How do you tell a high-quality wall-mounted ironing board from an average one? Do you look at the type and design, the material, bord size, durability, or just the price? Perhaps you’ve never thought of that before, but one thing you can be sure of...

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How do you tell a high-quality wall-mounted ironing board from an average one? Do you look at the type and design, the material, bord size, durability, or just the price? Perhaps you’ve never thought of that before, but one thing you can be sure of is that the best wall-mounted ironing board has a way of standing out from the rest.

These are not your average ironing boards. They are made from strong materials and are sturdily built not only to ensure durability but also to keep them steady and ensure they support the weight of your clothes and your hands while you iron. They are sizable and provide a large surface area for your clothes so you can iron quickly. They come with a smooth cover that allows the iron to glide over it. Plus, the boards are easy to install. Sound like the kind of ironing board you should have? Read on to learn more.
Quick Summary Editor’s Choice: Household Essentials 18100-1 Stowaway Cabinet "This convenient wall-mounted ironing board cabinet provides freedom for left- and right-handed users. 180-degree swiveling board. 2 storage shelves." Premium Pick: Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center "Stable wall-mounted board with hanging bar for multiple clothes hangers. Heat-resistant shelving. Iron heating timer." Easy to Use: SEI Furniture Wall Mount Fold Ironing Center "Rather compact wall-mounted ironing board cabinet with built-in mirror. 2 hanging hooks. Locking latch." Best Value: Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board "Fairly priced wall mounted ironing board frame that can hold up to 25 lbs on itself. Made of durable steel. Lock and releases with lever." Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board "Easily installed and compact wall-mounted ironing board that folds for better storage. 180-degree swiveling board. Lockable." Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board "Reliable wall mounted ironing board with removable washable cover. Foldable board. Steel frame." Top 6 Wall Mounted Ironing Boards Review 2021

52. Household Essentials 18100-1 Stowaway Cabinet – Editor’s Choice Features Type: cabinet Board dimensions: 41 x 11.75 in Cabinet dimensions: 15.75 x 7.75 x 47.45 in Material: MDF Weight: 57 lbs
More features: white finish, 180-degree board rotation, clothing hook on the back of the door, two storage shelves
Check price 9.9
Easily the best wall mounted ironing board cabinet, the Household Essentials 18100-1 Stowaway Cabinet can be installed in either wood or metal studs. Note that it only comes with hardware for installing it on wood studs, so if you intend to install it on metal studs, you’ll have to purchase the needed bits separately.

The board comes preinstalled and measures 11.75 by 41 inches. It’s designed to open 10″ above the bottom of the cabinet. Knowing this, it becomes easy to make your wall cutout at a suitable height. Further, you can adjust the height by 2″, so you’ll be able to use the ironing board at a comfortable height.

This board swivels 180° (that’s 90° to the left and 90° to the right) to accommodate both left- and right-hand use. To use, adjust the bolt that is located on the underside of the board to loosen it and allow smooth rotation. Adjust the bolt in the opposite direction when you’re done to tighten the rotation.

It comes with 2 storage shelves for your accessories, with  the bottom shelf having an allowance of 16″ and the top one 12″. Also included is a hanging hook where you can keep your clothes as you iron.

The board features an oak door, even though the interior is made from MDF and isn’t as strong as a solid wood interior would be.

What we liked:
The 180° rotation that makes it possible for both the right- and left-handed to use it.
What could be better:
Hanging hook won’t hold heavy items or multiple clothes

53. Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center – Premium Pick Features Type: cabinet Board dimensions: 42 x 16 in Cabinet dimensions: 52 x 15 x 7 in Material: maple, MDF Weight: 55 lbs
More features: made in USA, work lights, 60-min motor timer, hot iron storage, safety switch, 1-year limited warranty
Check price 9.9
The Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center is designed to make the ironing process as smooth as possible. This wall mount ironing board is made from durable ventilated steel, with rigid support brackets that are custom designed for ironing. Its extremely good quality takes away any worries you may have about the board coming apart or otherwise getting damaged as you remove it or put it back into the cabinet.

The board cover is made from a poly-cotton blend that is soft and smooth, just the surface you need to lay your clothes on as you iron.

The cabinet where the board is encased measures 52″ (H) by 15″ (W), with a depth of 7¾”. Use this to correctly measure your cutout. The board itself measures 42″ from the wall to the tip of the board and has a 24-inch ironing space (standing room). You’ll need 16″ of door clearance on the right side for the door to open fully.

