10 Best Pull Out Cabinet Organizers for Pots and Pans

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10 Best Pull Out Cabinet Organizers for Pots and Pans in 2021

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Are you looking for the best cabinet organizers for pots and pans?

Well, we’ve got your back! I listed 10 of the best options available. From simple to complex solutions, there is a product that’ll work with your lifestyle and budget.

Now you can finally get easy access to all your favorite pots and pans. You’ll be able to find what you need in mere seconds thanks to these top-notch products. Let’s take a look at our list…

Here’s my top three pull out organizers for pots and pans…

  1. Best ChoiceRev-A-Shelf 5CW2 Series Pot and Pan Organizer Baskets
  2. Best High-EndKnape & Vogt Pull Out Pot and Pan Organizer
  3. Best ValueLynk Professional Pot and Pan Organizer Pull Out

How to Choose a Pot and Pan Organizer

1. Choosing The Size

This is probably the most important aspect. We want to get a product that fits nicely within your cabinet.

And if it’s a pull out organizer (one that slides in and out of your cabinet) it’s even more imperative that the size is right.

So, how do we go about tackling this? It’s super simple.

  • First, decide which cabinet you’re going to be adding the organizer into.
  • Next, gather the measurements of the cabinet.
  • Write down the width (between the cabinet frame and hinges), front to back and bottom to top.
  • Keep these dimensions handy, as you’ll end up using them to cross reference the assembled dimensions for the pull out pot and pan organizer you end up choosing to add.
  • As you explore various pot and pan organizers, look for it’s assembled dimensions and make sure you’ll have enough room inside your cabinet for it to operate.

2. Choosing a Type of Organizer (Dividers, Baskets or Freestanding)

Luckily for us, there’s lots of different types of organizers for pots and pans.

Do you need adjustable dividers on your pull out organizer?

Or maybe something that you don’t have to screw down to a cabinet?

If you have odd shaped pots and pans and want a secure place to store them, adjustable dividers make it easy to do so.

Plastic clips are often used to allow metal divider rails to move side-to-side or front-to-back within the frame of the pull out organizer.

The alternative is to have them sit within a basket, tray or shelf. This allows you to stack them nicely, but you’re more susceptible to jostling and bumping.

Bottom line – baskets and trays often give you the most room for storage, but the adjustable dividers give you more of a custom fit.

For the super simple, yet very effective approach, look into “tool free” options and use a drop-in organizer.

3. Installation

We all want something that’s easy to install. Most pull out pot and pan organizers are.

Typically, they’ll mount to the base of the cabinet floor with a few screws. Some options may require you to assemble the frame structure, but that’s about all.

Not all cabinets are made alike, so you may discover some nuances a long the way.

One of those nuances is a small 1/4″ lip on the floor of the base cabinet. Some cabinets have a frame that doesn’t sit flush with the cabinet floor.

This can prevent a pull out from sliding in and out correctly. What to do? You may have to cut small blocks of wood to shim the pull out organizer up a tad. This creates a flush surface for the pull out to glide over that frame lip.

So, if you’ve got a screw driver and some time, you will be okay.

Many of the products within this article come pre-assembled, so this allows you to put it directly into your cabinet floor to mount.

Occasionally, you’ll have to build the frame and attach the slides before setting it inside of the cabinet. Either way, anyone can take this on as a rewarding DIY project.

4. Choosing a Pull Out Organizer Slide Type

I know, we’re getting a little technical here.

But the type of slides on a pull out organizer (or any cabinet pull out for that matter) is actually super important.

What do I mean by the slide type? Pull out cabinet accessories will usually have slides on the right and left sides of the product. This allows it to glide in and out of your cabinet space.

Having quality slides is often overlooked.

The ideal slide, for this application, is a “full-extension” slide. This means that the product will come all the way out of the cabinet to allow you to access the back portion of the pull out organizer.

This is a feature you’ll come to appreciate, as some options only come 50% to 75% out of the cabinet. Check out the Rev-A-Shelf 5CW2 for full extension slides.

Best Pull Out Pot and Pan Organizers

There’s lots of options to consider here including price, size, finish and overall functionality.

The most important factor is the measurements. Once you know the inside dimensions of your cabinet, you can use that to pinpoint the correct products for you.

1. Rev-A-Shelf - Two Tier Pot and Pan Pull Out

The Rev-A-Shelf 5CW2 cookware organizer is purely dedicated to your pots, pans and lids.

It comes in two sizes that work for both large and smaller cabinet width openings. The top tier portion organizes the lids, while the bottom tier can hold a variety of pots and pans.

Adjustable dividers can help accommodate different sizes of items as well. The slides are full extension and rated for a 100lbs., so it can hold a fair amount of weight.

There are two versions of this product.

The smaller pull out version is 12 inches wide and the larger one is 21 inches wide. Be sure to add some extra space on each side of the unit to make sure it will operate properly.

Two tiered shelves, full extension slides, adjustable dividers and easily mounts to cabinet floor and back wall.

2. Knape & Vogt - SPS Series Pot/Pan Pull Out

The best feature of this large KV SPS27-FN pot and pan organizer is the two separate pull out sections.

The overall pull out glides out and then the bottom section also slides out independently. So if you need an item from the lower shelf it is easy to grab.

Independent shelves allows for complete accessibility to pots and pans. There are multiple widths, but if you have a larger 30 inch wide base cabinet, this could be a great solution!

Pre-finished birch veneer shelves and nickel finishes. Has two tiers to organize pots and pans.

3. Lynk Professional - Adjustable Divider Pull Out

Need adjustability? This 11″ inch wide option is great for storing pots and pans.

