Whether you are a maximalist, minimalist, book lover, or styling master, the right type of shelving can make all the difference in a space

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Especially in a small space where every centimeter counts, you want to make sure you are utilizing vertical space efficiently but in a way that is not visually overwhelming. Bookcases are wonderful for storage and showing off style but sometimes standalone, enclosed bookcases are bulky and can take up too much room (and visual real estate). Don’t worry, I am not knocking bookcases (I’m a book lover after all) but I have been seeing a surge in wall-mounted, open bookcases and shelving happening right now and it is good stuff my friends. This style of bookcase can create the illusion of built-in shelving while also keeping the space feeling airy and open. Allow me to demonstrate…
design by lea johnson | photo by sage e imagery | from: lea Johnson’s basement reveal
Lea’s bookshelves (similar) in her basement reveal are a perfect example of applying wall-mounted shelving to create the illusion of built-in shelving. The wall-to-wall shelving looks architecturally interesting and they don’t take up any extra floor space. Win-win!
Hot Tip
Lea recommends using extra brackets as too much weight can cause the shelves to bow.
styling by annie portelli | photo by caitlin mills | via design files
This warm wood-filled mid-century home (via design files) proves that airy, open shelving is simple yet packs a punch and can work with so many styles. Even when filled to the brim with books, the area doesn’t feel overcrowded or bulky which is so important in smaller homes.
Hot Tip
Your bookcases don't have to be wall mounted to get the look. We just recommend they be on the visually lighter size and that you use at least two for them.
design by shanty wijaya | styled by a 1000x better | photo by jenna peffley
Shanty’s stunning remodel of this Japandi style home, also shows that a free-standing open bookshelf can have the same visual impact as a wall-mounted one.
design by sarah zachary | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: how to add the right amount of color for every room in your house
The above home tour is what convinced me to go with this bookshelf for my living room. I really wanted built-in shelves for all my books and the wall-mounted bookcase was a great compromise and it gives off this “grandpa’s library” feel that I was going for. If you are looking for something similar, I highly recommend them as there are several sizes and height options so you can customize the shelves to fit your space perfectly.
design by bachman brown design | photo by max burkhalter | via clever
Again, the wall-mounted bookcase is so impactful because you can as much shelving to playing around with as you want but the openness makes it feel less massive and overwhelming. These shelves are styled bright and minimally which feels cohesive with the rest of the space.
design and photo by keyanna bowen | from: blue walls be gone! key’s totally transformed office reveal – maybe the most dramatic before & after ever (?)
And before we move on let us never forget the beautiful design and styling of Key and her office makeover!
design by julie rose for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: a mid-century eclectic living room with kilz primer and paint
If you are short on storage and space, a wall-mounted shelf with a little closed storage can provide styling options and storage without being too visually bulky. Julie sourced this one from CB2 for this Madmen inspired mid-century living room reveal and it is perfect for the space and style. It complements the rest of the space without feeling too heavy in this corner since it has a relatively “open shelf” look. Another plus with this type of wall-mounted bookcase is the shelves will be flush with the wall even if you have thicker moulding, so not even a centimeter of space is sacrificed.
Hot Tip
A wall-mounted bookcase is perfect if you have thicker baseboards. This way you won't have that awkward gap between your bookcase and wall.
design by velinda hellen for ehd | photo by sara ligorria-tramp| from: velinda renovated & furnished her “fixer upper” for under $55k…here’s how
Do you guys remember Velinda’s awesome DIY wall unit? She DIY’d them based off of this tutorial because she wanted a visually lightweight storage solution and it offered so much room to play with styling and by using baskets on the bottom shelf she created space for closed storage as well. A wall unit like this so is awesome for living rooms because you can fit your TV in the shelving as Velinda did which makes the TV less of a focal point.
design by emily Henderson design | photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: in defense of the comfy sectional
Here in this living room reveal there’s a custom wall-to-wall shelving unit which demonstrates how the open shelving can be a piece of art/architecture in and of itself. This reveal is always a hit because of the awesome shelving but if you don’t have the budget or wall space for this type of unit, worry not because there are so many great wall-mounted and non-wall-mounted (aka renter-friendly) options on the market right now that can give off a very similar effect. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Alana Bookshelf | 2. Mesa Bookshelf | 3. Beckett 6-High Shelf Sable | 4. Baxter Etagere | 5. Gold Teak & Metal Bookcase | 6. 1970s Boho Bamboo Etagere | 7. 1970s Mid-Century Rattan Wrapped Etagere | 8. Antique Gold Metal Aaliyah Bookshelf | 9. Natural Wood 5-Shelf Bookcase | 10. Floating Lines Metal Wall Shelf | 11. Arco Shelf in Dark Walnut | 12. Irving Bookcase | 13. Shelf Loring Leaning Bookshelf | 14. Tall Natural Rattan Arched Nylah Bookcase | 15. Kalmar Ten-Tier Wall Mounted Shelf

I am absolutely ga-ga over the double arch detail of #11 and in fact, an arched bookcase is a simple, renter-friendly way to add an arch detail in your home. Conversely, #7 and #14 are really cool boho options and I could see #5 working with almost any style home.

If your home is feeling a little too boxy, #2, #6 and #12 are unique options to add some dynamic and movement to the space.

But wait, there’s more…

1. Helix Walnut Bookcase With Drawers | 2. Jenny Lind Black Bookcase | 3. Wall Shelving | 4. Springville Bookshelf with Drawers Black |5. Triple Modular Wall Shelf | 6. Kalmar Ten-Tier Wall Mounted Shelf | 7. Scout Bookshelf | 8. Solid Wood Etagere Bookcase | 9. Knox Tall Open Bookcase | 10. Stay Bookcase |`11. Helix Bookcase | 12. Diana 4 Tier Etagere | 13. Mid Century Danish Rosewood Wall Unit | 14. North Avenue Tall Bookshelf Charter Oak | 15. Modular Wall Unit

How special and cool is #2?? And at that price?? I might need it for my bedroom (which I am tentatively thinking will be heavily French-inspired). Now, if you are looking for a wall-to-wall shelving option #5 would definitely do the trick and #15 is extra versatile as you can mix and match the size and shelving options. Which one is your favorite?

What other roundups would you like to see from us? Meet me in the comments and let me know. Until next time! xx

Opener Image Credit: Design by Sarah Zachary |Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: How To Add The Right Amount Of Color For Every Room In Your House

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