There are many ways to style our beloved nests, but most of all we want them to feel welcoming, warm and cosy

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This pair of single bedroom apartment interiors explores two different approaches to hitting a modern cosy vibe, in homes each measuring around the 80 square metre mark. Our first home is a mid century modern inspired interior, filled with plenty of warm retro vibes and a cheerful bright blue kitchen. Our second inspirational living space is a plant filled sage green space, textured with natural woven furniture, lighting and wall decor. We’ve included the layouts at the end of each cosy home tour for extra home styling inspiration.

Mid century modern silhouettes rule in this cosy 73.6 square metre home, located in Novosibirsk, Russia. Rich brown furniture hues warm a predominantly white mid century modern living room, peppered with lush plant greenery. A tasselled rug design sets down a playful base with an uplifting creamy colourway.

The lounge’s angular room shape encourages a conversational style furniture layout.

A glass wall shares natural light and a sense of space between the mid century modern lounge and its neighbouring kitchen diner.

A floor lamp with an oversized shade has been teamed up with a pale olive green armchair, forming a comfortable reading area up against the kitchen’s glass wall.

Retro accessories and books decorate the mid century modern furniture.

Small niches are filled with neatly styled vistas to give the home a much loved and lived in feel.

The most awkward angular space in the living room happens to be the perfect fit for an old piano and an antique rustic stool. A small decorative wall mirror adds a spot of light to the shaded nook.

The glass wall kitchen leaks its cheerful bright blue accent into the neutral lounge.

Black framed double doors swing open in a grand gesture that connects the two living spaces via the kitchen’s central dining island.

The solid wood herringbone floor seamlessly interlocks the two rooms.

Natural timber elements balance out the bright blue kitchen cabinets, and create a sunny quality.

Open kitchen shelves and easily accessible plate racks instill a homey atmosphere, where everyday life shapes design rather than bends to it.

The kitchen island provides a comfortably spacious rectangle dining table for family gatherings.

Moving on into the bedroom, a yellow ochre throw adds sunshine to a pine platform bed.

Mid century modern tension pole shelving units create an attractive frame all around the bedroom doorway.

A bedroom chair is layered with a soft cream throw and comfy accent cushion. An indoor plant freshens the natural palette.

An art print above the mid century modern dresser makes a neat height match with the full length bedroom mirror.

A glass vase of dried florals and an animal statuette make a tonal grouping with the art frame. Candles and plants break up the book library.

The narrow closet has been best utilised with a pull out clothes rail on wheels. A Henri Matisse Blue Nude II print serves as an echo of the kitchen’s colour theme.

In the bathroom, a black framed shower enclosure is a dead ringer for the kitchen’s glass wall design.

White metro tiles are repeated in this space too, to create one cohesive aesthetic through the apartment.

A unique faucet and elegant wall sconces introduce golden elements around the vanity.

Black and white tiles lay down a permanent doormat in the home entryway.

Apartment 3D perspective drawing.

Visualizer: Between The Walls  

Our next interior is an 80 square metre two-room apartment for a young couple in Kyiv, Ukraine. indoor plants, botanical wall art and a muted green sofa colour the fresh living room scheme.

Decorative baskets create a rustic wall display over an electric piano.

Sage green paintwork fills a statement wall opposite the sofa, which creates zoning for a modern home workspace. A low timber console unit and a tower of floating shelves serve as home office storage. The stylish desk chair is a Flow Slim chair designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.

The enclosed balcony has been fashioned into a chic little light-filled tea room. A grey teapot and cups set make a smart addition to the mini table. A pair of wireframe Bertoia style modern outdoor chairs sit lightly in the compact space.

Inside the kitchen, a small dining table and four woven chairs set out a bohemian style eating spot. The perfectly accompanying wicker dining room pendant light is the IKEA Sinnerlig.

A metal plant stand elevates a small leafy friend to table height.

Timber kitchen base units make a mellow match for the rattan dining arrangement.

White wall cabinets open up the top of the space, whilst a black fridge freezer balances out an integrated oven in the L-shaped kitchen.

A small jungle of indoor plants embrace the bedroom layout.

A comfortable reading chair roots an earthy brown accent by the window and a small side table.

Another birch IKEA FROSTA stool makes a bedside table on the other side.

A repetition of the living room home workspace is made inside the bedroom, with an identical tower of timber wall shelves making home for plants and books.

The same minimalist home office desk pairs with a Flow Slim desk chair by Jean-Marie Massaud.

A black desk lamp completes the twinning.

80 square metre apartment floor plan.

Perspective drawing.

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