The Best of Everything: Home Organization Gear.

The Best of Everything: Home Organization Gear.

I often receive questions about organizing tools, and though I’ve shared ideas in scattershot fashion across many posts, I thought I’d organize everything in one post, sorted by room. Because we’re all stuck inside so…maybe a good time to tackle some of these projects?

My leading tip for keeping clutter to a minimum is investing in a lot of these Stori plastic bins (seen above), as they line more or less every drawer in our home…

The Best Closet/Dresser Organization Gear.

+Drawer dividers — much easier to stay in the habit of folding clothes neatly with these in place.

+Slim velvet hangers and hanger clips.

+Acrylic shelf dividers.

+Fabric cube storage bins — we have a great closet with built-in shelving, and many of these bins slide right in / along the top shelf of our closet. Easier to keep things organized/tidy-looking and then you can just select the bin you need. I also have used these (different shape) for the children’s clothing. I like the window on the side so you can see what’s in there.

+Underwear drawer organizer.

+Ziploc space bags. If you’re really short on space, these are the best way to keep out-of-season clothes compactly stored.

+Underbed shoe organizer.

The Best Bathroom Organization Gear.

+OXO shower caddy.

+I organize all back-up/sample cosmetics and skincare in these pouches, organized by hair, makeup, skincare, travel, etc, and stow them all in a big tupperware.

+Medicine cabinet / drawer organizers — and these, too. I have these in all shapes, sizes, and configurations.

+Acrylic cube for makeup.

+Bath toy bin (<

+Pottery Barn glass canisters for qtips, the best facial cotton known to woman, etc.

The Best Kitchen Organization Gear.

+Cutlery organizer — the expandable one fits nearly any drawer size.

+Shelf risers are a must if you’re short on cabinet space. These are incredibly heavy-duty and well-made.

+Napkin dispenser.

+Gorilla grip drawer and shelf liner — great for cabinets housing pots and pans.

+MDesign storage bins.

+Reusable produce bags.

+OXO sponge organizer.

+Simple Human trashcan.

+If you don’t have a dedicated drawer for baggies/saran wrap/foil, I loved these for keeping them organized under our sink.

+Soda/sparkling water organizer for fridge.


+Stepstool — pretty enough to keep out.

The Best Utility Closet/Pantry Gear.

+Sugar and flour keepers.

+Pasta keepers.

+Spice jars.

+Tosca storage baskets — great for stowing bulky/awkward things like bags of chips or pasta.

+Steel wire shelving.

+Pencil boxes — I use these to stow batteries, tape, pens/markers, staples, and other miscellaneous supplies.

+IRIS storage bins and sterilite storage bins for a range of things — we use these for everything from mittens/gloves to stationery to art supplies.

+White plastic storage bins — great for under-sink / laundry, too. Inexpensive but great way to keep “like” things together — i.e., all overflow toothpaste and toothbrushes and floss; all cleaning supplies; all dog gear; all light bulbs.

+Acrylic cube for medicine/first aid. We use the different compartments for things like bandaids, cold remedies, stomach ailments, etc., so all is easy to find.

+Umbrella stand.

+Step ladder.

+Miele vacuum.

The Best Laundry Room Gear.

+Laundry detergent tote.

+Over-the-door ironing board hanger.

+Stackable laundry baskets. These never warp/crack and the handles make it easy to carry.

+If I had the space — this hanging rack.

+Minky ironing board and Rowenta iron.

+This is advertised for the bathroom, but in my old apartment, I actually slid something just like this right alongside the washer/dryer and it was a great way to hide all our laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and cleaning products.

The Best Nursery Organization Gear.

+Cutlery organizer — the expandable one fits nearly any drawer size.

+Pehr designs bins.

+Wipes dispenser.

+Drawer organizers – – shapes are great for stowing diapers, tiny socks, etc.

+Laundry hamper — currently on sale! I have this in the blue for Hill’s nursery.

+Children’s hangers.

+Ikea Kallax shelving unit and rattan bins.

+Under-crib/bed bins.


+Cable ties.

+Cable covers.

+Label maker — I use this on everything from my spice jars to those white plastic storage bins. I’m mildly to moderately obsessed.

+Child cabinet locks.

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