When you have a collection of popular Manga books, or you want a shelving unit to put your CDs and movies, a durable item may be important

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Shelves work best when they are sturdy, easy to clean, and large enough to hold the items you want to show off or store. This article will talk about the best bookshelves for manga, but these units can also be beneficial for decorating, displaying important items, and organizing your things.

All the models on this list are freestanding units. You may like the ability to move these shelves from room to room. They are easy to empty for a thorough cleaning. If you want to change out the items on the shelves, then you can empty one shelf or all of them to redecorate.

We like the versatility of these five bookshelves. Each model is sleek and stylish, making it an excellent item for offices, dens, living rooms, kid’s rooms, and reading nooks. You may even want to use a couple of these shelving units in your kitchen. If you have a small space, then these bookshelves can hold cookbooks or small appliances. You might also like to use them to store pantry items when you few cupboards for storage.

If you are in a hurry to pick up a bookshelf fast, then we suggest selecting the Atlantic Drawbridge Cabinet (learn more). This product is affordable, lightweight, and comes with anchors to secure it to the wall. Our favorite part about this shelving unit is the four shelves you can arrange for the height you need. It also has two additional shelves.
Quick check guide to Manga Bookshelves Tangkula Bookcase South Shore Axess Atlantic Drawbridge Media Storage Venture Horizon Revolving Bookshelf Sunon Collection Size 23.5″ by 9.5″ by 67″ 11.5″ by 28″ by 56″ 36″ by 19″ by 7 “ 16″ by 16″ by 56″ 36″ by 11.6″ by 59.8″ Material MDF P2 Non-Toxic Laminated particleboard Composite wood Melamine particleboard Melamine particleboard Weight limit 200 pounds 100 pounds Under 100 pounds 400 pounds N/A Number of shelves Five Four Five Over 15 Five 1. Tangkula 5-Shelf Bookcase – Best White Bookshelves
When you want a set of shelves that will complement your style and brighten the room, then you might enjoy the Tangkula Bookcase. This model is a simple and functional unit that comes in white. This is the only light item on our list, but you can paint or stain the others if you have the time and inclination.

You may value the height of this bookcase. The shelves are further apart than most, giving you additional room for storing large items. If you have a plaque or diploma you want to set on the shelf, then the size will accommodate your needs.
Top benefits and features Durable and sturdy base design Five shelves for plenty of storage or decorating space Holds up to 200 pounds of materials Veneers resist water penetration Easy cleaning Sleek, modern style White finish Tall cabinet for showcasing large items Takes about ten minutes to put together Will not rust Assembles with screws Cons May not hold heavy items on the top shelf Package may arrive with missing screws or parts Consumer opinions
Most people are extremely happy with this set of shelves. They love the white color because it fits into almost any existing design. They appreciate the speed and ease of assembly with the bookshelves.

Most people have the best luck with this model when they put the heaviest and bulkiest items on the bottom of the cabinet. The more weight on the bottom, the better stabilization for the unit. Some users say this model is unstable on the carpet.
Concluding thoughts
We like the Tangkula bookcase because it is sleek and slender. This shelving unit will fit in most small apartments, dorms, and condos. You may like that the MDF material is eco-friendly.

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2. South Shore Axess – Best Shelves for General Storage
Whether you want a lot of space to put your graphic novels, or you have a beautiful set of plates you are collecting, the South Shore Axess Shelves are fantastic. This bookcase fits any contemporary design with a uniform black design. You can use these shelves in the laundry room, or you can put them in the garage apartment.

When you need a hallway cabinet where you can put shoes and accessories, then you might like this model. This shelving unit is a great size for homes with little space for linens. You might want to put this bookcase in the bathroom, or you can use it in the hallway if you do not have the room.
Top benefits and features Non-toxic materials Made in the U.S.A. Laminated material is easy to clean and resists spills and staining Two adjustable shelves – 25 pound weight limit Central fixed shelf Deep shelves for holding binders and large books Exceeds safety standards for North American products
Cons Manufacturer suggests using two people to assemble Weighs almost 50 pounds Adjustable shelves cannot hold as much as the fixed shelf – may bow with a lot of weight Consumer opinions
Many people like this bookcase for light items like Manga books and showing off photos. The shelves dip if people put a lot of heavy items like textbooks on them. Since these shelves are modern with no intricate markings, they fit well into any style.

