room is precisely halved between the lounge and a cornflower blue kitchen.

The partially dividing wall screens a dining area from the lounge. LED strips run around the perimeter of the kitchen ceiling to define its zone.

A wooden cabinet stands along the back of the modern sofa. Its presence helps draw a line between the two ends of the room.

The apartment is equipped with a dedicated home office that has a split personality. One half of the room is all business, where a faux deer head hangs in a raw industrial style environment with black accents. In complete contrast, the other side of the room is fashioned into a relaxed lounge area with classic wall panelling and light luxe decor.

Traditional wainscot wraps one side of tall made-to-measure cabinets, which are used to tuck away all of the office bumf and paraphernalia.

Wainscot follows the walls of the hallway too, working around to a highly styled little entryway. Geometric tiles cover the floor here, breaking away from the wood laminate used in the rest of the home. Orb pendant lights squeeze into the small space to make a big statement.

In the master bedroom, a blue upholstered headboard wings the bed.

Two swing arm wall lamps descend from ceiling roses above each side of the bed, reaching across a distressed feature wall of blue accents.

Unique tiles spread unusual decor in the bathroom, and bring in precious flecks of bright blue.

A different set of beautiful bathroom tiles take care of the wet zone.

A rustic wooden ledge crowns the vanity mirror. Rattan storage baskets hold bathroom extras.

Apartment floor plan.

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