Dark Interiors Cut Through With Concrete & Colourful Accents

Dark Interiors Cut Through With Concrete & Colourful Accents

Concrete and colourful accents bring character and energy to these two dark home interiors. Red, blue and red coloured accents come in the shape of bespoke furniture, modern soft furnishings, wall art and unique decor highlights. In creative home interior number one you will see a kitchen that is decorated with concrete and outlined in yellow, with yellow plinths and yellow lined wine storage nooks. Yellow recesses house ceiling spotlights, window reveals get the colour treatment, and even a fire extinguisher receives an artistic touch. The second home is a bit of a darker colour story that goes more sparingly with colourful accents, but cool concrete features prevail.

Designer: Roman Plyus

A yellow frame blazes around this black kitchen. Its only thin but it thrums an electrifying visual current that brings the dark installation to life.

A concrete kitchen island is set in the centre of the kitchen diner space, and more cool render sweeps around the lower half of the room. A piece of artwork accentuates the midline wall feature with its depicted horizon.

Polished concrete floor tiles define the border of the kitchen diner from the floor of the adjacent glass wall bedroom. Sliding doors allow the two spaces to become one connected living space.

A low eating surface is integrated around the edge of the concrete kitchen island, so that the comfort of regular height dining chairs can be enjoyed in place of tall kitchen bar stools.

A Drop chair accompanies the two other dining chairs at the kitchen table. This sleek chair silhouette repeats in the bedroom space too.

Sheer window blinds protect the bedroom from the prying eyes of the city. A yellow and black double vanity table has been built around a wide concrete structural column, where it becomes a dividing element between the two vanity stations. Yellow window sills stripe the outer edge of the room.

A bespoke four poster bed has been crafted to fit and follow right beneath the sloped ceiling pitch. The beds bright yellow frame colour accentuates its uniquely angled outline.

Spotlights are set back into a yellow recess in the ceiling, where they shine brightly over a run of wardrobes with a yellow stripe.

The double vanity table design incorporates a yellow lid at each station, which open up to reveal a mirror inside.

A unique lounge chair, a distinctive coffee table design and a piece of modern sculpture evoke an intriguing art gallery vibe.

The modern sculpture draws further attention to the unconventional yellow window reveal.

Sculptural pendants tumble downward from the kitchen light above the dining island, threading dark metallic rings through the high ceiling space.

The concrete casing around the kitchen island has been cast at geometric angles to throw off any conventionality. Yellow units are held within the cool cast, bursting with visual warmth on the opposite side to the stark black dining shelf.

Yellow plinths underline the black kitchen units, and yellow lined wine storage cubbies dot the border. Upper cabinet doors are ribbed to bring textural contrast above a softly lit backsplash.

A black fruit bowl blends into the black backsplash and countertop.

Integrated appliances keep the kitchen run sleek.

Yellow accents spill out into the home entryway, where they engulf the walls, ceiling and doors.

A long wall mirror widens the effect of the solid yellow hallway.

Even the fire extinguisher has been given its own unique colourful coat, with wavy blue streaks and yellow painted dots.

A red accent cushion highlights a recessed hallway seat by the entry door. A yellow power socket stands by for charging.

Colourful artwork brightens up the black wall inside the recess.

Art pulls the yellow, red and blue accents of the home altogether.

More sculptural figurines emerge from the concrete.

Visualizer: Anna Vasyliuk

This second interior slides a little darker down the scale in terms of colour balance. Blue and yellow accents in this space are fewer and further between, resulting in a more knocked back, subdued finish. Just two blue scatter cushions brighten a long black sectional sofa. A single piece of art colours the concrete wall.

A round coffee table set makes tonal contrast in the centre of the living room rug.

The lounge stands wide open to the home entryway, so a shelving unit has been introduced to divide the space without blocking any of the natural light. It also maintains the wonderful sense of open space and connection.

The sectional sofa backs straight onto a black marble covered kitchen island.

Opposite the sofa, a simple shelf slices beneath the wall mounted TV. The slimline shelf incorporates a line of LEDs under its surface, which add a warm glow to the concrete feature wall.

The entryway table has a chic linear silhouette, finished in black powder coating to match the front door.

Umber kitchen accessories add a moment of warmth to the black glossy dining island.

Matching umber kitchen bar stools peep from the opposite side of the central island, so that diners can watch TV over dinner.

Vertical lights strike down raw concrete decor.

A linear suspension light makes a subtle addition over the bold kitchen island.

Two slimline bedroom pendant lights hang low, pushing focussed light over bedside shelves.

The tufted headboard design is elongated to back the bedside shelf additions.

A grey and white bed set looks crisp against the sharp platform bed design.

Glass closet doors let light diffuse through.

Decorative glass bricks build a design feature, and share light between spaces.

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