The Week Ahead: What Now?

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Hazel Dell Brown kitchen this week.  I stumbled upon this as I was looking for something else on Pinterest and just had to bring show case it this week.  

It's a snug kitchen but I think there's been a good use of space and a bit of 'fool the eye' space as well that you might not see right away.  But just to get an idea of how snug it is look hard at that stove.  It's not the big huge surfaces we've seen in other kitchens.  I daresay it's not quite the width of a modern day stove. Though it might well hold four pots on top there is no space at all between burners so that goes to show how small it is.

First let us look at the overall color scheme of White with black and red accents.  That overall white scheme opens the kitchen up visually but the accents add interest and keep it from seeming too bland a space.  And while red curtains might have really shown up the color scheme, the use of the white curtains with black polka dots in a lined up pattern further open the small space.

Now let us look at the floor.  The legend below the photo says it's the Marbelle Linoleum and the use of the white in that fanciful cutout in the middle of the floor keeps the floor from seeming too dark and heavy and the points of the white flooring pattern further push the eye outward making the space appear larger in size than it is as do the lines on the ceiling which create a tent like effect but notice how those lines pushing outward lead the eye outward, again creating a sense of space that is pure illusion.  As well, those vertical lines on the walls and cabinets lead the eye upward.  So the whole while you're in this room, you're being visually fooled into thinking the space is a great deal larger and no doubt it helps eliminate the feeling of being quite as crowded as you might feel otherwise.

I don't know if this was actually a rounded or octagonal tower-like room on a home or if the corners were purposely obscured for dramatic effect and better lay-out, but the use of space is really well planned in my opinion.

We'll begin on the right and work our way around counter clockwise.   First take a good look at that first cupboard.  Two drawers and two cupboards face the camera.   I like the way to counter is cut diagonally to allow for better space.  I wonder if there is storage on that side of the cabinet?  I can't see how they'd incorporate it but the counter top would allow a nice work surface there beside the stove.

The stove itself, as said earlier, is smaller but still incorporates storage space to one side, assuming the bottom drawer below the oven is a broiler.   If not then there are two storage areas built into that stove which would be very helpful.

The cabinet left of the stove will no doubt contain a lazy susan shelving unit I should think which would maximize usage of that space.  Now look up.  There's a shallow cabinet just above that cabinet.  I missed it the first few times I scanned this picture and gradually realized that the decorative corner shelf actually is resting against another upper cabinet.  There are two knobs at the top facing the kitchen sink.  I'll wager that one door opens quite wide and one is narrower but the illusion trick fools the eye once again.

I like that the sink faces the window.  There's a deep counter space at the back which allows for the plants.  Here's another bit of 'fool the eye'.  I think the sink is longer and less wide than most sinks of the period.  It appears to cover the width of two full cabinet doors something even my modern day kitchen sink does not quite do.

To the left of the sink is another of those fool the eye upper cabinets and another lower cabinet that appears it might contain a lazy susan shelving unit.   And then we have our fridge tucked neatly into the space.  Notice how well they formed the work triangle of this kitchen.  It is most truly a step saving kitchen for the housewife, agreed?

The Week Ahead:

I don't know anymore what a week will bring.  I'm not complaining.  It's just harder to plan a week.  I find I'm coping rather well with whatever comes my way for the most part.  Still, much as I enjoy having things change up now and then, I also like a bit of routine!  That's why I try so hard to stick to some routine in every week and why I plan things I'd like to attend to in my home.  Then I fit those things that are routine and planned about the many things that pop up that aren't planned.  It works for me but I confess that now and then I'd like a bit more routine and bit less 'pop'!


Zone 2 Living Room/Dining Room/Front Entry area    Dusting and Decluttering are my big pushes this week in this zone area.  I am not referring to DVD's and Cd's though we've plenty of those.  I am looking at the bookcases with the crowding of books on the shelves and thinking it's time to figure out how to neaten them up.  I prefer to line my books up horizontally but in order to fit things in they are stacked both vertically and horizontally.  I try to keep it random but orderly so one doesn't look and see a line of vertical books on the same side of each shelf.  I like symmetry and balance but I dislike stacking books two deep in a shelf.  I want to see the titles clearly.  And just in case you're wondering, I prefer to order my books first by author and then size, so that I can determine who I want to read and go right to that lot of books and make my choice.    Anyway, definitely working on that bookcase this week.

And while I'm in this zone, I'll take time this week to make the summer pillow covers.  It shouldn't take long so fingers crossed the sewing fairy is in good spirits this week.

I also need to sort out the buffet.  It's overcrowded.  It's heavy because I have too many dishes tucked into it.  I could move some out to the shed to keep there.  It's hardly necessary to have ALL of the dishes in the house and I don't but then again I do have too much.  

For the rest of the week:  It's our Harvest week.  Bills, bringing checkbook up to date, planning shopping for the month and some grocery shopping as we will need milk, flour, sugar, foil and a few other necessities and snacks.   

I have a family birthday here over the weekend ahead and while the burden of foodstuffs is not upon me, it is my duty as hostess to insure we have a good supply of basic items that might be wanted.  Nothing too terribly expensive to provide mind you, but it is necessary.  And there was one special request from Josh that I want to honor.

