12 Seriously Cool Bedroom Decor Ideas Based On Real Projects

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A lot of times we come across projects, buildings and interior designs that we can simply describe as being very cool. Theyre all different in concept and theres rarely any common characteristic between them other than the cool aspect. Were aware of how vague this all sounds so weve gathered up a bunch of examples to show you today. Below you can find a dozen cool bedrooms with various unique characteristics. Lets see what makes each one special.

A beautiful beach view would definitely make any room look amazing and this bedroom knows how to make the most of it. It was designed by SAOTA and features a small terrace facing the ocean. Glass railings ensure an unobstructed view of the amazing panorama and sliding glass doors separate the two spaces while maintaining a visual connection between them. The bed is of course positioned in such a way so it faces the terrace.

Heres another example of a cool bedroom with an amazing view. This time the house sits on a lakeside plot and the bedroom is designed in a minimalistic and contemporary style. The panorama is framed by large windows that cover huge sections of the walls. Long curtains provide privacy when needed. The very simple color palette featured throughout the bedroom allows the emphasis to be on the view but doesnt minimize the beauty of the decor as a whole. This was a project architect Pierre Minassian and his team.

What a wonderful way to bring in the amazing views of this forest. The trees are very tall so only the trunks can be seen from inside but that actually looks really cool. This master bedroom has floor-to-ceiling glass walls and windows and a wooden terrace which extends around it, serving as a buffer between it and the forest.

A large shelving unit that acts as a backdrop for the bed is a cool idea for a modern bedroom. This one doubles as a room divider and theres no other delineator between the sleeping area and the en-suite bathroom. The shelves are both functional and decorative and also the wall color is really nice, creating a very warm and welcoming decor without using bold colors or striking finishes and materials. This was a project by studio Archetonic.

We also really love the eclectic design of this particular bedroom. It has an industrial vibe combined with a few boho elements and that gives a chic and very relaxing and pleasant look. Theres also one particular detail that definitely makes this bedroom very cool and thats the glass and metal wall with floor-to-ceiling doors that separates the actual sleeping area from the rest of the floor plan. This was a project done by interior design studio Tina Rich.

Its not just amazing panoramas and big statement pieces that make spaces look great but also little details such as a hanging chair casually placed in the corner of a bedroom. In fact, that would make the bedroom look cool and would also be in tone with the whole relaxing and comfort-oriented theme of the room. The hanging chair was in this case placed within a little alcove created by the bay windows.

Canopy beds are also amazing focal points for the bedroom of all kinds. This cool place designed by Shelby Girard make use of that. Of course, the bed is the centerpiece but theres a lot more going on in the room, like that massive chandelier hanging above the bed, the window treatments and also the area rug and all the other furniture pieces.

When theres enough space in the room, its nice to set up a sort of seating area in the bedroom, a space better-suited for socializing, reading and other things. That could look something like this. This L-shaped sectional sits on a wooden platform and looks onto the terrace which in turn provides a view of the ocean. The transition is really nice but of course variations of this setup can also be created without the exterior elements. The inspiration here actually comes from a modern hotel suite designed by Meyer Davis.

The headboard is also a very important design element often overlooked. Its a detail which can mean the difference between a bland and a really cool bedroom. There are lots of different approaches to choose from in this case but we really like this glamorous design. You can create something similar using a cool-looking space divider. This is a design created by Estudio Mara Santos.

The combination of natural wood and green nuances is nature-driven and can look exquisite. This is a look that defines this entire home designed by studio Chan and Eayrs. The bedroom has a very calming and relaxing appearance but it also looks exciting and dynamic. The sleeping area seamlessly transitions into the bathroom section which helps to give the suite an airy and spacious feel.

Turning artwork into the focal point of a bedroom is a very cool idea too. Its something that you can take advantage of when a bedroom doesnt really have a great view. You can create your own custom view by displaying large pieces of art on the walls or creating a mural. This space right here by Studio Ro+Ca is a perfect example and a great source of inspiration.

Well this bedroom sure looks majestic. As you can tell, this is part of a church converted into a home. The painted glass windows and the vaulted ceiling look absolutely spectacular. They set the tone for an imposing gothic bedroom. This area just like the rest of the house is unique and has tons of character, being one of the coolest spaces ever in a very specific kind of way. This is one of those cases when

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