There aren’t many reasons why someone would choose regular furniture over modular one as the latter comes with numerous advantage

There aren’t many reasons why someone would choose regular furniture over modular one as the latter comes with numerous advantage

s. First of all, it combines multiple functions in a single design.

Secondly, modular furniture lets you save tons of space without compromising on comfort and function. Also, it’s very fun to discover all of its hidden secrets.
Modular furniture ideas with double dutty Modula Peg.

Peg is a furniture system designed by John Arndt and Wonhee Jeong of Studio Gorm. The collection includes wooden tables and benches that can be easily disassembled and hung on the wall when not needed. Also, the legs and tops are interchangeable and can be used to create numerous furniture pieces and accessories.
Plywood bookcase.

This modular plywood bookcase was designed by Branka Blasius and is composed of a series of modules and acrylic glass. The modules are of three types: one with acrylic glass plates, another with a drawer and the third type which can be either a closed or an open box. They can be used independently as stools, side tables or bedside tables.

Modos is also a modular furniture system and ti was designed by Andrew Personette and Mayy Tyson. It introduces a very interesting concept by allowing you to customize it without using any tools. Assembling furniture has never been easier. The system uses clear anodized aluminum connectors that simply clamp the pieces together.

Designed by Cecilia Dupire in collaboration with Costa Picadas,ZIG is a modular line that includes block cushions and a series of wood, glass and Plexiglas pieces which can be used to make tables and shelves. All the components combined can result in sofas, chairs, beds and anything else you may need.
BUILD Modular Shelving.

Meet BUILD, a modular shelving system which allows you to design your own furniture. A single modular elements is at the heart of the collection and the pieces can be used in a variety of ways and used to create numerous configurations. Use them to make partitions for your own, wall-mounted storage and display systems or freestanding pieces of furniture.
Sanjin Halilović.

Perfect for modern and minimalistic interior designs, this modular furniture series offers function and style in a very simple and artistic way. The system is made of joined wood panels, reinforced with glue and finished with acrylic matte paint. What’s also nice about it is the fact that it resembles an abstract sculptures so you can also use it as a decorative piece.
Tipi modular shelving system.

Called Tipi, this modular shelving system features a fun and playful design. It was created by Assaf Israel for Joynout Studio and it includes a cone-shaped structure on which the shelves are fixated. You can easily deconstruct the piece and pack it compact.
Steel Stool.

Steel Stool was created by Gautier Pelegrin and Vincent Taiani and has a modular design. Several of these modules can be stacked and grouped in a variety of combinations. No screws or glue are needed for assembly. Come up with your own designs and you can build seating, shelving, tables and numerous other useful pieces of furniture.

Brickbox is a modular shelving system composed of a series of simple modules which can be stacked like bricks to create storage for your home office, living room, bedroom and basically any other space that needs it. You don’t need any instructions when everything is so simple and obvious.
The Story Collection.

The Story Collection was created by architect and designer Trevor Hoiland and is manufactured by HighTower. The architect was originally working on a sketch for an office building but the design ended up being adapted for a furniture series.

The collection focuses on modularity and versatility and is all made from a combination of wood, metal and fabric. It’s composed of several modules with open cubbies at one end and these can be combined and organized into lots of different configurations. That allows them to be integrated into various spaces and to be used for all sorts of different activities.
Ophelis Sum

This is a furniture series designed specifically for offices. It was created by the furniture company Ophelis and it’s based around three major elements: the base, pillow and partition. These three elements can be combined in a variety of different ways.

The partitions in particular stand out because they’re optimized to offer privacy in a large open space such as an office. They can be used to separate certain areas and to create private lounge areas of different shapes and sizes. The collection also offers lots of different colors to choose from both vivid and subdued.
The Air sectional sofa

The Air sectional sofa is a really cool piece of furniture designed by Koen Van Extergem and Stephane De Winter for Manutti. It’s designed with versatility in mind and it can be used both in indoor and in outdoor areas.

There’s several versions to choose from which are made using different combinations of materials. For example, one model features a combination powder-coated steel and Iroko wood and has a really stylish and contemporary aesthetic while others have a simplified look which can suit more types of spaces and decors.
The Couchette series

As you might be able to tell based on the name, this collection was inspired by train bunks. It was designed by Lucidi Pevere for La Cividina and it’s based around the idea of a modular sofa for public areas, large open spaces, offices but also residential areas. It’s a modular system composed of a series of different units which can be mixed and matched in all sorts of different ways.

There’s 38 elements in total which gives plenty of freedom when coming up with a custom configuration for a sitting area, whether it’s a big or small one.
The Level shelving unit

Level is a shelving system designed for spaces such as large offices, libraries, exhibition areas, storage rooms and so on. It’s based on a modular system which allows it to take the size and shape required in each case and to adapt to the changing needs of its users.

It can be adapted for different types of layouts and spaces. The design and overall structure are very simple. The idea was to offer a durable and solid structure made of steel and to maintain a light and airy aesthetic.
Custom furniture set by Intervention Architecture

The whole point behind modular furniture is to offer the user more freedom and flexibility and to create something that can adapt to a variety of different spaces, styles and types of environments. That also applies to custom-made furniture, like the set designed by studio Intervention Architecture for a small apartment in London.

The project was based on the owner’s desire to have a welcoming and comfortable apartment that he can easily transform into a ballet studio just by re-configuring the furniture.
The Assembled storage system

Designer Paul Crofts created the Assembled series for company Isomi which is known for its very simple furniture pieces created using unusual materials such as concrete and steel.

This series is quite different and has a very warm and welcoming aesthetic compared to that. It’s also a very modular and versatile system composed of five pieces which can be stacked or combined in different configurations in order to create custom units specifically adapted to their users’ needs.

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