The Best Modern TV Stands That Do More Than Just Hold Your TV in Place

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Did you know that 80% of Americans watch television on any given day? Since we spend so much time around screens, it makes sense to put some thought into the rooms we lounge around in. 

Sadly, when it comes to furniture pieces like TV stands, most individuals tend to shop for functionality over style. That’s a shame because there are some fantastic modern TV stands out there that can turn any room from drab to fab.

That’s why we made this guide. In it, we’ve organized some of our favorite TV stands currently on the market. That way, you can find the best one for your living room. Let’s get started!

What Should You Look For In Modern TV Stands?

Before we dive into some of our top picks for the best modern TV stands, let’s first go over some of the things you should look for in a product. Let’s start with looks.

Defining a ‘modern’ look can be difficult. But, at the end of the day, it’s a style that isn’t your parent’s old antique TV cabinet.

It should contain interesting design elements, unorthodox storage/display features, and interesting usage of color. However, style isn’t the only thing you should look for. You should also pay attention to the materials used and their quality.

There’s a big difference between high-quality wood, glass, and lacquers used on modern TV stands and the cheap plastic you can find on some Amazon purchases. The last factor you should consider is price.

Everyone has a different budget for their modern TV stand. The good news is that you can find quality products at a wide range of prices. However, we urge you to avoid buying the cheapest thing you can find.

While the low price tag might be attractive, the appearance and quality of the product certainly aren’t. Make sure to check out this article if you want more information on what to look for in modern TV stands.

1. Devaise Flat Screen TV Stand

There’s a lot to like about the Devaise flat-screen TV stand. First, there’s the design. This TV stand looks almost like a puzzle piece. There’s the fact that it’s two different shelves that you can push together.

This gives you the ability to put it together into multiple configurations. Plus, there’s enough TV shelving for it to store books, media consoles, or any decorations you want to display.

Finally, there’s the price tag. People shopping on a budget will be pleased to know that the smaller version falls under the $100 price tag. The only downside is that the shelves themselves are fairly thin.

So, you can’t store more than one hundred-ten pounds on the stand. This might be a deal-breaker for people that want to display heavy statutes or similar pieces.

2. Walker Edison Wren Classic 4 Cubby Fireplace TV Stand

The Wren Classic offered by Walk Edison isn’t the most modern-looking home entertainment center on this list. But, what is modern about it is the fact that it contains a fireplace right in the middle of it!

What’s more, the fireplace isn’t just for looks. At 4,600 BTUs, it’s fully functional and can heat spaces as large as four hundred square feet. This makes it a great choice for people that live in areas with cold winters.

It also comes in a variety of different colors, so it matches whatever room it’s placed in. Finally, each shelf can hold up to one hundred fifty pounds.

So, it’s ideal for people that like to store heavy things on their TV stands. It’s slightly more expensive than some of the other options on this list.

But, when you factor in the fact that you’re getting a built-in space heater, it quickly becomes worth it.

3. DMAITH TV Stand with LED Lights

These days, it’s common to see gamers and streamers taking advantage of the aesthetic value of LED lights. Hanging them carefully on the wall and installing them in your keyboard/modem can make any room feel bright, colorful, and modern.

So, why not bring some of these lights to your living room? With the DMAITH TV stand, you can do just that. This piece of furniture comes with sixteen light options, four flash settings, and a remote to control them all.

When you combine this with the gorgeous, white tempered glass, you get a TV stand that’s perfect for any LED light lovers. Indeed, it might not fit perfectly in every home.

But, for people that have rooms with similar aesthetics, you can’t beat it. Plus, it’s priced at under one hundred fifty dollars. So, you don’t need to break the bank to benefit from this mood booster.

4. Naomi Home Bliss Freestanding Wall Mounted Entertainment Center

This last TV stand is entirely mounted. That means that it gives the illusion of just hovering in the air. It’s a cool effect that fits perfectly in many rooms.

On top of that, it contains an LED light strip for illuminating your TV. Finally, its large size makes it perfect for home theaters that have large TV units to deal with.

The only problem is that it’s just under $500, which makes it expensive. It’s also more difficult to set up than other stands on this list. If you don’t have experience, then you might need to seek outside help when installing it.

Appreciate Learning About Modern TV Stands? Keep Reading

We hope this article helped you learn about some of the best modern TV stands available on the market.

As you can see, there’s no reason to invest in plastic stands with cheap material when there are so many quality models out there. So, keep shopping until you find the perfect unit for your living room.

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