The Home Depot Winter Storage Event Has Landed — Save Up to 25% on Garage Storage This Weekend

The Home Depot Winter Storage Event Has Landed — Save Up to 25% on Garage Storage This Weekend

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Home is where the heart is, sure, but it’s also where the mess is. And the garage is the catch-all clutter collector of the house. It’s not only where your cars sit idly when not in use, but it’s also where you store everything that’s too messy, dangerous or bulky for storage inside your home. Tools for yard work, camping gear, lawnmowers, snowblowers, skis, snowboards, bikes, the extra freezer, oversized holiday decoration and all those fun power tools? They all accumulate in the garage. The problem? Your garage can and inevitably will get disorganized, and all of a sudden the supplies you need for your next project or adventure are nowhere to be found. Let’s fix that.

Who do we turn to when our garage needs a makeover? When our home base has become the picture of disorder and chaos, The Home Depot has everything we need to restore order. And for a limited time, The Home Depot is offering big discounts on garage storage and organization products.

This winter, The Home Depot is offering up to 25% off top-selling garage storage solutions so you can clean up once and for all. Best of all, when you implement these garage organization hacks, spring cleaning will become a thing of the past. Everything will already be exactly where it belongs.

Just imagine your garage looking like this:


Save Up to 25% on Garage Storage Systems With The Home Depot This Winter

What’s on sale? You can buy heavy-duty storage bins starting at just $14, or purchase an entire garage shelving system for up to $730 off. You can save up to 25% off full-scale storage systems, plus enjoy savings of up to 25% off on garage cabinets, storage bins, overhead racks, and tons more.

Shop the full collection on their website or keep scrolling to check out our guide for getting your garage organized, complete with a few of our favorite on-sale items.


Tip 1: The Goal? As Little on the Floor as Possible

Your garage is not as protected from the elements as the rest of your home, this means extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity and sometimes flooding. Having as little on the floor as possible will keep your belongings protected from damage and help keep the floor of your garage looking as tidy as possible.

The Home Depot is offering great deals on overhead racks and track storage systems so everything from bikes to moving boxes, golf clubs and rakes gets a little boost off the floor. Here are a few of our favorite picks from their collection. Right now, you can save over $100 on overhead garage storage racks and other space-saving hacks.

Buy: Shop The Home Depot Winter Storage Event Save 25% Or More

Husky Overhead Ceiling Mount Garage Rack


This overhead garage rack takes vertical storage to the next level, attaching to the ceiling of your garage with heavy-duty hanging support. It’s easy to assemble and great for storing items less frequently used like holiday decorations or seasonal snow gear. It has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and an adjustable height supported by industrial-grade steel. It’s got a black, scratch-resistant finish and is built to fit any garage space.

overhead storage rack for garage

Buy: Husky Overhead Ceiling Mount Garage Rack $194.99 (orig. $299.99) 35% OFF


Garage Essentials Ultimate Shelf and Track Storage System


This storage system has dual capabilities including a shelf up top and layered track storage underneath for hanging bikes, golf clubs, rakes, and other gear. It doubles the possible hanging and storage space, and includes six different adjustable bars and 24 hooks for keeping helmets, bags and other items organized. It has a 1,500-pound weight capacity in total, and is made of powder-coated steel for durability through all the seasons.

garage essentials track storage system

Buy: Garage Essentials Ultimate Shelf and Track Storage System $315.00 (orig. $450.00) 30% OFF


Pegboards & Modular Wall Storage Units

In theory, you can use every inch of your garage’s vertical surface areas for storage. Pegboards are one of our favorite garage organization hacks, as they let you turn empty wall space into convenient storage for your most needed items. (We recommend checking out The Home Depot’s video guide to installing pegboards.) In addition, The Home Depot has a huge selection of modular wall storage panels, which can be used to store everything from hammers to ladders. These garage wall organization systems can be customized to fit your space, and they’re easy to install on your own.

During The Home Depot’s Winter Storage Event, you can save 25% on best-selling pegboards and wall storage units like the one pictured below.

modular-wall-storage Buy: Garage Wall Organization Systems Save 25% Or More
husky shelves in garage

Tip 2: Make the Most of Vertical Storage Space

The key to a well-organized garage is a set of shelves you can depend on. Using vertical storage space is not only space-saving, it makes it easier to see and find your belongings easily. Plus, you can categorize the shelves based on seasons or activities — like sports, tools or ski gear — and grab some weatherproof storage bins to keep everything not just organized but protected at the same time. Here are a few of our favorite shelves and storage solutions from The Home Depot, perfect for re-organizing this winter. They’re also currently offering up to 25% off garage shelving.

