Bamboo Shelves

  • $89.98



Two Tier - 33.0" W x 83.0" H x 40.5" D

Three Tier - 33.0" W x 76.0" H x 37.0" D 

Four Tier - 33.0" W x 107.0" H x 37.0" D

Five Tier - 33.0" W x 138.0" H x 37.0" D

Multi-function Bamboo shelves are an elegant solution to your storage needs. Made of 100% natural bamboo that is processed for strength and durability, you can use this beautiful shelving unit for years to come. It is a perfect storage solution for displaying your ornaments, plants, knick-knacks, decorative accessories or storing clothes, books, towels, candles or anything in the hallway, bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen or bathroom. Sleek and ergonomic design; adds glamour and beauty to your home.