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We’re showing two ends of the size scale for industrial style concrete themed interiors here. Our first is a particularly large two story home with three double bedrooms to boast of, and a few colourful accent colours to brighten the mood. The other is a much smaller home with a single level studio apartment layout, and is tinted with a more muted colour palette. Both of these strong interior schemes feature raw grey concrete decor stretching across their walls and ceilings. Exposed ducting and electrical wires streak the rugged rooms. In contrast, the furniture is high-end with sleek edges and smooth finishes. Modern artwork and plants bring in personality and life.

Designer: Guan Pin & UZ Interior Design   Photographer: Black Angel  

An entire wall of windows lights up the lounge in home number one. The green view inspires the introduction of indoor plants into the raw grey concrete scene.

A laid back modern lounge chair reclines in front of a chic shelving unit that appears to float just inches from the floor.

The sofa is set on an angle across the corner of the lounge, which makes the layout of the room feel relaxed and welcoming.

Nesting coffee tables take up the centre of the grey living room, offering up prime surface area for displaying another indoor plant and some decorative vases.

A modern art sculpture stands guard inside the concrete fortress.

The living room lies open to the hallway, where the same concrete blocks texture the walls.

Modern metal balustrades descend from the ceiling to the floor at the side of the industrial style staircase, in cross bars of shining steel.

Yellow accents colour a somewhat minimalist bedroom design. Open cuboid bedside units sit beneath mini shelves that are attached to a wooden headboard design, which runs the entire width of the room.

Stepping down from the platform bed, two poufs are situated against the wood ‘headboard’ panel, to face the tv. An oriental style dining area is set on the floor in front.

A second double bedroom has been coloured with marine blue elements to give it a different character from the first. Blue scatter cushions brighten the bed set, and a blue cushioned pad tops a window seat. A custom built shelf bridges the window seat as a handy place to set down mugs.

Blue and yellow come together in the third bedroom of the house.

Stunning modern artwork drops the full height of the concrete wall, forming a magical backdrop for a mid century modern sofa.

Lamps with a quirky light bulb motif are mounted above the bedsides.

A small side table holds a cylindrical glass vase between two stylish modern accent chairs.

Plump cushions dress a small reading nook, illuminated by a neat little floor lamp.

The fourth bedroom is a guest room that contains two wood double beds and a subtle botanical theme. Leaf print cushions liven up the fresh white linen. Mini pot plants dress the bedsides.

Double height windows showcase more of the home’s green location.

A grouping of pendant lights drop a warm glow over the cool grey hallway and industrial metal framework.

In the kitchen, the wall has been clad with grey wood planks that meld with the cool concrete surrounding them. Warmer wood tone graces the front of the cabinets and a kitchen peninsula.

High gloss white worktops bring in a smooth, clean, sheen.

A designer waterfall faucet fills the bathtub in an all white bathroom.

Shower wall panels emulate metro tiles – without all of that pesky grout to scrub clean.

The faux tilework backs the vanity area too.

A bedroom unit is teamed with a round vanity mirror to make a dressing table.

Designer: ZOOI Interior studio  

Trying something a little smaller on for size, we move into this industrial style studio apartment.

Blush colour curtains filter the sunlight from large windows.

A portiere hides away the bed, which is tucked edge to edge inside a concrete cubicle. Redirectional spotlights and a wall sconce provide illumination when the privacy curtain is drawn.

A floral arrangement makes a light addition to the industrial surroundings.

Three bar stools face out of the kitchen toward the window view.

From here, we can observe a second portiere on the other side of the bedroom cubicle, which opens it up to the lounge area, and the natural light from the windows there.

The ducting for the cooker hood has been left on display in all its industrial style glory.

Frosted glass doors obscure the bathroom.

Tall dark brown-black kitchen cabinets meet with white base units to break up the look of the industrial style kitchen.

In a surprisingly luxe twist, gold framework holds up some open kitchen shelving.

Wood floors are skimmed over by a robot vacuum cleaner.

The distressed paintwork of a large reclaimed mirror adds a touch of bright blue to the dark decor of the hallway/dressing area of the home.

The tall mirror is propped casually against the wall, opposite a closet. More clothes storage units line the remainder of the nook.

Electrical wires leave trails to a set of spotlights over the lounge. Industrial style pendant lights equip the kitchen dining peninsula.

The concrete bathroom has wood accents that warm the aesthetic, whilst classic white ceramics keep the look clean.

A victorian toilet design gives the space an unusual touch with its high mounted cistern.

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