Buy: Shop The Home Depot Winter Storage Event Save 25% Or More

Husky Black 4-Tier Industrial Shelving Unit


The Home Depot specializes in a few different types of shelving: steel shelving, ventilated shelving, plastic shelving and decorative shelving. They all have their varying pros and cons, and it’s important to weigh the differences before choosing which solution works best for your garage. This Husky steel shelving unit is made with welded steel, the most heavy-duty option, and can support up to 2,500 pounds per shelf. The shelves are 24 inches deep, which leaves plenty of room for storage bins and totes. There are no tools required for assembly, and you can adjust the four tiers of shelves based on the size of the objects you’re storing.

husky steel shelves in garage

Buy: Husky Black 4-Tier Steel Garage Shelving Unit $299.00 (orig. $349.00) 14% OFF


HDX Black 5-Tier Plastic Freestanding Garage Storage Shelves


Plastic shelving is an affordable option for garage storage if you don’t need heavy-duty shelves with large weight capacities. This shelving unit from HDX can support up to 150 pounds per tier and is made of recycled, durable plastic. It has five tiers and is narrower than the steel shelves above, but it also requires no tools for assembly. This shelf is perfect if you have a taller garage and only need to store lightweight items like sports equipment and beach towels.


Buy: HDX Black 5-Tier Plastic Freestanding Shelves $59.98 (orig. $64.98) 8% OFF


Husky Red 5-Tier Steel Garage Storage Shelving

This steel shelf is riveted, rather than welded, giving it a medium weight capacity of 1,000 pounds per shelf. This shelf offers a durable steel option that’s more affordable for the average homeowner, made of red steel beams with wire decking and a smooth black enamel finish. Each shelf is 24 inches deep for ample storage space and requires no tools for assembly. You can adjust the spacing between the shelves as you see fit.

husky silver metal shelves in garage

Buy: Husky 5-Tier Steel Garage Storage Shelving $169.00 (orig. $199.00) 15% OFF


EZ Shelf Metal 3-Expandable Garage Shelf

Ventilated shelving is perfect for using vertical storage space in your garage to store items you don’t need daily. This keeps the items off the floor and out of your way. They’re easy to see through but sturdy enough to hold up to 250 pounds per shelf. They can be mounted to side or back walls easily using no-drill anchors and screws and come in a polished silver finish. They’re modular, so you can easily join extra shelves together or take them away depending on how much storage space you need.


Buy: EZ Shelf Metal 3-Expandable Garage Shelf $346.77


HDX 27-Gallon Tough Storage Tote

ONLY $14

These 27-gallon tote bins are perfect for pairing with any of the shelves above, especially the ones with 24 inches of depth since they’re only 19.61 inches wide and will fit nicely. They’re made of durable polypropylene plastic that’s excellent for protection against the elements, and they come with snap-on, lockable lids for convenience. The 27-gallon capacity gives you plenty of room for storage, and each one can handle at least 900 pounds of evenly distributed weight on the lid, so you can stack one on top of another with no problem.

HDX 27 gallon storage tote

Buy: HDX 27-Gallon Tough Storage Tote $13.98 (orig. $15.98) 13% OFF


the home depot work bench

Tip 3: Set Up a DIY Workbench with Storage Space

An item that falls under the “too dangerous, bulky and dirty to bring inside” category? Tools. Whether it’s power tools, screwdrivers, nails, wires, or teeny screws — anything you can use to fix something in your home should live in the garage (and well outside the reach of small children). Workbenches make storing your tools easy and create a place for you to fix all sorts of things, right there in your garage. The Home Depot has a wide variety of basic to elaborate options for satisfying the inner craftsman, and now you can save up to 25% on many of their top-selling designs.

We recommend investing in a workbench with built-in storage space. This could be as simple as storage space beneath the workbench or additional pegboards attached to the work surface. We’ve written about Husky workbenches before on SPY, and they are by far the best options — even when they’re not discounted by $100 or more.

Buy: Shop for Workbenches at The Home Depot Save 25% Or More

6-Foot Fold-Out Workbench

$100 OFF NOW

During The Home Depot Winter Storage Event, you can save $100 on this ingenious Husky Fold-Out Workbench, which is the perfect garage organization hack for DIY-inclined folks with limited space. If you have a small garage, then this fold-out design lets you add a workbench when you need it and fold it up when you don’t.

fold-out-workbench Buy: 6-Foot Fold-Out Workbench $299.00 (orig. $399.00) 25% OFF

Husky 4-Foot Workbench With Pegboard Storage


This 4-foot workbench is perfect if you don’t have a ton of space in your garage but still want to set aside some space for projects. It has a wooden work surface on top with a durable finish, and a drawer for storing small items like screws, nails, levels and more. It’s made of materials designed to withstand large temperature fluctuations and humidity and has a weight capacity of 1,675 pounds on top. It has adjustable feet for floor unevenness and can easily store garage cabinets beneath it for more storage options.

husky-workbench with tools

Buy: Husky 4-Foot Solid Wood Top Workbench $284.99 (orig. $379.99) 25% OFF


Husky 8-Foot Workbench


This longer, larger workbench is perfect for bigger garages where you want to dedicate more space to building, fixing, and tinkering. The work surface has an adjustable height so you can stand or sit while working, and it’s got heavy-duty steel legs so the workbench stays firmly planted no matter what you’re doing. You can easily slide garage storage bins underneath it for extra storage and a cohesive look, and there’s an optional Husky pegboard you can add for tool storage.

