Some furniture is functional and pretty attractive but then there are the pieces that really set your decor apart

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Some are crafted from special materials while others might have an unusual silhouette or an overall noteworthy design. In any case, the piece makes you stop and admire its features, no matter how long you might have owned it. Or, the piece is also so comfortable or functional that you can’t imagine living without it.  The bottom line is that some pieces of stylish furniture make your decor and daily life more pleasant. Here are ten furniture designs that hit the right note.
A Show-Off Design

More than just a place to put a lamp, this Elemento console table by Laura Meroni Design Collection has a modular design that combines materials and creates a space where you can show off selected mementos. The glass sections — which have a minimalist style when left empty — are the perfect place to show off a piece from a collection without risking it getting knocked off the top of the table. Or, leave a cherished book open to a favorite passage to inspire others. Because the console is modular, the length can be customized to include as many glass sections as you like. The alternating solid sections are available in either wood or marble, depending on the aesthetic effect that you want. The table sits atop a glass base that creates the appearance that the table is floating.
Architectural Wall Lighting

Not really furniture, but the Gaia lamp from Laura Meroni’s Elements Collection is a stunning architectural lighting fixture that becomes the dominant feature in a room. The design by Cesare Arosio is an artful arrangement of circles and lines in a highly attractive geometric fixture. It can be used alone but is also meant to be installed in multiples that create a full wall of elements juxtaposing light and shadow. Each of the discs that cover the LED bulbs can be turned in different directions to alter the direction of light, shifting from direct or indirect light, to change the way light and shadows are cast across the wall.
Modular Comfort

Supremely versatile and marvelously comfortable, the Siesta from Andreu World is a modular wonder that lets you create the exact size and configuration for your space. The collection of units designed by Lievore Altherr Molina includes corner sections, central seats and ottomans. Plump cushions can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics for a beautifully proportioned seating arrangement for any space. Even better the upholstered elements can be removed for easy cleaning. The base of the Siesta is a slim sled style crafted from steel and finished in either white or earthy brown. The minimalist style of the base keeps the well-stuffed upholstered top from having a heavy visual appearance. The collection is also available in an outdoor version.
An Uncommon Profile

This is definitely not your average bar cart. Porada’s Mary Bar Cabinet has a tall, slim and stylish silhouette that is all curves and no angles. The oval tower, designed by P. Jouin, has two separate compartments. The bottom is solid canaletta walnut while the top portion has Ice glass detailing and is lined with brushed brass for a super sophisticated look. Added features include two shelves and a USB rechargeable LED light. Bar cabinets like this one have an advantage over carts in that the bottles, glasses and accessories can be closed away out of sight, rather than being on constant display. The curved doors and gorgeous, smooth wood make the piece a standout. If you’re not a fan of metal accents, another option is wooden ones that have been stained mocha.
Modern Canopy

If the term “canopy bed” conjures up images of the old-fashioned granny-style canopies of yesteryear, it’s time to take a look at the marvelous new modern versions like the Ziggy Baldacchino bed from Porada. Totally devoid of frills and fabrics, this canopy instead defines a space that feels like a private retreat, even though it is fully open to the rest of the bedroom. The solid ash canopy and frame are minimal yet feel very warm thanks to the natural wood. A tailored, tufted headboard adds comfort and convenience and is available in a wide range of textile options. A canopy of this type is an ideal design for making the bed the focal point of the room without adding any fussiness. It was designed by C. Ballabio.
Beautiful Bookcase

Unlike a standard bookshelf, designer bookcases offer plenty of opportunities for adding great features to a room in addition to functional display and storage space. The Aria designed by D. Dolcini for Porada is one that has numerous elements that make it stand out. First of all, the customizable shelving is fixed to the wall or ceiling for stability. Each vertical ash wood support ends in a separately adjustable foot that rests on the floor, keeping the look light and open. The composition of shelving and forms of cabinetry are also customizable as are the materials and finishes, such as shelves in ash or smoked glass.
A Minimalist Buffet

With a design that shuns the predictable profile for a buffet, the Alto Buffet from Reflex Angelo’s Musa Collection is modern and unexpected. A marbleized Murano glass monolith is set atop a tall, architectural base. The structure of the cabinet is made from wood but is clad in glass which gives it an entirely modern and dramatic appearance. The front of the buffet is dominated by the long metal pull, accented by two narrow metal extensions, which form the secondary cabinet pulls. Designed by GianMarco Codato and Luciano Trevisiol, who have been collaborating on projects since 2015, this piece is an incomparable addition to a chic dining or living room.
Vintage Modern

A vintage design that favors practicality and simplicity is as fresh and relevant today as it was when it was designed in 1935. The Genni Lounge chair from Zanotta was originally created by Gabriele Mucchi in 1935. The company started producing the chair in 1984 and it endures as a versatile and modern design for today’s interiors. The frame is made from chromium-plated with a finish that is natural black nickel-satin, or painted black. The seat design uses steel spring suspension and is adjustable to two positions while the cushion and headrest are upholstered in polyurethane or leather. Mucchi’s design was part of the rationalist architecture movement that was the beginning of up and coming modern furniture industry.
Small in Size Big in Style

The right side table can help transform the look of the space when it has a distinctive style. The Bungalow Side Table from Riva 1920 has a natural appeal that presents with a great deal of individuality. The solid teak frame is hand turned, assembled and polished by hand, packing a lot of flair into a small size. Rounded curves are fitted within a rectangular silhouette, creating an interesting contrast of lines. The marble top is recessed into the wooden frame, which is oiled and finished with a vegetable-based wax made with pine extracts. It was designed by award-winning designer Jamie Durie, known for coining the term “transterior” for his design concept that focuses on seamless transitions between the indoors and out.
A Twist on the Traditional

Sometimes reimagining a standard form can yield interesting new designs, as this bookshelf by David Chipperfield for Riva 1920 demonstrates. Crafted entirely from hardwood, the shelving relies on recessed column spacers for support. Asymmetrical positioning for the columns, highlighted by built-in LED lighting, gives the piece a dramatic look.  The third shelf from the bottom is larger than the rest and can serve as a writing desk in a small space. The unit is free-standing and ideal for use as a room divider as well. The lack of end pieces also gives the shelving a more sculptural look. Designer Chipperfield heads a global full-service architectural and interior design firm, know own for its broad design vision.

This is quite a collection of different looks for just ten pieces of furniture and design. From modestly sized pieces to room-dominating profiles, the range is wide, showing how many different ways there are to transform a room. So, next time you want to change the feeling of your space, try a spectacular piece of furniture.

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