VDF products fair: kitchen and storage systems brand Henrybuilt has created a flexible shelving unit that allows users to display homeware and personal trinkets in a variety of arrangements

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The rear panel of Henrybuilt's wall-mounted Color Box Bar shelf has been specially designed so that other elements, like a wine rack or steel rail for hanging utensils, can easily be installed and rearranged.

"This compact and elegant serving piece relies on our Opencase system of flexible fittings to allow you to present and serve the way you wish," said the brand.

"It combines colour, toughness, craft, and proportion, and carefreely floats above the floor."

The wine rack and steel rail are provided with the Color Box Bar upon purchase and users can additionally buy other Opencase elements from Henrybuilt.

This includes leather pouches, which can snugly hold items like magazines, or a utility bar, which is ideal for presenting drink bottles and cocktail glassware.

Alternatively, buyers can choose to not use any of the additional elements and simply use the Color Box Bar's in-built shelves.

The frame, lower cupboard doors and rear panel of the Color Box Bar can be made from variations of oak or walnut wood.

Alternatively, for a splash of colour, the rear panel can be finished with hues such as "honey plantain", a warm yellow, "sunken treasure", which is a deep blue or "fresh cut grass", a rich green.

A pale blue shade, orange and red are also available.

Product: Color Box Bar
Brand: Henrybuilt
Contact address: inquiries@henrybuilt.com
More info: talk with Henrybuilt founder Scott Hudson

About VDF products fair: the VDF products fair offers an affordable launchpad for new products during Virtual Design Festival. For more details email vdf@dezeen.com.

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