'Pine Wooden Wine Rack/Bottle Rack System "Simplex Brown

'Pine Wooden Wine Rack/Bottle Rack System "Simplex Brown

  • $5.00


Brand: VinCasa

Color: brown


  • Exact Ausfräsungen
  • Can be combined with each other
  • Made from solid pine wood
  • Can be used anywhere

Publisher: VinCasa

'Wine rack/bottle rack system "Simplex, wood, Scots Pine Brown Stained
The wine rack is made from solid brown stained pine and available in 5 sizes and 3 widths. The shelves combined with each other and your wine supplies as best you can. We offer you the wine rack Simplex in 5 convenient sizes and 3 widths. The smallest shelving unit - Dimensions H 70 x W 43.5 x D 25 cm offers space for 20 bottles. The larger model H 86 x W 53 x T 25 cm Holds up to 30 bottles. If you require more space for your wine bottles, we offer you two wider styles (W 72 x D 25 cm) with any kind of at a suitable height: 118 cm high provides 56 bottles space the 166 cm high space wine rack for 77 bottles. Finally, there is even the highest model (H 198 x W 72.2 x D 25 cm) For 36 bottles.
Thanks to the exact Ausfräsungen have their elegant drip firmly in place. The shelves on the side is open, so you have your bottles always easily seen from either side. The wine rack is available in brown stained pine.
For easy self-assembly (cannot guarantee instructions in English)
Dimensions (L x W x H):
Simplex - for 20 bottles wine rack: H 70 x W 43.5 x D 25 cm
Simplex 30 bottle wine rack: H 86 x W 53 x D 25 cm
Simplex wine rack for 56 bottles: H 118 x W 72 x D 25 cm
Simplex wine rack for 77 bottles: H 166 x W 72 x D 25 cm
Simplex bottle wine rack - 91 bottles: H 198 x W 72,2 x D 25 cm

EAN: 4250452394400