Escali - Stainless Steel Bathroom Scale

Escali - Stainless Steel Bathroom Scale

  • $99.99


Info: Model S200 Stainless Steel Bathroom Scale

Bathroom scales aren't always that accommodating for big people, either in their total capacity or the size of their platform, and when they are, they're often too cumbersome or obtrusive. This sleek and stylish unit solves both those problems. With nearly a 14-inch square platform, it can easily accommodate very big feet (including a size 13 shoe) without your having to do a balancing act, and it has a capacity of up 440 pounds (200 kg). But it's only an inch deep, so it can be tucked under the bathroom vanity, or possibly behind the door or a shelving unit. Its operation is dead simple: simply stand on it to activate and its bright display will come on, and stay for a few seconds after you step off.

Product Notes:

» Capacity: up to 440 Lb or 200 Kg
» Measuring units: displays in either Pounds or Kilograms; you set which using a button on the underside (as shown in video)
» Accurately measures in 0.2 Lb or 0.1 Kg increments using high precision strain gauge sensors
» Dimensions: 13.5" x 14" x 1.0" (34 x 35 cm x 2.5 cm)
» Instant-On Technology (as soon as you step on it)
» Automatic Shut-Off
» User-friendly Hold feature: continues to show weight after stepping off the scale platform (very useful if you couldn't see it while standing on it)
» Sleek, Ergonomic Design
» Uses Six AAA Batteries
» Lifetime Ltd. Warranty