There are a lot of different types of storage and lots of different designs to choose from

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We’re not going to mention the common and most general options since we’re all familiar with those. We’ll try instead to offer you a few less obvious ideas which could inspire you to add something similar to your home. It’s amazing how much of a different the small details can have on a design.

Instead of your typical wall-mounted shelves consider a shelving unit that you can casually lean against a wall. It’s a nice way to ground the space and to give a more inviting and comfortable look.

Another fun idea is to try different shapes and sizes when working with wall shelves. These circular ones look really cool and they’re also practical. A single geometric module can look stylish by itself but if you want to make a statement then add a few extras.

The living room is a tricky space because there’s usually a lot going on here and you do need plenty of storage but you also want the room to look nice and to be airy and spacious. Something eclectic is usually suiting and you can try a custom combination of open shelves, drawers and cupboard modules.

Ladder-style shelves are very stylish and at the same time underused. They’re perfect for spaces such as hallways, entryways, bedrooms and even bathrooms and they can be used in various different ways.

LED lights can be used to make simple storage systems come to life. At the same time, this can serve as ambient lighting for the entire space. A really cool idea is to add backlighting to open shelves or to place LED bands underneath cabinets and cupboards.

Your wardrobe or bedroom closet offers tons of storage but most likely it doesn’t exactly look amazing. You can change that by trying something different. Rather than hiding the contents behind solid closed doors you can try a more open and transparent approach.

Another cool idea is to diversify your storage and to play with different geometric shapes and different proportions, finishes and colors to create something unique and special. Take this combo for example. The floating shelves, the cabinet and the desk all complement each other in a really beautiful and harmonious way even though they’re all very different.

Large storage units can quite easily overwhelm a space but you can avoid that by making sure they’re not too robust, big or boring. Breaking up the design with a few open shelves or cubbies can really help. A large unit such as this one, for example, doesn’t take over the entire room even if it’s very big.

It’s common to have a dedicated storage wall in the living room. It’s usually the wall behind the TV and a nice and easy way to maintain an airy and open feel throughout the room is by having a wall-mounted TV and framing it with various storage modules. Make sure to leave some gaps and consider wall-mounted base units which look lightweight and slender.

Not every room needs tons of storage and there are plenty of ways to add storage to a space without being too obvious about it. For example, you can add some floating shelves that also look really cool and double as decorations. They’ll give you extra storage but they won’t turn that into their sole objective.

Speaking of shelves, check out how cool these ones are. They’re hexagon-shaped and fairly big and each is divided into three storage sections. They can hold lots of books and other items and they definitely look less invasive and robust than a typical cupboard.

Different styles ask for different types of storage but that doesn’t mean you should conform yourself to all the cliche furniture pieces. If you want something industrial-looking, metal pipes and rugged designs aren’t your only option, as beautifully demonstrated by these units.

Glass is a bit more difficult to incorporate into a storage unit than other materials and the same goes for acrylic. Sometimes going all out can really work. Of course, it’s important to maintain balance in your interior design so complement those transparent cubbies with a few solid pieces and some accent colors.

Sooner or later you’ll probably want to expand your storage. You can make it easier on yourself by adding of the same unit that you already have. Similarly, you can make adjustments to your existing storage system if space and design allow it.

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