These 9 Little Fixes For Kitchen Clutter Make A Big Difference

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ways you're making your kitchen look messy

Cooking and preparing food in a cluttered kitchen can be annoying at best, and stress-inducing at worst! If your kitchen tends to look messy no matter how clean or dirty it actually is, it’s time to address the pain points that may not immediately strike you as sources of kitchen clutter. And you’ll find out exactly how to do that in today’s post.

Today we’ll be exploring 9 different things that can contribute to kitchen clutter. None of them take a lot of time or effort to fix, and you don’t have to address them all at once. But once you’ve tackled them, you’ll be surprised at how much your kitchen looks and feels like a new (and much less cluttered) space!

9 Little Things That Contribute To Kitchen Clutter

appliance cords

1. Countertops That Are Covered In Appliances

Nothing will clutter up your kitchen counters like small kitchen appliances! Take stock of all your small appliances, and sort them by how often you use them. Small appliances you use every day, like your coffee maker or toaster, can stay on the countertop if you have space for them. (Keep their cords tidy by using my favorite cord organization tool, which you can read about at the link below!)

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The appliances you use a couple times a week (or less often) should go into a cupboard or closet for storage. You want to keep them accessible without sacrificing your precious counter space to them.

cabinet shelves

2. Shelves That Haven’t Been Adjusted

It’s easy to forget that the height of most shelves, whether they’re in your kitchen cupboards or a shelving unit, can be set at different heights according to your needs. Inspect the height of the shelves all over your kitchen to make sure they are positioned at a height that makes sense for what you have stored there.

clean fridge

3. Fridge That’s Covered In Old Papers

We all have our own tastes and preferences when it comes to the front of our fridge. Personally, I prefer not to hang much of anything on the front of my fridge, but to each their own! If you do hang stuff on your fridge, at least make sure it isn’t cluttered with out of date papers or reminders. If it doesn’t serve a purpose or isn’t meaningful in some way, get rid of it.

utensil caddy

4. Cooking Utensils By The Dozens

If you keep a wide assortment of cooking utensils out on your counter all the time, they could be adding to the cluttered feeling in your kitchen. Choose a few of your most frequently used cooking utensils to keep in a utensil crock, and store the rest in a drawer nearby.

junk drawer

5. Junk Drawer That’s Overflowing

Most of us have a junk drawer, and for many people, that junk drawer is located in the kitchen. While it’s nice to have a spot to dump those miscellaneous items, it is almost always a hot spot for kitchen clutter! Make an effort to go through your junk drawer on a regular basis and clear out anything you don’t actually need, and keep the remaining items tidy using drawer organizing bins.

woman putting rice maker in donation box

6. Stuff You Don’t Actually Use

Our tastes and eating habits change over time—it’s just a fact of life. But hanging onto utensils or appliances you no longer use is usually just a waste of storage space. For instance, if you’re no longer drinking fresh juice for breakfast every morning, it may be time to get rid of that bulky juicer. Sell it or donate it, and reclaim that storage space for something you use more frequently.

junk mail basket

7. Mountains Of Junk Mail

It’s all too easy to let junk mail, bills, and catalogs grow into an unmanageable mountain of clutter. Find a small basket or letter sorter, and take a minute to sort through your mail every day. Set the junk mail aside for recycling, and place the important stuff in your basket or letter sorter where you can keep it until you’re ready to address it.

kitchen gadgets

8. You Have Too Many Kitchen Gadgets

I love a good kitchen gadget, but it doesn’t take long for them to start cluttering up my kitchen drawers. If your gadget situation could also use some help, pull them all out and take an inventory. If you don’t absolutely need it, set it aside to donate.

You don’t need all those “unitasker” gadgets creating clutter, because there are plenty of ways to use your more versatile kitchen tools to do the same job. You can read all about that by visiting the link below.

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food storage

9. Bagged Foods Galore

Bagged foods are really hard to store in a way that says “tidy” and “efficient,” which is why they often contribute to kitchen-based clutter. Transfer foods that come in bags (like dry beans, rice, pasta, and bulk spices) into stackable, airtight containers. Read all about my favorite set of food storage containers at the link below.

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What’s your best tip for keeping kitchen clutter under control?

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