Small Accessories Guide: How to Subtly Change the Home in Big Way

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Often, we become a bit tired of our house looking the same old way, day in day out. We yearn for changes but don’t have the time or the budget to do anything drastic on a large scale. The good news is that we can make lots of small changes that all add up to something special. Check out these fantastic suggestions.

Art & Ornaments

We could go down the usual route of buying some prints we like from Walmart or somewhere similar, but that shows little imagination, doesn’t it? We could use a multitude of pictures and portraits to create a gallery wall. Other options include using stencils to create exciting patterns or even going to paint a mural if you are artistic. It is even possible to have custom wallpaper made up.

Shelves & Storage

What type of shelves and storage we use may not immediately seem like the type of choice that says much about our style, but they can make or break the mood of a room? Consider the most basic storage we can think of? Perhaps we could use cheap plastic storage boxes stacked along the wall; this would work in a garage or storage unit, but it’s not aesthetically pleasing at all. There are many better choices, and we should consider both the style and our taste. 

Books & Other Media

We cannot talk about shelving without having an idea of what we should put on them. The type of books, music, and other media we store on our shelves can say much about our personality. For others, it is ornaments or personal possessions. If storage were just about keeping our possessions in place, we wouldn’t bother, but it signifies what we are into.

Kitchen Tools

Sometimes we can be forgiven for thinking of the kitchen as purely functional, but there is a lot more to it than that. Creating food for the family takes up much more of our time than we realize. Even something as simple as this iron brush can look good if in keeping with the room’s theme overall. We should keep this in mind whenever we are purchasing anything for the kitchen. We could keep the kitchenware on a consistent style in many ways; by brand, by colour, or even by style and design. Consider we have an old farmhouse, and the kitchen is styled in a very traditional way; all of our cookware and other items must keep to this theme.

Eating Area

Somewhat connected to the kitchen, often literally, is the dining room or eating area. Some houses these days choose not to have a dedicated eating area and decide to have dinner in front of the TV, but for me, this is a big no! Sitting down to dinner can often be the only opportunity we have as a family to have a proper conversation about our lives and what we have been up to? These opportunities are invaluable and cannot be substituted for by anything else.

Subtle Themes

We have touched on the idea of themes up until now, but this is really a subject that requires some dedicated discussion. When discussing our potential kitchen ideas, we floated how we might buy items for a kitchen in an old farmhouse-style property; let us consider other ideas as well, what if we are living in an inner-city apartment. It is possible we could lay out the interior of such an apartment with décor that would normally be present in an older build, but it would be a bold move. A much more appropriate design would be to look to a modern and slightly minimalist look. The key in achieving a minimalist look is the effective use of space and light. Clutter is generally something we would always look to keep to a minimum, but to be minimalist is a step further than that. We must keep everything simple; if we consider the colour scheme, then it will not do to have too many involved; as little as two will look good. We must have space in between furniture, shelves, and artwork on the wall. It is essential to take a brutal and unwavering attitude to this style of decorating.

Door Handles

This may sound like something that is daft, to highlight door handles with a section devoted to such a small part of the house. It is possible that in many ways, no one really notices door handles, but you would certainly notice if they were wrong or out of place. What we are actually saying with this point is that you need to be mindful of all aspects of the house, no matter how small they might first appear.

House Numbers, or Name

Speaking of doors and entrances, we can also make our style be known by how we present the house number or name. There are so many ways we can subtly modify our house signifier. The first choice to make is whether we go for numerals, or the number spelled out in words? Using words can add a touch of class to the simple job of marking your house. But to take it a step further we can give our house a name. It is very easy to do as we are not actually required to change anything legally; we are simply referring to the property by a different name. You can pick a name in many different ways, it could 

Plant Life

If we add a splash of green, it always livens the home up. House plants are a great way of connecting with nature and making the house feel natural and smell great. It can give a fantastic sense of achievement to see something we’ve looked after grow and thrive in our home. Plants can be a lot of work if we keep a lot, but others are virtually no work at all, take cacti as an example; they barely need water and pretty much are self-sufficient.

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