X5 Storage Solution System, Shelf Size: 24" x 48" Overall: 177" x 50" x 74"

X5 Storage Solution System, Shelf Size: 24" x 48" Overall: 177" x 50" x 74"

  • $2,574.06


The X5 System...Your Complete Storage Solution!

If you have too much stuff and not enough space, let X5 help you make the most of the space you have! With X5, you get everything you need to create a complete space-saving track-mounted storage system.

X5 includes five 72" high 4-shelf mobile shelving units, tracks and all the hardware you need. It's fast and it's easy. You won't even need any tools!

The X5 Advantage:
- Sliding shelves increase your usable storage space by 40-70%
- Recovers wasted floor space and turns aisles into more storage area
- The more X5 you install, the more usable space you recover
- Shelving units effortlessly slide from side-to-side on a roller track for easy access to all stored materials
- X5 can handle most loads. Each shelf holds up to 800 lbs. evenly distributed
- Each roller assembly includes a safety brake to lock units in place while loading and unloading
- Allows sprinkler system penetration
- Maximizes visibility, ventilation and airflow
- Chrome-plating over heavy-gauge steel resists wear
- Open design allows retrieval of contents from both sides
- No tools required for assembly
- No permanent mounting required. Easy to reposition or expand
- Not recommended for use on carpets

Before X5
Traditional storage methods require an aisle between each stationary storage unit, using up valuable floor space. By conventional methods, five 24" x 72" units with 4 shelves each require 22 ft. (264") of floor space.

After X5
X5 sliding storage on tracks increases usuable space by converting aisles into more storage area. Five 24 " x 72" units require only 14-3/4 ft. (177") of space!

Overall Dimensions: 177" L x 50" W x 74" H with 47" aisle space.
Shelf Size: 24" x 48"