Soothing Beige & Wood Interior With Industrial Accents

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Soothing shades of beige and natural wood tone are mingled to create a light and modestly luxurious living space in this uplifting light-filled apartment interior. Created by Tomkin design, the 77 square metre home appears relaxed and inviting through its simple colour palette and uncomplicated contemporary furniture styles. The light and laconic design receives a cool shakeup in the form of industrial elements, such as exposed concrete ceilings, a unique stainless steel accented kitchen design, and two steel panelled bathroom concepts. The rest of the apartment design is smooth and serene with fresh white interludes, built-in bespoke storage units, fashionable racetrack-shaped silhouettes, and sleek modern lighting installations.

Visualizer: Nastia Perchyk  

Mellow beige, white and wood tone combine to create a simple living room decor scheme that is restful upon the eye, whilst exposed concrete ceilings add an industrial touch. Wooden lattice doors conceal the kitchen from the open plan lounge to maintain the soothing simplicity.

When drawn back from the kitchen, the retractable lattice doors reveal a modern kitchen with an industrial style stainless steel backsplash and matching countertop.

In contrast with the cold stainless steel kitchen detailing, the lounge area features visually warming cream upholstered furniture. The punchy black floor lamps are Sampei floor lamps designed by Davide Groppi and Enzo Calabrese.

The TV stand is set upon a stone hearth, which raises it attractively off the wood herringbone floor and a large cream area rug.

Twin living room chairs join the modular sofa arrangement to form a cosy U-shaped furniture layout.

Two round coffee tables nest in front of the two matching lounge chairs, making them a comfortable spot for enjoying a hot drink and a good book.

The low pile living room rug holds the conversational lounge layout together with an understated cream weave.

Mature indoor plants add bursts of greenery around the room, bringing in a hint of the great outdoors.

Behind the open plan lounge layout, a modern dining set is crowned with clean white dining room pendant lights.

Modern black dining chairs complement the black floor lamps and a black round coffee table in the neighbouring lounge area.

Beige drapes and sheer white voiles soften the large windows at the edge of the living room dining room combo. A vertical radiator takes advantage of the narrow wall space between the adjacent glass panes.

A projector unit is affixed to the ceiling of the living room, offering a more authentic viewing experience come movie night.

Another set of wooden doors conceal the second wall of the hidden L-shaped kitchen installation.

When the second set of wooden doors are drawn back, they reveal access to integrated appliances, wine storage, and additional cabinets. The rectangle dining table stands centre stage in the kitchen, with a modern rustic stool rounding out each end.

The black dining chair silhouettes offer dark contrast against the wood table and stools.

Sleek black pendant light stems tie in with the bold black dining chairs.

Silvery stainless steel kitchen accents gleam brightly behind the dark dining set.

A modern fruit bowl adds a final natural wooden element to the contemporary dining table.

As we move around the corner from the kitchen into the hallway of the home, we discover an attractive entryway setup with a fashionable racetrack-shaped wall mirror and a neat entryway shelf on which to drop keys or to enjoy the pleasant scent of a reed diffuser.

A piece of 3D relief artwork and a change of flooring marks the transition of space between the living area and the entryway.

A modern wall light illuminates the front door.

Built-in storage units are raised above the hallway floor to create a nook for shoes.

The floating hallway storage units feature a bespoke bench at one end, where hanging hooks are mounted for guests’ coats.

Inside the bedroom, a soft grey upholstered bed sports a unique angled headboard design.

The bedroom pendant lights mimic their larger counterparts in the dining room.

In here, wood lattice doors are employed for a bespoke wardrobe design.

Wooden bedside tables flank each side of the modern upholstered bed.

A smart swivel chair and desk fit snugly into the corner of the bedroom, creating a cosy workspace by the window.

The opposite side of the bedroom is given over to a piano.

In lack of a dedicated piano room, a couple of wall shelves for music books gives the bedroom piano area its own identity and zoning.

Inside the main bathroom, the modern bathroom vanity carries a wood lattice aesthetic that ties in with the bedroom wardrobe and the concealed kitchen.

A stainless steel panel behind the toilet adds the industrial decor element to the bathroom.

A vertical towel heater adds a clean white accent to a beige bathroom accent wall.

The same beige render blocks in the bathtub and built-in shelving nooks. Cool grey concrete tiles clad the bath and shower wet zone.

The compact powder room follows the same warm beige render and stainless steel material palette as the larger bathroom.

A stainless steel panel provides toilet cistern concealment, whilst smooth white unit doors cover storage space above it. Underneath the small sink, a curved wooden shelf complements the outline of a full-length racetrack-shaped vanity mirror.

Recessed LED lights pour bright illumination down the beige rendered wet zone of a narrow shower enclosure.

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