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San Francisco's Carpenters Workshop Gallery is staging an exhibition of works by French-Swedish artist Ingrid Donat that includes furniture detailed with interlacing loops and lines influenced by tribal patterns and 1920s Art Deco

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Donat uses a process called lost-wax casting to create intricate details on her works Rituals documents the 30-year-career of Donat, who got her start making lamps for friends and family and now creates tables, chairs, cabinets and shelving units. "This exhibition will show the variation in her sculptural designs and the wide range of materials and techniques that are employed in her oeuvre," said Carpenters Workshop Gallery. Fauteuil Ohio and Repose Pieds Ohio, a chair and matching ottoman, comprises aluminium patterned with etchings and a green upholstery painted by the artist The exhibition's name comes from the artist's approach to...

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