Top 10 Organization Ideas For 2020

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Today we are going to share with you the top 10 organization ideas for 2020.

For over two generations, we have been building high quality, fully customizable portable buildings and we would love to customize one for you too.

Keep reading as we give you the ideas you need to make 2020 the year you get your home fully organized. Lets get started!

10 Organization Ideas for 2020

1. Remove the Clutter Invest in a Storage Shed

A storage shed is a great way to start the organization process it will give you the extra space you need!

Probably the most effective of all organization ideas is to get rid of your clutter. Now matter how you try to organize your home, if you have too much stuff, it is not going to work. But often you dont want to throw out or give away the things that you will need from time to time. Thats where investing in a quality shed or portable building is so helpful. A shed can give you the extra storage space that you need so that you can make extra space in your home to get organized.

2. Keep All Your Flat Surfaces Clear

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The biggest temptation is for everyone to lay their papers, books, magazines, etc. on the first flat surface they see. Provide a place for these items and call it your family information center. It may be a two-drawer filing cabinet or a stackable file cart. Choose one that matches your decor like this beautiful cabinet from Amazon and encourage your family to use it.

3. Create a Games Storage Cabinet

Video Source: Paul Jenkins

Board games are a great way to bring your family together, but knowing where to store them can become an organizational nightmare especially since all of the boxes are different sizes and heights. Learn how to make an adjustable height wooden shelf storage cabinet that will easily store all of your board games not matter what size of box they come in. Paul Jenkins shows you how in this easy to follow video.

4. Put a Console Table Behind Your Couch

Image Source: Young House Love

Often the space behind your couch is unused, or, if it is pushed right up against the wall, moving it out a foot or so will not make a big difference to the amount of floor space that you have but it will make a huge difference to the amount of organizational space you will gain. Place a console table with shelving behind your couch and you immediately gain extra storage space. You can also place a lamp on top of the console for more light and you can use it as a convenient place to keep your remotes. If you dont want to buy a console, you can learn how to make one at Young House Love.

5. Make the Most of the Space Over Your Toilet

Image Source: Wayfair

Another one of our great organization ideas for 2020 is installing toilet shelves. Gone are the days of the ugly metal johnny pole behind your toilet. Today you can purchase lovely shelving units like this one from Wayfair that easily fit around your toilet and not only give you lots of extra storage, but also look great. If you dont want to purchase an expensive unit, you can install inexpensive floating shelves that will also look great and hold towels and toiletries.

6. Use the Space Under Your Bed for Extra Storage

Image Source: Amazon

This is one of the easiest organization ideas to implement. Its really quite amazing how much space there is underneath your beds. You can use that space to store out-of-season clothing or extra bedding. Simply invest in some inexpensive, low plastic tubs or storage bags that can slide underneath like these ones from Amazon. Theres no need to spend money on a new bed that has drawers when you can easily make your own.

7. Get Your Shoes off the Floor

Image Source: Amazon

Theres nothing worse than tripping over a pile of shoes as you try to come in your door. The easiest way to tackle the shoe mountain is to place a sturdy shoe rack with plenty of space for your whole familys footwear at your entrance. This sleek black metal version from Amazon would look great in a modern styled foyer.

8. Organize Your Coffee Habit

Image Source: HGTV

Keurigs with gourmet coffee options are very popular, but they can quickly become an unorganized problem. Create an easy to use coffee station with a simple tray where you can organize all your coffee pods, tea bags, and flavorings next to your coffee maker. Make sure you hang up your coffee mugs close by for easy access and to free up some extra cupboard space. This great organization idea comes from HGTV.

9. Store Your Water Bottles on Their Sides

Image Source: HGTV

No matter how hard you try, water bottles have an annoying tendency to topple over in your cupboards. Storing them on their side as in this clever trick from HGTV will not only keep your cupboard tidy, but will also keep your family hydrated as they will be able to find and fill their bottles easily.

10. Organize Your Fridge with a Six Pack

Image Source: Family Handyman

This final one of our organization ideas is the least expensive and easiest to do. An empty six-bottle box is the perfect solution to all of the small bottles that always tip over the minute your open or close your refrigerator door. This great idea comes form the Family Handyman. If you dont want to have to buy beer, Ikea also has a similar type of cardboard container that their glassware is packaged in.

Classic Buildings: Organization Ideas Start with Extra Storage

If you want to get organized this year, the first step is to get some extra storage space with a Classic Buildings storage shed. For the best quality, affordably priced portable buildings on the market, contact Classic Buildings. We will custom build you a place to store all of your extra things so you have more room to organize what is left inside your home.

Contact Classic Buildings today or visit the location nearest to you and find out how easy it is to own your own beautiful storage shed. We provide financing and most people can even qualify for $0 money down. Or if you prefer, we also have a great rent-to-own option with payments starting as low as $85 per month.

Remember, before buying a portable building you should be aware of the shed permit requirements of your municipality. Sometimes permit requirements depend on the size of your shed.

Classic Buildings has locations throughout the Midwest, including various Missouri cities (St. Louis, Arnold, Columbia, St. Charles, Rolla, Linn, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City, and Washington Missouri). We are located in Swansea, Illinois and Kansas and deliver throughout the Midwest, and, in some cases, nationwide!

If you would like to take a look at Classic Buildings storage sheds, check out our brochure, or visit one of our locations to see our sheds firsthand!

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