One of the best features is the adjustability of the rails. Just move them with clips to accommodate for different size pans.

Pots and pans can be heavy and this has the strength to accommodate all that weight. It’s also simple to install to the bottom of the cabinet with just a few screws.

Manufacturer notes the dimensions measure 11″ wide x 21″ deep x 10.9″ high.

Adjustable divider slots accommodate different size pans and has a helpful integrated handle pull.

4. Rev-A-Shelf - Two Tier Chrome Basket Pull Out

This is one of the most popular pull out baskets on the market today. The Rev-A-Shelf 5WB2 Series are something that will last a lifetime and you’ll get great use out of them.

These are ideal for heavier items that won’t work well on thinner, cheap wire dividers. The Rev-A-Shelf storage baskets can hold up to 100 pounds too!

It won’t store a ton of your pots and pans, but with the independently operating shelves it still holds a fair amount and it’s easy to access each item inside your cabinet.

Multiple widths accommodate various cabinet sizes. Shelves operate independently with full extending slides.

5. Lynk Professional - Roll Out Pan and Baking Sheet Organizer

It’s all about organization when it comes to our larger baking sheets, cake pans, cutting boards and more.

Creating a place for each item is exactly what the Lynk Professional pull out organizer does.

This comes ready-to-install with the wire frame, rails, slides and mounting hardware. Simply mount it to the floor of the cabinet with a few screws.

Although it is one of the more popular organizers, I did notice that it extends out 3/4 of the way beyond the cabinet frame. This means you may have to reach into the cabinet to access items in the back of the pull out.

Strong dividers keep all your bakeware organized, separated and easy to access.

6. Hardware Resources - Single Tier Cookware Pull Out

Super simple, yet very functional. The Hardware Resources pull out organizer is only ideal for those of you who are looking for storage for smaller skillets or pans.

It will function better if you have a full height cabinet with no drawer above as well.

The manufacturer notes dimensions as: Height 9″ x Width 11-1/2″ x Depth 18-3/4″.

It comes ready-to-install with the wire frame, slides and dividers. It can be mounted to the bottom of the cabinet with just four screws.

A lower tier pull out with heavy duty slides and adjustable dividers.

7. Glideware - Hanging Pot and Pan Slide Out Organizer

Securely hang your pots and pans with this creative pullout from Glideware by Rev-A-Shelf. It’s designed to fit standard depth base cabinets.

This product is for a full height base cabinet with no drawer above it. This allows for larger pans to be stored without dragging.

It’s also perfect for lids with loop handles, so that the lids can be hung within the handle creating a dual purpose.

The width of the cabinet will need to be 2 inches wider than the width of your largest pan. If your largest skillet is 12 inches, the opening of the cabinet should be 14 inches.

Easily hang your items on hooks and pull out of the cabinet when needed.

8. GTING - 8 Tier Freestanding Pot and Pan Organizer

This cool pot and pan organizer is completely tool free, so no need to worry about a complicated installation process.

The great thing about this G-TING organizer is that there are multiple configurations to accommodate your space.

Its adjustable U-shaped design shelving racks are ideal for holding heavier items.

Dimensions are: 14.96″ high x 9.05″ length and the width tier at one side: 10.82″ and tier at two sides: 20.47″

Put inside of a cabinet and create an adjustable rack for your specific pots and pans.

9. Lynk Professional - Wood Drawer Slide Out Organizer

Lots of us prefer to have a solid bottom for our pots and pans.

The wood drawer box featured on this slide out is ideal for just that. It may match the aesthetics of your kitchen more than a chrome wire basket too.

This Lynk Professional 421421DS pull out organizer is not only great for pots and pans, but it can be used within in any kitchen, bathroom or laundry room cabinet.

A great multi-purpose slide out shelf than can work in most base cabinets. Easily gain access to your items.

10. Knape & Vogt - Roll Out Tray Divider Organizer

Dedicate a section of your cabinets to baking sheets, muffin trays or even cutting boards with the Knape & Vogt TDRO-FNW-9 slide outs.

Separate and easily access the baking sheets as this rolls out of the cabinet. The tall wire dividers keep your items from rocking back and forth.

There are multiple sizes as well. A 9″ width and a 6″ width is available in both a birch wood with nickel finish dividers or all white.

Organize your baking sheets and cutting boards with full access using a slide out organizer.

Cabinet Measurements and What Will Work in Your Cabinet

There are standard base cabinet sizes to be aware of.

Knowing your cabinet size will allow you to choose the best pull out organizer.

While you’re checking out our top list of pot and pan organizers, we encourage you to grab a tape measure if available and get the dimensions of your cabinet.

Standard base cabinet widths are usually 9”, 12”, 15” 18”, 21”, 24” and larger. All of are selected choices can work within those dimensions. You may have to find the ideal part number for the given product though.

Do you have a base cabinet with a drawer above or a full height cabinet? Knowing this is also helpful to determine if you have enough operable room for the pull out organizer to slide in and out.

What Is The Best Way to Organize Pots and Pans

Check out this helpful video from Stephanie over at @basilchic. She has tons of ideas on home organization and decluttering!

Our Takeaway...

Hands down, if you have the appropriate cabinet dimensions, I would go with the Rev-A-Shelf 5CW2 Cookware Pull Out.

I’ve installed this and it’s superior quality. It’s the most comprehensive pot and pan storage accessory.

There are two different sizes on these particular pull outs. So be sure to measure your cabinets width, depth and height to accommodate it. It will take a bit of installation time, but in my opinion it is well worth it.

This product will give you great accessibility to most all your pots, pans and lids.

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