Whether you’re working from home or in an office space, a good desk is a must

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Of course, what that actually means is very subjective and can differ from case to case. It’s important to set your priorities straight so you know exactly what you’re looking for. Even then you have tons of options to choose from. Checking out some specific examples of products usually helps so here we are, ready to share with you our favorite office desk designs.

The Wall Street desk was designed by Alessio Bassan in 2018. It’s made of embossed MDF and the top is available in variety of different types of marble and numerous finishes. It has a distinctive curve and open shelves facing away from it. These can be used for storage or for display.

The Wolf Keramik was designed by Paolo Cattelan in 2019 and is small and stylish. The base and the frame are made of steel and are available in a variety of different finishes. The top too comes in a variety of finishes, including various types of marble. It’s an elegant and refined desk which impresses through quality and simplicity.

Glass desks are a bit controversial. You either love them or hate them and we’ve hoping it’s the first option. This is the Dry desk, a very elegant piece with an aluminum base and a crystal glass top. If offers an ample work surface without being obtrusive. This can be a wonderful option for a small office.

Speaking of glass tops, you should also have a look at the Cavour desk which was designed as an homage to Carlo Mollino. It’s as much a sculpture as it is a furniture piece and its design is mesmerizing. The frame is made of oak wood and has a dynamic structure which somehow manages to incorporate a series of storage drawers without even drawing attention to them.

The Folio desk takes a more conventional approach to design but that of course doesn’t make any less extraordinary. Its simplicity is complemented by elegance and refinement. The top has a box-like structure and includes a storage drawer and a small compartment next to it. This is a wonderful desk for laptop users.

The Rivet office desk features a classic design with mid-century modern accents and although compact it doesn’t lack function or style. It curves towards the beck and it has protective edges that prevent items from falling off and also give it a distinctive look.
Walnut Curved Wood Table Home Office Computer Desk
There's also a small storage drawer at the center underneath the top. It's handy without being intrusive or uncomfortable in any way.
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L-shaped desks are great if you use more than one computer or if you need the extra space. The Monarch is an interesting option. It features a modern and minimalist design, with compact storage modules on each side suspended between the floor and the top.
L shaped Computer Desk Left or Right Facing White
The concrete-like desktop adds character to the entire piece and looks nice in combination with the grey frame and the white modules.
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The Kennedy executive desk is all about elegance. It’s made of dark walnut veneer with contrasting silver accents and faux leather details. It offers ample storage and a generous work surface. Its most defining feature however would have to be the formal and imposing appearance.
Dark American Walnut Kennedy Executive Desk with Powder Chrome Accents
1 Drawer of Filing in Pedestal with CPU Tower Storage and Drawers on Return
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L-shaped desks are also perfect for corner spaces. The FurniChoi desk is a nice example. It has a modern-industrial design with a metal frame and high-grade MDF top and it’s sleek and stylish. The top is narrower than in other cases but still very practical and the two shelves on the side are very handy, helping to keep the clutter off the work surface.
Metal and Wood Corner Laptop Computer Table with Wood and Metal Shelf
The high quality L-shaped computer desk has a thick metal frame and durable top
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In case you want a bit more storage space, the Soges office desk features two shelves on each side, great for storing things like books, devices, peripherals and personal items, so your desktop can remain clean and free of clutter. The metal frame is very strong and durable, ensuring that your desk will last for years to come.
industrial style Morden Style with Open Shelves Worksation
Modern and contemporary looking perfectly blends in your home office.
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Nowadays small and minimalist desks are very popular. They’re appreciated for their space-efficiency and their stylish designs. A perfect example is the Kovalenthor desk which has a single small drawer which seamlessly blend with the top and the back panel. The contrasting frame is a beautiful design accent. Pair this desk with a classic accent chair for a stylish combo.
Modern style KOVALENTHOR Computer Desk PC Laptop
The computer desk with drawer looks simple and modern.
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The Tower computer desk is perfect for kids and students. It features a fairly generous desktop and a shelving unit integrated into the frame on one side. This way you can keep all the books and school supplies close at hand at all times and still have room for a computer. Of course, this could also fit nicely in an office environment, eliminating the need for a separate storage area.
Multi Level Tower Computer Desk with 4 Tier Shelves
ADJUSTABLE FEET protect floor from being scratched.
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