The Cull: 13 Best Finds at Ikea for an Organized Home, Under-$20 Edition

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Here, 13 ways to get your house in order—with help from some great Ikea small storage solutions, all priced under $20.
1. Give the shelves in your closet some structure. Above: The Stuk Box with Compartments can help your stacks of sweaters stay put; $6.99.2. Make your hangers uniform. Above: Get rid of all those flimsy wire hangers and upgrade to a uniform wooden set. An 8-pack of Bumerang Hangers is just $4.49.3. Stow away rarely used items. Above: Tuck your yearbooks, old diaries, kids’ art, and other nostalgia in a Tjena Storage Box with Lid ($9.99) and stow it in the attic—or keep a few of them out on an open shelf. A row of white boxes is a pleasing look. 4. Organize your tools. Above: The Skadis Wood Pegboard measures 14 by 22 inches and can help organize any room—kitchen, garage, entry, and beyond; $9.99.5. Create a landing pad. Above: All you need is a tray for your keys, sunglasses, and loose change for instant entryway organization. The stainless steel Groggy Tray is $14.99.6. Hang up the coats. Above: The industrial-looking Bjarnum Aluminum Hooks can fold up and out of the way; $9.99 for 3.7. Corral shoes in a basket. Above: The sturdy Brankis Basket, made of solid wood, is surprisingly roomy; $14.99.8. Decant dried goods. Above: The 365+ Glass Jar comes with a silicone glass lid for airtight food storage; $5.99 each. 9. Designate a recycling bag. Above: Still using a paper grocery bag as your recycling receptacle? Upgrade ever so slightly to this Knalla Bag for your recycling needs; $2.99.10. Give little items a pretty home. Above: Perfect for bathroom storage, the Saxborga Jars are a steal; for $14.99, you get four jars, four cork lids, and a cork tray.11. Tidy your desk. Above: The streamlined steel Kvissle Desk Organizer is lined with cork; $14.99.12. Compartmentalize your junk. Above: It’s okay to have a junk drawer; it’s not okay to have a cluttered junk drawer. Stick a Raggisar Tray into a drawer and presto—you have instant compartments for easy organization; $12.99.13. File your paperwork. Above: The steel Kvissle Letter Tray features cork-lined shelves that pull out; $19.99.
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