6 Home Remodeling Trends with Incredible Chic Factor

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Crafting the perfect interiors and exteriors takes time, and with the ever-changing, ever-evolving world of interior design trends, it might be hard to figure out which trends are worth investing in. No need to hire an interior designer, though. With a little bit of interior design know-how and some research on the topic, you can make sure that your home is up-to-date.

Here is a list of six chic home remodeling trends you can draw inspiration from for your next home improvement project.
Kitchen appliances as a way of adding a splash of color
Despite their long-held position as the ultimate color choice for cooking space, all-white kitchens are on their way out, and the same goes for stainless kitchen appliances. Both of them can date your house in an instant, taking you back by five to ten years.

Forego these long-time standards – neutral walls and backsplashes, unexpected cabinetry hues, and brightly-colored kitchen appliances are all the rage these days. Instead of trying to match the appliances we’ve got refrigerators popping up in rich hues and instantly reviving the space. Stoves are no exception – with their high-style cooktops and hoods, brightly-colored stoves look very high-end, elevating the kitchen’s design in an instance.
The tub as the bathroom centerpiece
A certain scene-stealing feature of many contemporary bathrooms these days, standalone tubs create a stylish impact and a serious statement. Because of its minimalist design and elegant simplicity, a chic designer freestanding bath can work wonders for both small and large bathrooms, creating a spa-like feel suitable for a range of design styles.

Quite versatile and easy to clean, these tubs can be positioned close to the wall or displayed as a centerpiece, thus easily becoming your bathroom’s focal point. Freestanding tubs don’t require any tiling and there is no need for silicone edge, which means they’re quite easy to install – yet another reason to make this trend a part of your next bathroom remodel.

Embracing the idea of an open floor plan
Another prominent interior design trend that continues to grow in contemporary homes worldwide is the open floor plan. Modern urban living embraces the idea of sleek, clean, minimalist spaces, incorporating this idea into their home designs as a way of maximizing the limited space. As the number of people who work from home continues to rise, designers are coming up with space-savvy solutions and integrating workspaces into the home’s design.

The accent is on dividing bigger space into multiple, versatile areas while still maintaining a sense of cohesiveness and spaciousness. The kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms are being merged into a functional open space that is perfect for multitasking, allowing parents to socialize with guests while preparing a meal and simultaneously keep an eye on the kids who are playing in the living room area.
Unexpected uses of color as eye-catching elements
Kitchens aren’t the only living areas where we’re seeing bold, unexpected colors being integrated into the room’s design. Designers are being quite creative with remodeling ideas this year, using pops of color to accentuate certain areas of the room and liven up the space.

Bookcases and storage assemblies are transformed into dramatic visual elements with the help of bold hues that are used to paint the wall behind them. The attention-grabbing shades on the wall act as the perfect backdrop for living rooms and bedrooms, turning a plain, storage unit into a fascinating background for displaying things that spark joy.
Incorporating greenery and plants into home design
The trend of incorporating large-scale, luscious greenery into the home design has seen a rise in recent years, and even today, this nature-friendly trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. From banana palms and olive trees to cast iron plant and long-leaf fig – the motto here is The bigger, the better. It also seems like homeowners are looking for plants that are low-maintenance and easy to care for.

Pots, plant stands, and plant hangers are being utilized to complement their greenery, and the plants aren’t reserved just for windowsills anymore. Rather, they’re dispersed throughout the living space and elements like modular shelving systems, depending on their type.

Using your home’s exterior to create a signature look
The outside of your home is just as important, so make sure you leave a great impression. One of the trends for this year is relying on bold paint to create a signature look. The rule is to break all the rules, so feel free to use a bold black color for siding and the roof and spruce it up with some light wooden elements to balance things out (while also ditching the rule of not mixing brown with black).

Another, more affordable way to create a signature look would be to give your front door a fresh lick of paint. There’s no need to swap them out for new ones – just cover them in attention-grabbing colors like black, red, or blue and coordinate them with the colors of the flowers to instantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

Home represents the people who live in it, and surely you want your home to send a positive message about its owners, right? Use these ideas to get inspired and transform your house into a practical yet charming living space you’ll eagerly wait to get back to.
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