Katie and I want to make a small shopping trip one day.  I need to get candles from Hobby Lobby and resupply my home.  We need to find shoes for the littlest boy and cabinet locks.  Having experienced him dumping out the contents of her kitchen cupboards I told her I would provide the locks if she'd locate where to buy the ones she wanted.   She doesn't keep much in the cupboards and currently has the pantry closed off but I suspect it's just a matter of time before he figures out how to get that pantry open as well.  I'll suggest a hook and eye for that door which we'll pick up at a hardware store.  

I really want a date day with John in which we preferably are not running errands but there will be an errand day, as well.

Take donations over to the store.   

Look for a fern and plants for the two hanging baskets on the front porch.


I need to make bread, bagels and the cookies I never got around to last week.

I got my first produce bag from the farm nearby and I'm determined, as I was last year, to use ALL the things we purchase.  I'm paying a good price, not an exorbitant one by any means, but more than I might at the grocer for these vegetables and fruits and I want to make really good use of them.   For instance, the carrots I got yesterday have the most beautiful greens on top.  Did you know you can make a carrot top pesto or chimichurri sauce?   You can use it in any recipe that calls for parsley.  I like pesto and I'm curious to see how well this stands up next to basil pesto.  I wonder if once made the two can't be combined to extend the basil pesto?     I also have fennel fronds.  I think that might make a delicious addition to any Italian tomato sauce but how else can I use it?  Lots of research for how to use familiar and unfamiliar ingredients this week!

I'd like to make out a month long menu for June, of breakfasts and dinners.  We mostly eat sandwiches or leftovers for lunches so I'm less concerned about that aspect of our meal plans.

Gathered Fragments:


Yellow Rice

1/2 can cranberry sauce

Broccoli stems


Strawberry Ice Cream

Carrot Tops



Sugar Snap Peas


Supper Meal Plans for this week:

Frozen Chicken Pot Pies, Coleslaw*, Cranberry Sauce I find that coleslaw can get a little bitter when it's a leftover.  I offset that by adding in just a 1/2 tsp of sugar today which sweetened it nicely.  John was over the moon about it.  He's always telling me he wants a sweeter slaw...

Bbq Pineapple Chicken, Rice, Sugar Snap Peas*, Carrots*  I've been wanting to make a  Pineapple Chili Chicken recipe but I haven't got the bottled sauce I use on hand.  I watched this week's video from Mandy in the Making and she shared this recipe.  I think I'll add in some onion, but otherwise I'll follow the recipe.  John won't be eating the carrots but I will make enough for myself because I do like them cooked.

Grilled Burgers with Fixings, Chips, Blackberry Milkshakes* Here's the problem.  I have about a half carton of strawberry ice cream which John is not going to eat.  Not even a little bit.  I can't possibly eat it all myself.  In my produce bag I received some fresh blackberries.  My plan is to use the strawberry ice cream and the blackberries to make milkshakes.  Hoping this will pass as a good idea!

Tandoori Style Chicken, Yellow Rice*, Zucchini*  I enjoyed grilling last week and it was nice to have an entree one night and then one in the wings waiting for supper another night.  Tandoori chicken is meant to be grilled though I've only ever made it in the oven.  I'm going to try it on the grill this week and figured if I was grilling burgers I might as well put out chicken to thaw as well.

Cubed Steaks, Green Beans with new potatoes, Yellow Squash* with Onions  I really really enjoy eating yellow squash with onions.  John likes it a lot less than I do but I not only got a largeish squash in my bag Friday, Mama bought a basket of squash and left me with quite a lot of them.  I'll cook them all and set some aside for squash casserole to go with a meal this coming weekend.

Coronado Tuna Salads, Toast Triangles,  Strawberry* Cobbler

Philly Cheese Steak Calzone, Green Salad* I saw Jamerril Stewart made a Philly Cheesesteak casserole that was low carb while on vacation that sounded good.  I'm just going to put the same filling in a pizza dough and make Calzones.  We missed our weekend pizza due to Mama's wanting pizza Friday and sending home leftovers which Caleb and John enjoyed eating.  I thought I'd make these early in the week even though I've tagged it on the end of the menus this week.  I'll slip some of the kale in the salad.  It won't by any means use it all but I'm going to put some of it in the freezer so I have it when I make that Kale Farro Soup again in the future.


I don't know.   These days I work and go until I'm tired and then I sort of collapse in my chair and waste hours of time resting.  I'm trying to pace myself better but so far breaking up the pattern I've become accustomed to is harder than the work I do!

Obviously I also want to indulge in hobbies and arts and crafts and such but it's just a matter of figuring out a better way to work and relax and integrate things into my daily routine.


Morning on the porch for Bible Study if it's not too warm.

I'm trying to spend a bit of each day writing in my journal.  While many people may have a difficult time in spring or winter, I find my most anxious days generally occur in summer. I'm assuming it's more about barometric pressure and humidity than any other things.   I  suspect it's related to my former migraines the pain of which I no longer experience, but I do often times experience the side effects of nausea, tension and hyper sensitivity to it might well be it's all that.   However, the anxiety attacks in summer are quite serious and I do find some help in writing out my thoughts.  

(C) Terri Cheney

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