Warm & Chocolatey Home Interior with Silky Smooth Style

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Chocolatey walnut wall panels wrap this welcoming modern home interior with silky smooth style. Visualised by ArtPartner Architects, this home feels like a protective cocoon that shields its homeowners from the stresses of the outside world. The plethora of rich wood grain upon the walls builds a calm and soothing solidity, the weight of which is offset by light, glass-walled counterparts. Grey elements balance the warm brown decor pieces, building tonal contrast and shading. Crisp contemporary furniture designs shape sophisticated layouts in the living room, bedroom and bathrooms. Walk-in glass closets offer enviable storage solutions that elegantly exhibit the owner’s discerning love of fashion.

A sectional sofa breaks up the dark walnut clad living room with a swathe of light grey upholstery. A rectangle coffee table sharply furnishes the centre of the lounge area with a polished concrete finish.

Understated modern track lighting threads around the perimeter of the room to evenly illuminate the layout.

The TV is recessed within a low mounting panel, which lays flat against a glass wall home office space.

A modern fireplace is situated at the side of the living room, where its dual aspect design can work double duty as a special home entryway feature too.

Near the front entry door, a full-length mirror reflects the flames of the modern fireplace to amplify its effect. Architectural support columns are wrapped in walnut wall panels to create one fabulously flowing and cohesive aesthetic.

At the opposite side of the home entryway, a glass wall closet increases the sense of space with its visible depth.

The double-sided modern fireplace creates an open visual between the entryway and lounge.

Subtle storage blocks are camouflaged against the wood-panelled walls. A warm and gentle recessed lighting scheme complements the attractive walnut veneer.

A wooden overhang projects a cosy canopy over the walkway that runs end-to-end across the living room.

At the back of the lounge and kitchen diner combo, soft LED lighting emits an intriguing glow around open kitchen shelving and appliance housing units.

Black and brown leather dining chairs pull up at the dining table, which is attached to the kitchen island as one streamlined unit.

Two linear suspension lights draw along the length of the kitchen island and dining table meld.

Lighting in the glass entryway closet boldly showcases the homeowner’s collection of designer coats and shoes, making them a part of the decor scheme.

Uniform storage boxes hide away seasonal garments upon the highest shelves. Floating chests of drawers house accessories.

Shoe storage racks stack tall to make the best use of the vertical space.

Moving on into the bedroom, we discover a cohesive continuation of the delicious chocolate brown and stone grey decor scheme. Above the platform bed, a tapered board emulates the shape of the chimney breast in the living room.

At the opposite side of the headboard feature wall, a bedroom pendant light is suspended from two cables that echo the tapered shape motif. See more inspiration for eye-catching bedroom pendant lights.

The bedroom rug is positioned off-centre to fashion an asymmetrical layout.

Electrical sockets are neatly set inside the upholstered headboard, on hand for charging phones and tablets.

At the foot of the bed, a bespoke dressing table is crafted around a structural column. A modern wall sconce and perimeter lights illuminate the vanity area.

Recessed LEDs highlight a fashionably fluted wall treatment behind the bedroom TV. The TV screen is mounted flush to the edge of the wall to conform with the asymmetrical room design.

A narrow window looks through into the ensuite bathroom.

A full-length, frameless mirror makes the walk in wardrobe appear twice its actual size.

LED ribbons define open garment shelves.

A stylish shower room is tiled in luxurious grey stone. Minimalist black shower fixtures punctuate the moody grey wall slabs. In the dry zone, smooth grey concealment panels hide away the toilet cistern and a secret storage unit.

The modern wall hung toilet carries an unusual tan finish, which quietly coincides with the home’s overall colour story.

The main bathroom is clad with the same grey stone tiles, but this time the WC area has been finished with textured wall panels and colour-matched grey sanitaryware. A room divider discreetly separates the WC area from the bathroom vanity.

In contrast to the linear vanity unit, an oval bathtub carves out a curvaceous silhouette.

A bathroom vanity light and LED strips form an atmospheric glow in the bathroom to aid relaxation.

The bathroom mirror is inset into a small alcove, which achieves a streamlined finish with the bordering wall panels.

The long, unique bathroom sink accommodates two wash areas – but the owners will still have to argue over who gets the mirror.

Natural light spills abundantly into the modern home office, via large floor-to-ceiling windows.

The influx of natural light is shared with the living space via the home office’s glass walls.

A brown leather swivel chair melts against a background of slatted wood wall panels.

A swing arm wall lamp provides task lighting over the modern desk.

Home office storage units align with the back of the TV wall in the lounge.

The final bathroom in this home is a compact space with a walk-in shower area.

An illuminated bathroom mirror draws focus to the modern vanity.

A tan toilet coordinates with the brown wall mounted vanity unit.

A bathroom shelf tucks toiletries away inside of the shower enclosure.

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