Husky adjustable top workbench

Buy: Husky 8-Foot Wood Top Workbench $374.99 (orig. $499.99) 25% OFF


Husky 3-Foot Portable Wood Top Workbench


A portable workspace gives you the flexibility to use and store it wherever you’d like in your garage, and this one is designed so you don’t have to sacrifice durability. It has compact dimensions so it won’t take up too much space, and it’s got a 600-pound weight capacity so you can store tools on it if necessary. The solid wood top is smooth and sturdy, and four 360-degree caster wheels make maneuvering around easy. There’s a bottom tray for keeping stuff in place as you move the bench, and your purchase includes all the tools necessary for its assembly.

Husky portable workbench

Buy: Husky 3-Foot Portable Workbench $262.49 (orig. $349.99) 25% OFF



Tip 4: Cabinets Aren’t Just For the Kitchen

Garage cabinets aren’t just excellent for storage; they’re also ideal for keeping dangerous power tools locked up and other materials safe from exposure to the elements. By keeping your larger tools and appliances securely stored over the winter, you can extend their lifespan and keep them secure year-round. Garage cabinets come in a variety of sizes — some are tall and made to be freestanding, others compact and made for sliding underneath workbenches. All of them are made of rugged, welded 24-gauge steel, and you can save up to 25% on select models now.

Buy: Shop for Garage Cabinets at The Home Depot Save 25% Or More

Husky Ready-to-Assemble Freestanding Garage Cabinet


This garage cabinet from Husky is made for organized storage, with three adjustable shelves and interior door panels with pegboards for easy tool hanging. Each of the shelves can hold up to 150 pounds, and there are grommets on the back wall for easy cord access. It’s made of 24-gauge steel designed to withstand extreme temperature ranges.

Husky garage cabinets

Buy: Husky Ready-to-Assemble Garage Cabinet $374.99 (orig. $499.99) 25% OFF


Husky 1-Drawer 2-Door Garage Base Cabinet


This smaller, more compact garage cabinet arrives pre-assembled, so you don’t need to put it together yourself, and there are built-in ball bearings for smooth drawer opening and closing. The shelf inside the doors is adjustable, and the doors have magnetic closure so they close and stay shut easily. The cabinet is lockable in case you need to keep anything secure, and it can be used as freestanding storage or underneath a workbench depending on your preference.

husky storage workbench

Buy: Husky 1-Drawer 2-Door Garage Cabinet $187.49 (orig. $249.99) 25% OFF


Tip 5: Don’t Be Afraid of a Large-Scale Storage System

You can combine many of the products above to create a custom storage system in your garage, but The Home Depot also sells larger, comprehensive storage setups that give you plentiful shelves, drawers, and lockable cabinets so there’s a spot for everything. If you’ve got a huge garage, a large family and tons of supplies that need organizing, then one of these solutions might be your best bet.

We’ve included two options below, but there are plenty of customizable solutions on The Home Depot’s website. We recommend measuring your space and browsing before making your purchase. You can also save up to $730 off select storage systems now at The Home Depot.

Buy: Shop The Home Depot Winter Storage Event Save 25% Or More

Husky 6-Piece Welded Garage Storage System

SAVE $400

This is one of their smaller garage storage systems that still gives you plenty of space to organize all the things. It’s got a heavy-duty steel construction for storing anything and everything you keep in the garage, and the surface on top of the smaller storage cabinets in the middle can be an excellent pseudo work surface. It comes pre-assembled for a smooth installation process, and the doors are lockable for security. It’s built with soft closed hinges so doors don’t accidentally slam shut, and all of them have full-length aluminum handles for convenient grabbing.

garage cabinets by the home depot

Buy: Husky 6-Piece Regular Garage Storage System $1199.99 (orig. $1599.99) 25% OFF


16-Piece Heavy Duty Garage Storage System


This garage storage system is more than twice the size of the previous option, and it’s one of the largest ones for sale at The Home Depot. It’s got 16 different cabinets and is 276 inches, or 23 feet, long. It comes with three tall locker cabinets, six wall cabinets, two drawer cabinets and three 1-drawer, 2-door cabinets for plenty of storage options. There are wooden work surfaces built-in and the matte black powder-coating gives the whole thing a durable, sleek look that prevents scratches. The tall locker cabinets have built-in cord grommets in the back for easy cord storage, and 3-way locks provide extra security.


Buy: Husky 16-Piece Garage Storage System $3,749.99

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