What You Need to Know About Commercial Painting

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It is important that you understand the dynamics of commercial painting before you hire a professional for your project. It can be a bit difficult for most people to differentiate between a commercial and a residential painter. Considering that they both offer similar services but with some variations, it is important that you get to tell the differences between the two so that you can find the right one for your project.

For instance, commercial painting fanatics can take both commercial and residential projects. Here are a few things you should know about commercial painting.

Commercial Painters Deal with Large Projects

Commercial painting contractors work mostly on big projects. They take up projects from businesses such as schools, restaurants, hospitals, and stores among others. The painters usually have a range of experience that residential painters lack owing to the size and the nature of projects that they take. Residential painters, on the other hand, deal with smaller projects like homes and living spaces. They are more inclined with painting wood, siding, and other such materials. If you have a business that you want to be painted, then you should go for a commercial painter contractor.

Commercial Painters are Flexible

Another aspect of commercial painters has to do with time and flexibility. Most residential contractors operate only during the normal working hours from Monday to Friday, apart from a few exceptions. Most never work at night or during the weekends. Commercial contractors, on the other hand, owing to the nature of their clients, have to be flexible with their working hours. Since it might be inconveniencing to business to do a paint job while it is operating, commercial contractors have flexible working hours that allow them to work even during at night and on weekends. Most have specialized equipment that allows them to work at night.

Providing Quotations

Not every residential painter can determine how much it will cost you to paint your house. Most have to do the job first then determine the cost of that particular project. It is fine if it is just a small project. When it comes to large projects like painting an entire apartment, you will need professionals to do the quotation for you from the blueprints of a building. Owing to their experience in this line of work, commercial painting contractors will easily determine an estimate and sometimes accurate cost of doing the painting job.

A large Number of Staff

Commercial painters usually have a large number of workers. There are times when they are required to complete urgent projects. When you have a tight deadline to finish a particular project, these are the guys to go for. They can deploy a larger portion of their staff if it is urgent to have it finished within the time required. In addition to working odd hours, large personnel will have your project finished in record time. Residential painters lack such a capacity in most cases. You find a contractor that only has a handful of workers for the small projects.

7 essential steps to ensure a successful move

If you are planning to change your home and want to hire help with all or part of the move, these are the steps you must take to organize a successful move and avoid any misadventure during the move.

#1 Plan ahead

It begins at least six weeks before the date of the move, to have enough time to clear and save the contents of each room.

#2 Choose the moving service

The moving services range from simple truck rental to that in which the experts handle all the details, including the assembly of the new house. In the middle, you will find services like help to lift and move heavy objects, or hybrid options in which you pack your possessions in boxes and then the company transports them to your new home. If your new home is not yet ready or you can not put all the stuff at same time in your new home than you should consider using moving company’s long term storage center to store your stuff until you are ready to move them in.

 #3 Do the calculations

The costs of a move within the country are usually calculated using a combination of weight and distance, while local moves within the city are usually charged per hour and per worker. Generally, the costs reflect the type of move and the level of service. When choosing a moving company do not choose only based on the price, but also on the reputation of the company.

# 4 Choose wisely the moment, if possible

You will spend less if you avoid the summer months, or if you move between 10 and 20 of any month, because of low demand from customers between these days.

# 5 Pay attention to scam signals

Scam artists plague the moving industry. Do not trust companies that:

They provide an estimate of the cost without seeing your house. The most accurate estimate comes from a visit to your home and sees exactly what you have to transport from one home to another.
Answer the call with a generic greeting, such as “moving house” or “moving company.”
They do not have a local address, nor information about business registration or insurance.
It charges differently than the norm, such as for cubic feet.
Requires payment in cash or a large deposit before moving.
Use a generic truck (without the name of the company) or rented.
It demands extra money after charging, saying that the estimate only covers some charges, or that your possessions weigh more than estimated.

#6 Know your rights

You must know if the price estimate is binding or if it can change. A binding budget cannot be changed, even if the actual cost is greater than estimated. Ask for a written copy of the estimate. To avoid hidden or extra expenses, ask if it includes charges for fuel, equipment, and travel for workers traveling to and from your new home.

# 7 Clarifies the issue of coverage

It is always better to hire a moving company that not only secures your vehicles but also your cargo, taking responsibility for the total value of the items you transport. You can also choose to hire yourself an insurance for your move, sometimes through your home insurance provider.

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