Why vintage record players are essential home dcor at Christmas

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I love listening to festive music at this time of year. In the car, on the radio and via YouTube playlists when Im in the bath. But most of all I love listening to music on a record player. I have countless Christmas compilation LPs, from carols to contemporary, and theres nothing better than listening to chilled-out festive tunes on a mid-century record player.

In fact, Ive written about my love of our vintage Dansette in Reclaim magazine this year. And it was while doing my research into these vintage players that I discovered just how important it is to use the right machine to listen to older LPs.

Did you know that new record players often have a heavier weight on the arm, and can cause damage to a vintage record? This is precisely why Ive stuck with my Dansette all these years, as most of my albums are inherited originals and I dont want to scratch them!

My Dansette has been repaired in the past, and its just gone back to our local radio restorer to have a tune-up in time for Christmas. I think theres no better way to listen to festive music than on a record player, and especially retro record players. I cant wait to get my Dansette back in the living room this December.

A crackling Christmas carol playing on a record player is the perfect soundtrack for decorating the tree or baking mince pies. Even your Christmas dinner should be accompanied by a vintage festive tune. And what better way to get people rocking around the Christmas tree than with a classic seasonal song blaring out of the speakers.

While it is possible to find reconditioned originals online, if youre planning invest in a record player you might like to buy retro designs through retailers like Rockit. That way, you wont have the ongoing repair bills that we have to endure to keep our Dansette going!

We keep our record player on our vintage Ladderax shelving unit, which has a built-in LP storage cupboard, but in the past Ive DIYd an 80s style neon, paint-splattered record player unit from some old shelving. So, it doesnt really matter what your style is youll be sure to find a record player that suits your home.

Its also really easy to find festive LPs in your local charity shops Ive even got multiples of the NOW Christmas record because Ive picked it up on more than one occasion, not realising that we already had it! Just go for a rummage while youre out doing your festive shopping and Ill bet youll come away with a few albums for less than a fiver.

Thats an instant soundtrack to your entire Christmas right there whether youre chilling out at home, baking, wrapping gifts or having a party. And how cute would it be for the kids to fall asleep on Christmas eve while listening to carols on an LP! So, what do you think? Will you listen to festive music on a record player this year? Let me know if so in the comments below


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