To ensure absolute safety during and after use, the ironing board comes with a sixty-minute motor timer. So you never have to worry about accidents should you forget and leave the iron unattended. Similarly, there is a disconnect switch that automatically cuts off power to the unit when you lift the board into an upright position, allowing you to leave the iron plugged in at all times. And lastly, it has a large-size hot iron storage area that fits irons of all sizes, where you can keep the hot iron after use.

What we liked:
The quality construction and materials that ensure durability and reliability. The range of safety features, too, is impressive and minimizes risk of electrical hazards during/after use.
What could be better:
It's made in a non-swivel, non-adjustable design.

54. SEI Furniture Wall Mount Fold Ironing Center – Easy to Use Features Type: cabinet Board dimensions: 14 x 38 in Cabinet dimensions: 16 x 7 x 42 in Material: MDF Weight: 42 lbs
More features: built-in mirror, 2 hooks on the back of the door, brass hardware, locking latch
Check price 9.7
The SEI Furniture Wall Mount Fold Ironing Center comes fully assembled. All you have to do is fit it in and you can use it right away. It’s made from MDF, with a built-in mirror on the outside. This is a well-constructed unit that should serve you for more than a decade.

The board opens and folds easily, thanks to its simple design. When fully open, the extended length of the board is supported on one leg, which is located at the extreme (pointed) end of the board, with the wider end of the cabinet held and supported by the cabinet, in this way ensuring that the unit is balanced and sturdy during use.

The cabinet measures 42″ (H) by 16″ (W) and has a depth of 7″, with the board itself measuring 38″ (L) by 14″ (W) and 30″ (L) on the outside. This size will fit perfectly in a standard 2×4 stud, so it won’t be a hassle for you to make a cutout in your wall if your house has regular-sized studs.

It has 3 storage shelves all with a height of 13″. The middle shelf is designed as a storage area for the iron (with extra space for a couple of accessories), so when you’ve finished ironing, you place it on the shelf for safe storage.

What we liked:
We like the simple design and how it makes the board easy to operate. The built-in exterior mirror is a plus too.
What could be better:
They could make the height adjustable.

55. Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board – Best Value Features Type: frame Board dimensions: 36.2 x 12.2 in Frame dimensions: 13.5 x 21.75 in Material: steel Weight: 8.7 lbs
More features: easy release lever, removable washable cotton cover, 25 lbs weight capacity, installation screws included
Check price 9.5
The Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board is one of the sturdiest wall-mounted ironing boards you can buy. It has a perforated steel frame for guaranteed support, stability, and durability. This is complemented by quality anchors and fasteners, so when you install the board, you’re assured that it will stay in position and will not come apart with regular use.

One thing we like about the frame is that it’s only 13.5″ wide, so if your wall studs are smaller than 2×4, you can still install it. If your studs are 16″ apart, you’ll need to use fasteners for the drywall on one end and anchor the opposite end of the unit to a stud. It extends and folds easily, though when extended it does feel slightly wobbly. So you’ll need to be careful not to exert too much pressure on the board when ironing. Alternatively, you can set it up in such a way that the pointy end rests on something so the board stays stable during use.

The board cover is made from 100% cotton, providing a smooth surface on which to place your clothes during ironing. The cover is removable and is therefore easy to clean and/or replace. In fact, it is washing machine and dryer safe, meaning you have a quick and easy way of keeping it clean.

What we liked:
We like the sturdy, steel construction and space-saving compact design.
What could be better:
It would have better stability if it had a leg for added support.

56. Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board Features Type: plate Board dimensions: 37.4 x 7.55 in Plate dimensions: 12 x 6.4 in Material: steel Weight: 20.3 lbs
More features: 180-degree swiveling board, foldable, lockable, washable removable cotton cover
Check price 9.2
With a width of only 7.55″ and a length of 37.4″, Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board is the perfect choice for anyone who’s worried that they may not have enough space for an ironing board. Installing this board ensures that you have a convenient place to iron your garments and don’t have to sacrifice the limited space you have for it either. Because the mounting plate is shorter than the 16 inches between any two wall studs, you’ll need to reinforce your wall before attaching the unit to it, since you can’t mount it directly to the drywall.

The board has a durable steel frame and is sturdy enough for everyday use if you iron a lot of clothes regularly. It’s made in a swivel design and rotates 180°, allowing you to lock it to the left, right, or in an inclined position both when folded and unfolded. This also means you can adjust the positioning to suit you, whether you’re left- or right-handed.

It comes with a cover that is made from 100% cotton. The cover is removable for easy cleaning and is, in fact, machine washable and dryer friendly. So you won’t have a hard time keeping it clean.

