An Unbelievably Simple IKEA Hack for Storing Bulky Items – DIY Your Shopping Trolley Storage in 4 Simple Steps

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Finding a proper storage solution for oddly shaped bulky items is a challenge, especially if they come with wheels! Last weekend, we are presented with a difficult task of finding storage space for a typical shopping trolley with climbing wheels.

Image from Take care mobility

The main considerations which shaped our solution are as follows:
#1. the solution is to be weather-proof and;
#2. preferably be able to store other items as well;
#3. the shopping trolley has to be tightly secured when stored and;
#4. to be kept out of sight to keep the area look neat and tidy.

Image from IKEA

As great fans of IKEA, we decided to start our search there and our findings eventually led us to the open HYLLIS shelving, in/outdoor galvanised unit, which fits snugly in the small balcony. It is made of galvanized steel which has been coated with zinc to make them corrosion resistant. Furthermore, the open HYLLIS shelf also has a protective cover which transforms it into an enclosed storage solution!

Images from IKEA

This helps to protect the shopping trolley from water and dust! The semi-opaque cover will keep the stored items away from prying eyes. In addition, there is an opening at the top of the cover for air circulation. Lastly, as the open HYLLIS shelf comes with 3 shelves, the lower shelf can be used to store other items too. Lastly, the total package is very reasonably priced and costs below SGD $30.

Do you know?
Always remember to take the measurements before any DIY project.
In this case, the measurements of the balcony area and the shopping trolley should be taken first.

Nevertheless, the solution is not perfect. We realized that some simple modifications are needed before the HYLLIS shelf can be used to store the shopping trolley; the lower shelf has to be relocated further down to accommodate the 1m of clearance height set aside for the shopping trolley to be taken in and out of the shelf comfortably.

What are the tools needed?

The relocation of the galvanised steel shelf will need the following:
#1. Ruler
#2. Masking Tape
#3. Permanent Marker
#4. Plastic Bags
#5. Vacuum cleaner
6. IKEA electric screwdriver
#7. Black & Decker Reversible Electrical Hammer Hand Drill

Estimated time needed: 30 mins

Step 1: Assemble the HYLLIS shelf

Unpack and follow the instruction manual and assemble the Hyllis shelf.
Only install the top and the 2nd shelf shelf with the help of the IKEA electric screwdriver.
You can view the following video instructions to assemble the HYLLIS shelf.

Step 2: Indicate the position of the relocated shelf screw-holes

Measure the amount of offset needed for the 2nd shelf’s screw-holes with the ruler.

Do you know?
The shopping trolley will be placed on the 2nd shelf and the lower 3rd shelf will be used for storage of heavier household items. In this way, the Hyllis shelf will be more stable.

Tape the shelf-leg with masking tape, before marking the exact position of the relocated screw-hole with a cross, with the permanent marker. Repeat the same for the remaining 3 screw-holes.

Step 3: Drill the screw-holes for the relocated shelf

The most challenging part of this IKEA hack project is the drilling of the screw-holes. Before the drilling starts, remember to tape a plastic bag near the newly marked screw-holes. The purpose of the plastic bag is to collect the galvanized steel bits that fall out once the drilling starts.

Hold the vacuum hose near the newly marked screw-holes once the drilling begins.

Step 4: Install the relocated shelf

 Once the screw-holes have been successfully created, install the 2nd shelf with the help of the IKEA electric screwdriver.

We have decided to store the unused shelf on the 2nd shelf, before covering it with the protective cover. This step also marks the end of our simple IKEA hack project!

The final product; an outdoor Shopping Trolley Storage solution!

Here is how the Hyllis shelf looks like after having one of its shelves relocated.

A bungee cord is used to secure the shopping trolley to the shelf. In addition, there is still plenty of space left for storing of other household stuffs too!

You do not always have to rely on expensive off-the-shelf storage rack for your home; with a small hack and a tiny bit of work and patience, you can easily convert and tailor any ready-made solution to address your specific needs!


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