Cavetto Shelving Unit Accessories by Karl Andersson & Söner

Cavetto Shelving Unit Accessories by Karl Andersson & Söner

  • $1,538.00


Design by Kaschkasch

Accessories for Cavetto Shelving by Karl Andersson & Söner.

The name Cavetto (2016) comes from the moulding on the edges of all Cavetto models – a shelf series that can be configured in endless variations. The ingenious thing about Cavetto is that the edges of the shelves are shaped so that back and side panels can be inserted between them without the need for any fittings. Cavetto can be placed against a wall, positioned as a room divider or used to build a room within a room.

It can be accessed from one or two directions depending on how the shelves are filled with the different accessories.
The shelf unit comes in four different heights and in widths of 900 mm and 350 mm. A width of 350 mm can be used as a choice of corner shelf. Cavetto is made of round solid wood legs with adjustable feet that are linked by blockboard shelves. Cavetto can then be filled with accessories, mid sides, outer sides, backs, a fully removable drawer and pair of doors (only for width 900 mm). Crates in two different heights can be placed above the shelf or stacked on top of each other. Choose from oak, ash, standard stains on ash and standard colors (only for accesseories). Cavetto is supplied partially assembled and can be fully assembled with simple tools.

Available in:

Drawer for L940 (CVL902): two drawers will full extension incl. sides and back, with clear lacquer   17kg

Doors for L940 (CVD90): two doors incl. sides and back, with clear lacquer   10kg

Back or Side for L940 or L390 (CVR35): 1 kg

Back for L940 (CVR90): 3kg

Crate with low edge (CVT1): H 40 x L 350 x D 250 mm   0,5kg

Crate with high edge (CVT2): H 64 x L 350 x D 250 mm   0,8kg

Materials: wood or acid-hardened, semi-matt plastic lacquer

Wood: oak, ash, stain on ash*

Colors: black, yellow, red, green, snow white, white, gray, anthracite

*stain colors are: black (.11), wenge (.12), snow white (.13), red-brown (.14), green (.15), red (.16), blue (.17), brown (.18), gray (.19), anthracite (.20)

If stain is chosen please contact with color choice.