When we started using Havenly to design our house, it was for all the shared spaces – our bedroom, our dining, our living

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But when it came to designing my own office, I got to do whatever TF I wanted to do. I didn’t have to run anything by Brian, I didn’t have to hold back in any way, I got to do exactly what I wanted to do with the space. And it was GLORIOUS. Brian has been very kind when it came to designing, really giving in to most ideas. But somethings he was NOT cool with – like pink, or leopard print, or anything emerald. Lame. So I added all three of those things to my office. I now understand why people like having “man caves” and “she sheds.” Having your own space to do whatever TF you want is a glorious feeling in marriage.

When I started working with our designer The Velvet Jungle through Havenly, she already had an idea of my style from designing our other rooms, and she knew exactly what I wanted out of this office. I wanted pops of color, white and gold, and emerald mixed in. And at this stage, I was designing the office in our actual office space that we have on our main level. Honestly, I have taken over this house as my business space. I film fitness videos in the basement, take photos in outfits throughout our house, I took the office space, then I had ANOTHER room upstairs I used as a kind of office space. Workspace, if you will, a la Jan from The Office. So when The Velvet Jungle was designing this room, she was designing the office space on the main level. And that’s where it started…BUT Brian is back to working his little butt off and he needed an office. So I made the grown up decision that I didn’t need an office AND a workspace, and I moved my office upstairs to a spare bedroom. When you see her designs and renderings, it’s based off the first office space, before I moved upstairs.

Now before I get into designing this room, I highly recommend you read my ‘Designing Our Bedroom‘ post first because I talk through the whole design process with Havenly and how it works. In this post, I won’t go on and on about that in detail, just the main points. After sending in photos and dimensions of our space, and also sending in room inspiration, The Velvet Jungle came back with 3 ideas in the Ideas Workspace. This is where you rate each room and rate all the items she links for each room. This helps your designer really nail down what you are looking for in a space and why. As you can see below, I liked the Bright & Cheery space the most, but I really loved some pieces from Fun & Girly, as well. So The Velvet Jungle pulled all of those ideas together to create the Office Concept.

Now before I show you the concept, let me show you the shits how I had going on in the office before I got my life together and started purchasing items for the space. When we moved into our house, the office became a storage area for all our random shit. My husband’s shit, my SIL’s shit, and my shit. So excuse this hot mess of a space.

Then here is what The Velvet Jungle came up with to bring this space to life! This is the final concept she created, pulling all the pieces I loved the most from the Ideas Workshop, to create the space. She found me the most perfect rug, a shelving unit to hold all my dishes for food photos, and little pops of white, gold, and greens! She also found the perfect rolling table that I could use to take food photos with!

Then after I confirmed that this was the space I wanted, I was able to shop those exact items, and she put the final layout together. I love this piece of Havenly and that you can really see your space come to life!

Then once I began purchasing everything, here was the space before I moved it upstairs! This photo was also taken right before I checked Jackson into the emergency vet, a few days before he had neck surgery. I know you don’t care about that, but MAN, that shit was crazy so that’s all I think about when I see this photo.

Now let’s get into the final space upstairs. Once we made the decision that I was going to move my office upstairs, I knew right away that I wanted to do another stencil on the wall, just like I had in our bedroom. It’s seriously the easiest way to make a room really pop without having to deal with a ton of painting or the annoyance of wallpaper. And after searching stencils for probably 23 seconds, I found this Dalmatian Stencil and fell in love! And it was the easiest stencil to use, much easier than our bedroom stencil. In just a few hours, I had it all painted and was able to put the room together.

And since my husband had absolutely no say in this room, I bought myself a chandelier. He thought that was the dumbest thing and boy was he wrong. Chandeliers make rooms way more fun. And luckily I have the help of the internet to help me find the perfect chandelier. When I took to instagram asking for recommendations, I got lots of boring ones until a woman sent me THIS ONE. I cannot get enough of this color beaded urchin chandelier! It comes in 14 different colors and it just brings another bright color to the room, which I LOVE.

As you can see, The Velvet Jungle really got me. She just understood my personality, my viewpoint on not giving AF, and she really brought that together with the middle finger candle and the fucking professional name plate. I love her.

Once I moved upstairs, I was able to move things around on the bookshelf to keep the shelves a bit more visually appealing for zoom calls or videos, and I moved the dishes over to a separate shelving unit, closer to the area where I take photos of food. The rolling stand/table really comes in handy so I can move it to where the best light is at that moment. The only issue I’ve run into in this room is having a rug on carpet. I’ve used multiple types of rug pads (all of which people have sworn by) and rug tape, but none of it works. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is screwing the rug down into the carpet and into the floor boards. I’ve seen this done and it looks like it works like a charm, BUT I’ve moved all the shit around in this office so many times trying different rug pads and tape so I haven’t gotten around to trying the screws in the rug instead. It sounds intimidating so I’ve been putting it off, but hopefully I’ll get around to it someday. Any chance you wanna come over and do it? That sounds lovely.

As you can see from this room, I’m a child at heart. I love color, I love boldness, and I love a space that feel like my own. This office makes me so happy. I really cannot recommend Havenly enough. They make designing your space SO.MUCH.EASIER. They bring your vision to life and they do all the online searching for you when it comes to furniture. I mean COME ON – that’s pretty much the worst and most time consuming part! Havenly didn’t sponsor this post, but I did receive some shopping credit through them (just wanted to disclose that!). The contact I had through Havenly left so I haven’t chatted with them since I created this room BUT I do believe my discount code of PALEOMG will still get you $50 off your design fee! I know many of my items are out of stock since I purchased these things back in January, but I’m linking some similar options in case you are on the hunt for your own office decor!

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