Just as the directions suggest, many people say it takes two or three individuals to assemble this shelving unit. This model seems to take the most time out of all the ones on our list to put together.
Concluding thoughts
If you want a bookcase that you can throw together in a few minutes, then you may want to keep reading. This shelving unit may work best for an area where you will assemble it and leave it. Moving the South Shore Shelves around will not be easy since they weigh more than some.

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3. Atlantic Drawbridge – Best Editor’s Choice Pick
This shelving unit is our favorite for a lot of reasons. It is quick to put up, and the shelves are very inexpensive. This model is small and compact, allowing you to put it in an office or tiny area without worrying about it taking up the whole space.

A wide bottom helps add stability to the unit. Even though this model is only three feet tall, it can house video games, CDs, comic books, magazines, DVDs, and more. The unit comes with four shelves you can move around to fit your items.
Top benefits and features Lightweight model – 15 pounds Easy to assemble in just a few minutes Fits 240 CDs Compact size for fitting into dorm rooms, small homes, and apartments Black color and sleek construction blend into many themes and styles
Cons Uses cancer causing materials Shallow shelf depth at seven inches Consumer opinions
Many people enjoy using this unit as a supplement to a larger cabinet or storage space. Teens and college students also like the size of this bookcase for storing video games, comics, and music discs. Since this model is so short, it fits well in tiny areas like reading nooks and closets.

Most buyers appreciate the lightweight construction of these shelves because they can move them around when they want. Since college students move in and out of the dorm every year, these shelves are quick to take down and reassemble.
Concluding thoughts
Our favorite part about the Atlantic Drawbridge Bookcase is the size. The cabinet tucks nicely in corners, letting parents create a reading nook for children. Teens can use it for high school or college books. Since the shelves are not very deep, they work perfectly for graphic novels and music CDs.

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4. Venture Horizon Bookshelf – Best for College Dorm Rooms
When you live in a college dorm room, you may not have a lot of space to put your stuff. When you want a storage room and an area where you can put things on display, then a bookshelf is often a great choice. The Venture Horizon Shelves are great for tiny rooms.

When you have to fit all your stuff in a little room you share with one or two people, it is important to get compact items. This bookcase fits in a 16-inch by 16-inch area. It can handle as much as 400 pounds of books, decorations, and music discs with a fiberglass bottom.
Top benefits and features Shelves on all four sides of the model Holds massive amounts up to 400 pounds Resists stains and moisture with laminate coating Non-fixed shelves Holds over 600 compact discs Cons Shelves are only six inches deep Weighs 70 pounds Consumer opinions
Most people buy this product because they want to hold a lot of comics or music in it. This compact piece rotates a full 360 degrees allowing you to see any item quickly and easily. Some people say they have to make a few adjustments for this rack to hold a lot of DVDs, but they like it when it is full.

Many individuals feel the small size of this rack is well worth the cost and assembly time. They like how easy it is to put this rack near a stereo system or in the corner next to a chair or sofa. They say they can see all of the items on the shelves with no issues.
Concluding thoughts
If you have a small dorm room, then we suggest going with our number four pick. This compact design can fit hundreds of Manga books, and it rotates for easy access. We like the dark color, and how fast the Venture Horizon Media Tower goes together.
Check Price Now 5. Sunon Collection – Best Waterproof Shelving Unit
Do you have young children, or are you prone to messes? If so, then you may want to purchase furniture that resists water. The Sunon Bookcase uses a finished melamine material that makes it impervious to moisture.

When you work around paints, perfumes, or liquids, then you need furniture that can handle spills or stains. With this bookshelf, you can wipe up messes with ease. If you use it in the bathroom, then the waterproof construction will resist warping and swelling.
Top benefits and features Deep shelves – almost one-foot deep Pins hold the shelves where you want them Non-toxic materials Fast to assemble PVC edges in the same mahogany shade to provide a slick, seamless design Cons Weighs over 50 pounds Instructions are difficult to understand Consumer opinions
Many consumers like the metal pins that hold up the shelves. They say they are more durable than the wooden ones. The plastic ones break too easily, so the metal is better. Most people say it takes about an hour to put this model together.
Concluding thoughts
We like that one person can assemble the Sunon Collection Bookcase. However, it might be easier to assemble with two people.
Check Price Now Top two popular questions about the Best Manga Bookshelves Can you attach the shelves to the wall
Yes. Some of these models come with straps or braces.
How much do the shelves hold
Each unit can hold different weights. Check out our quick chart to see the specifics.

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