When asked to design and build this beautiful-looking house from Brazil, the team at BL Studio de Arquitetura faced a rather big challenge

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The owners wanted this to be their dream home and to feel like a resort.

Adding a basement level created a whole new layer for the design of the house
They wanted to be surrounded by a beautiful landscape with greenery and vegetation all year round and with a lovely scenery. However, the location didn’t make that easy. This was a flat piece of land in an urban compound with no landscape or view sight. As such, they basically had to build a custom biome out here.

The pool and deck areas are enclosed for added privacy
After lots of planning the solution found was to concentrate the landscaping around the center of the site and to have the house and everything else frame this area. Furthermore, a plan was developed which involved excavating a section of the land to create a basement area for the garage and the storage rooms. The soil that was removed from here was then used to raise the social areas. This added a new dynamic to the design of the house by creating different levels and a more interesting structure.

The perforated facade add a beautiful decorative layer and increases privacy at the same timeThis indoor garden area brings the freshness and beauty of nature inside the house
In order to get that resort’s look and feel the architects used a series of natural materials such as wood and stone. This also helped to add a timeless vibe to the house. The raised social areas have open access to the deck and swimming pool area and there’s a tall solid fence which frames this entire section providing privacy and setting a background for all the beautiful vegetation to stand out against. The master bedroom also has access to the deck and there’s also other sections of the house which enjoy a strong connection to nature and to the outdoors in various other forms. This really ended up being the dream home that the owners always wanted. 

The social areas were elevated and that also allowed the landscape to be extended underneathWood and stone were used extensively throughout the house in order to give it a timeless lookThe social area has 7 meter high pivoting doors and a very open and bright feelThe dining area is placed in one of the corners where it gets to enjoy a nice view of the outdoor areasThe wood was also used to create a warm and welcoming decor for the indoor areasThis bedroom has a stylish shelving unit as a divider with a deskThe desk and sleeping area are separated but still very much open and part of the same roomThe master bathroom is big and open and has a nice spa-like feel to itThe glass doors reveal a beautiful view of the deck and the green wall behind it
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