Minimalist Doctors’ House With Courtyard And Koi Pond

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Designed to be home to a pair of doctors and their new born baby, this place was created in a way that would best serve the very limited family time available to the owners, under their serious work constraints. Architects at Greenbox Design considered how the residents could share family spaces with the utmost comfort and fluidity to make every second count when they are together. Minimalist interiors facilitate an easy living style, and a courtyard presents the family with a taste of nature without even having to leave their home. The busy clients fell in love at first concept of the home design, and the Ari House was quickly born in Ari, Bangkok.

Not only does the name “Ari” reflect the location of the house, but in the Thai language “Ari” means kind and generous. The spaces inside this home are designed to make the little time the family get to spend together feel more generous – although this is disguised behind a deceptively narrow modern home exterior.

A car port nestles beneath the overhanging first floor of the home, large enough to park each of the doctors cars under cover.

The side wall of the home guards a narrow garden, where a tree grows up into the architecture.

The mature tree has been given its own window in the side of the building.

Emerald green tree branches explode through the pure white concrete.

Moving into the courtyard, we find an abundantly green space, graced with a Koi fish pond. A huge ceiling fan cools the area to keep it pleasant in the Bangkok heat.

Just beyond the pond, large windows reveal a glimpse of the family dining room. The expanse of glass allows instant access to precious moments of family life right out of the car port.

Skylights flood the courtyard with brightness.

A floating staircase begins in the courtyard, rising on the opposite side to the climbing trees.

Inside the family dining kitchen, dining chairs look out into the courtyard. A backless dining bench on the other side of the table presents an opportunity to turn and gaze out at the swimming Koi.

Walls of glass surround the upper floor, to absorb all views the beautiful courtyard has to offer, and all natural light the skylights seek to give.

A modest sized lounge looks out over the treetops in the courtyard. A pure white modern sofa builds a peaceful and restful look, which is warmed by wood flooring and accompanying furniture.

Windows to the front of the house present an alternative view, and the third window behind the TV setup accepts additional light that permeates the outer walls of the building.

There is a cutout in the living room ceiling that supports a fun hammock area, which connects this floor and its inhabitants with those above it.

A home workspace is located at the back of the living room, along with a large bank of storage units to conceal files, reference books and supplies.

A couple of peg boards back the home workspace area, creating opportunity for repositionable shelving. A small plant drops delicate tendrils of greenery from high storage nooks above the desk, as a little continuation of the lush green window views.

There is a minimalist bedroom up in the treetops too, where the tired doctors (and brand new parents) can get some rest.

At the foot of the bed there is some custom built cabinetry fashioned around a flatscreen TV, which keeps the TV wall looking flush and uncluttered.

Heavy grey curtains hang in wait to be drawn closed over those big bright windows when instant darkness is required for a daytime catchup on sleep–or favourite TV shows.

An extremely generous walk in wardrobe is kitted out in made-to-measure wood units. Glass fronted closets keep dust of precious designer items, whilst keeping the contents on display for quick selection.

A simple glass vase adorns a glass shelf.

The minimalist bathroom follows a grey and white colour scheme, with some wood tone turning up the visual temperature.

A small wooden stool serves a curvaceous freestanding tub with fresh towels.

On the wall, a wooden towel rail has a box planter incorporated into its design.

More plants creep in over and around the vanity area on the other side of the bathroom; soft ambient lighting illuminates their pretty leaves.

A terrazzo vanity supports a round vessel sink, in front of a circular bathroom mirror, A cube shaped wooden wall unit serves as a pleasant buffer between the wash area and the adjacent toilet.

A sunny landing runs between the two ends of the house.

LED lights climb alongside the wooden treads of the modern staircase design.

When we reach the floor above the living room, we view the hammock floor installation right side up.

Cushions have been thrown onto the ropes to make this a thoroughly comfortable area on which to hang out, or even snooze for a while.

A white metal staircase crosses above the hammock installation, leading to a mezzanine level.

Bookcases inhabit the side of the staircase, with the higher stacks easily accessible from the higher steps.

The mezzanine has been designed especially for a music lover, playing host to nothing but a drum kit. It appears the doctors love a bit of rock ‘n’ roll, but shh, don’t wake the baby!

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