What we liked:
The strong steel frame and sturdy design that makes ironing easy. We also enjoy the 180-degree turning capacity that is perfect for left- and right-handed users. Foldable board easily locks up.
What could be better:
A wider size would make it possible to iron larger garments without moving them around too much.

57. Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board Features Type: plate Board dimensions: 37 x 12 in Plate dimensions: 12.75 x 10 in Material: steel Weight: 25.1 lbs
More features: foldable, 180-degree swivel, removable washable cover
Check price 9.2
This Superior Essentials Wall Mounted Ironing Board is designed to give you a fair amount of flexibility in how and where you iron your clothes. This is made possible by the 180-degree swivel action, which allows you to lock the board in different angles. So you can adjust the angling towards the direction where there’s more space if you have limited space around the area where you’ve installed it.

The board measures 37 inches by 12 inches when extended and only 22 inches by 12 inches when folded. The board folds in half and then folds a second time, this time disappearing into the wall for a neat look.

It comes with a 12.75″ x 10″ mounting plate which you then mount on to wall studs or reinforced wall. Also included is a single reinforcing board should you prefer the latter option instead of the studs. One thing you’ll love about this board is that it’s very easy to install, use, and fold.

The board’s fabric cover is removable, washable, and easy to clean. There’s no limit to how often you can wash it since it doesn’t wear out that fast. And when it eventually does, you can easily replace it.

What we liked:
The sturdy steel construction is not only durable but also keeps the board stable during use. We equally like the 180-degree swivel because it allows you to adjust the board's positioning as needed.
What could be better:
Once installed, you cannot adjust the height.

Things to Consider
It’s not enough to know a few good wall-mounted ironing boards you can buy. You’ll get better value if you know the ideal board type and size to go for, what type of board cover it has, the mount materials you need to install it, and what you can expect to pay for it. This buying guide covers all these and more in detail. We also include valuable tips on the best way to install your wall-mounted ironing board.
How to install ironing board on the wall

To install your wall-mounted ironing board, you’ll need these tools:
Stud finder Drywall saw Drill Drill bit Two-foot level Screws and screwdriver Metal garment/coat hooks Tape measure Pencil
The cabinet housing your wall-mounted ironing board is designed to fit in a 2×4 wall stud with 16″ on-center spacing, meaning it can be installed in any house—old or modern. The exact spacing you require for the board is indicated in the manual that comes with the board; consult the manual for the exact measurements you need to work with.

Generally, though, the ironing board has a standard height of 36-38″ from the floor. So ensure that you have enough space as you choose the location of your ironing board. The good thing is that most of the locations where you would typically install an ironing board have this allowance, be it the laundry room or any other room. The average board can be adjusted to a higher height, so add 2-3 inches of space to cater for this.

Likewise, check that there’s enough space for the board’s operating horizontal position. Measure and mark the wall spacing of your board cabinet. You can then cut the opening in readiness for the installation.

Next, install the requisite cable(s) for the electrical connection. For this step, you definitely want to contract an electrician if you’re not one yourself. They will make the connection and ensure that all safety precautions are followed. Since irons are heavy power drawers, it’s best to have an electric circuit—complete with an electrical outlet—dedicated to the iron so the circuit breakers in the rest of the house don’t trip anytime you use the iron. Your wall-mounted ironing board comes with lights, but if it doesn’t or if you’re using a separate light head, your electrician will follow the installation instructions enclosed in the light kit.

Thereafter, follow the installation instructions that come with the board to install hinges to the cabinet door, drill pilot holes in the frame—you’ll use these to install the door—mount the hooks on the back of the door, mount the cabinet in the cutout, drill drywall screws into the side of the unit to secure it to the wall studs, and lastly, attach the door using screws, ensuring that the hinges align with the holes you drilled on the cabinet frame.
Features to consider while buying the best wall mounted ironing board
Now that you’ve decided to buy a wall-mounted ironing board, what features should you consider as you choose a board? We tell you below.
Price range
Prices for wall-mounted ironing boards begin at $120 and can be as high as $300. Lower-priced units aren’t necessarily of lower quality; it may just be that they have few or basic features, whereas higher-priced units almost always have more features and perhaps more intricate designs. Boards made from costlier, more durable materials like steel are also priced higher than those made from cheaper materials like plastic. If you’re lucky to get a discount, it can bring down the cost significantly, depending on how big the discount is.
Wall-mounted ironing boards mostly come in two types: those that have cabinets and those that come with mounting plates. In the former, the board goes inside the cabinet, and the cabinet is then installed in the wall. The result is a neat wall fitting where your ironing board stays hidden in plain sight. Boards with mounting braces are similarly installed in the wall, but they require a far smaller cutout than those with cabinets. The board is designed to fold into the wall, so it takes up a smaller space.
Board size

Wall-mounted ironing boards come in different sizes. Some are shorter than others, and some are wider than others. Choose a size that adequately meets your needs. The board can also be long and narrow, short and wide, or long and wide, so choose the size that best suits your ironing requirements. If you mostly iron small items, a small board like Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board may suffice. If you regularly iron large garments, choose a larger board that will allow you to iron your clothes quickly.
Easy installation
The best wall-mounted boards come with detailed installation instructions and all the necessary installation hardware, including mounting brackets, reinforcing boards, and the right size of screws. Always confirm what’s included in the package before buying any board you’re interested in. If the board doesn’t come with instructions on how to install it, it’s likely that you’ll struggle to get it installed properly. And if some of the hardware is missing, it means you’ll spend extra to buy what’s missing, and you may not know the right hardware if it’s not listed.
Mount material
The mounting materials need to be sturdy to fully support the board and the weight that you exert on it while ironing. When the mounting material is weak, you’ll soon find yourself looking for a replacement because it won’t last long. If you’re going for a mounting plate, you especially want to choose one that is made out of steel or metal as opposed to a less sturdy material like plastic.
Board cover
Choose a board with a durable cover, one that you won’t need to replace after a few uses. The best covers are also colorfast and will not transfer colors to your clothes as you iron. If possible, go for a cover with a non-stick, reflective coating. This type does not absorb the heat from the iron, in this way protecting your clothes from heat damage. In addition, ensure that the cover is removable for easy washing.
Some covers are machine washable, and this makes cleaning them all the easier. Among the best cover options is cotton, especially when it has a silicone or Teflon overlay. Durability
Ironing boards in general are durable, and wall-mounted ones are no different. Things like the material used to make the board, the quality of workmanship employed in making the board, and the quality of mounting accessories all contribute to the board’s durability. Common materials used to make these boards are solid wood, MDF, and steel, and all are strong and durable. Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center is an example of a durable MDF ironing board.
Extra features
Ensure that the ironing board comes with all the accessories needed to install it. This just makes the process easier, given that you won’t have to figure out what components are missing or where to buy them and in the right size.
FAQ How much weight can wall-mounted ironing boards hold?
The exact weight that wall-mounted ironing boards can hold varies from board to board, depending on the material the board is made from and how strong the wall support where it’s mounted is. Check whether the weight limit is indicated in your user manual. Some wall-mounted boards can hold as much as 25 lbs. of weight, some hold much less. Boards framed inside cabinets can generally hold more weight than bracket mounted ones because they are more sturdily supported. All in all, avoid pressing on the board too hard so you don’t damage it.
How to clean wall-mounted ironing boards?
If the metallic parts of your wall-mounted ironing board are rust-free, wipe them with a cloth that’s dampened in warm, soapy water, wipe with a damp cloth to rinse, and repeat with a clean, dry cloth to dry it. Otherwise, wipe them with a dry, clean cloth. Do the same for the wood parts of the cabinet. Remove the board cover and wash as instructed in the user manual.
Do I need help to install wall-mounted ironing boards?
It depends. If you’re not installing an electric outlet for your iron, you may not need help installing the board. On the other hand, if the location of the board requires installation of a wall plug, you certainly need an electrician to do this. You may also need help with the installation if the ironing board is heavy. Some wall-mounted boards, especially the ones that have a cabinet (and even some that use mounting plates), can weigh as much as 40 or 50 lbs. Attempting to lift such heavy units on your own can strain your back, so have someone help you with the installation.
Our Verdict
The Household Essentials 18100-1 Stowaway Cabinet earns the top position for its large size and spacious storage shelves. Additional noteworthy features include the 180-degree swivel that allows you to adjust the board’s positioning and the height adjustment, which makes it possible for different people to use the board comfortably.

At second place is Iron-A-Way Built-In Ironing Center, a well-built board made from sturdy wood and MDF that is guaranteed to last a long time. There is a lot to like in this board, our favorite being the safety features, among them a motor timer, disconnect switch, and hot iron spot. We also like the pre-installed lights and shelves.

The third best wall-mounted ironing board in our list is Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board, which stands out for its sturdy steel frame and solid construction. We like that it is lightweight and easy to fold, and it’s also easy to install. It earns extra points for the washing machine and dryer-friendly cotton cover.

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