Side by side refrigerators is one of the greatest innovations since the introduction of the fridge to the home

Side by side refrigerators is one of the greatest innovations since the introduction of the fridge to the home

Not only do these appliances offer the consumer more space for their food, but these type of refrigerators have a number of other great benefits. They require less space to open, they make it easy for the homeowner to find their food, and some of them even dispense filtered water and/or ice.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy for people to find a model that suits their needs. That’s because there are several different varieties currently available and new models are coming out all of the time. And new technology is being added to these appliances all the time, which makes it even harder to choose a model. That’s why we’re presenting our readers with the best side by side refrigerators currently available.
Best Side By Side Refrigerators – Top List
Frigidaire FFSS2614QP 26.0 Cubic Foot

With over a hundred different ways to customize the interior of this appliance, this fridge may be one of the more user-friendly models available. It has glass shelves that use Slide Spill Safe technology to keep stains from holding on to them, and they slide out for easy access. It also has a Pure Source water filtration system that keeps your water cleaner and dispenses it right from the door. Another great thing about this fridge is that is has a spacious 26 cubic-foot interior and an exterior that doesn’t hold onto fingerprints like some stainless steel models. This fridge also has Ready-Select LCD controls that allow the user to select the proper temperature settings for their food. It also doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. This fridge is only 69.63-inches high, 36-inches wide and has a depth of 34.5-inches. And although it’s not Energy-Star rated, it’s still a great fridge.
Frigidaire FFSS2315TS 22.1 Cubic Feet

There’s a lot of good things to mention about this side-by-side refrigerator. It has a total capacity of 22.1 cubic feet, which is just large enough for most families and has adjustable interior storage that gives the user a lot of options when it comes to setting up their fridge. In fact, the inside of this fridge can be set up in about a hundred different ways. Another impressive feature found on this appliance is its multi-level LED lighting. This lighting makes the entire inside of the fridge easy to see. To keep fresh fruit and veggies as fresh as possible for as long as possible, this fridge also has humidity-controlled crisper drawers. And a drink is never too far away thanks to this appliance’s water and ice dispenser that’s built right into one of the doors. This appliance is 69-5/8-inches high, 33-inches wide and 32-inches deep, so it should fit in most people’s kitchens without a problem.
Whirlpool WRS588FIHZ 28 Cubic Foot

This fridge has a beautiful fingerprint resistant stainless steel interior, spacious 28 cubic foot capacity and has built-in water and ice dispensers. No matter how great you think these features are, they are only really the tip of the iceberg because this appliance has a number of features which make it an attractive choice for any kitchen. It uses a Fresh Flow Air Filter to help keep the air in the fridge fresh, so odors have less of a chance of making your other foods taste funny. It also has an Accu-Chill Temperature Management System that helps keep all of your food at the proper temperature. And since this fridge is only 68.9-inches high, 36-inches wide and 34.9-inches deep, it will fit in a variety of different kitchens. And all of this comes from a brand known for making high-quality appliances.
Whirlpool WRS588FIHV 28 Cubic Foot

This fridge has a 28 cubic foot capacity and has an exterior that’s black stainless steel. This means that it’s not only designed to hold a whole lot of food, but it also has a modern look that will fit in with just about any kitchen. This appliance has all kinds of different shelves inside of it, from shelves in the doors to racks and bins on both sides. Its stainless steel exterior is also fingerprint resistant, so that’s one less surface a person has to worry about cleaning every day. Other features found in this appliance include an Accu-Chill Temperature Management System, a Fresh Flow Air Filter, and built-in water and ice dispensers in the door. It’s about 68.9-inches high, 36-inches wide and 34.9-inches deep.
GE GSE25HSHSS 25.3 Cubic Foot

Although this fridge isn’t as large as other comparable appliances, it’s 25.3 cubic foot size is more than large enough to meet the food storage needs for most families. This appliance stands about 69.5-inches high, 35.75-inches wide and 34.75-inches deep. On the inside of this fridge can be found all kinds of different shelves and bins to store all kinds of different food items. It also has sufficient LED lighting, so you can see food that’s located in even the most remote reaches of this refrigerator. It’s integrated shelf support system is easy to organize, and the freezer is equipped with glass shelves. The outside of this fridge has a nice stainless-steel exterior that will look good just about anywhere. It’s a side-by-side fridge that’s sure to provide many years of service to the household it serves.
Daewoo FRS – Y22D2T 20 Cubic Feet Double Refrigerator

A name that you do not hear about much in the appliance world is the brand Daewoo. While it may not be so popular as of yet, their products are certainly some of the most underrated in the kitchen appliance world. This certainly applies to their double door refrigerators. The Daewoo FRS – Y22D2T 20 Cubic Feet Double Refrigerator is one of the best double door refrigerators to invest in if you are looking for a quality appliance that can offer all the necessities in a price that is more than affordable. The Daewoo FRS – Y22D2T 20 Cubic Feet Double Refrigerator features an automatic ice and water dispenser that allows you to have access to a refreshing drink with ease. Inside, you can look forward to a counter depth and plenty of well designed space that gives you more room than ever. There is a dairy pocket on the door and a fresh care crisper that allows your fruits and veggies to say nice and fresh all day long. Additional features you can look forward to are the perfect “no frost” elements and the inverter compressor that keeps your fridge operating smoothly.
Frigidaire FFSS2325TS 33 Inch Double Door Fridge

It should come as no surprise that in the kitchen appliance world, the brand Frigidaire absolutely dominates. Their latest model, the Frigidaire FFSS2325TS 33 Inch Double Door Fridge remains to be one of the best double door fridges the brand has yet to put out. You can look forward to ample space thanks to the 22.0 cubic feet capacity that is provided. This inside of the fridge can be adjusted so that you can set it up the way that works best for your household. Other neat features that you can look forward to include the multi level LED lighting that illuminate every aspect of your fridge. This lighting can come in handy especially when it comes time to clean your fridge out. Additionally, there is are humidity controlled crisper drawers that will allow you to keep your food nice and crisp thought the week.
Frigidaire Professional 19 Cubic Feet

Designed and built in the United States, this side-by-side professional refrigerator is not only ideal for restaurants and other commercial establishments, but it’s also ideal for many homes. It has a nice 19 cubic foot capacity and a Space Wise Organizational System that makes it easy to store food and keep it organized until it’s needed. It comes with a LED-lit interior that makes it easy to see everything inside of it, and it has a full-width deli drawer to store cheeses, deli meats, and other frequently used luncheon items. This fridge is also equipped with an alert system that lets the user know if the door has been left open. And finally, this fridge has a nice smudge-proof stainless steel exterior that makes it easy to keep clean, especially in households with children. Although it’s priced higher than some comparable models, it does deliver reliability and a wide range of useful features.
FGSS2635TF 25.6 Cubic Foot Refrigerator

Not only does this fridge have a spacious 25.6 cubic foot capacity but it also has a beautiful stainless steel finish. That means that this fridge is not only large enough to hold just about anything the average family needs it to hold, but it is an attractive addition to any modern kitchen. It has built-in ice and water filtration system that dispenses water and ice on demand. It is also equipped with high-quality LED lighting that’s not only energy efficient but gives the user plenty of light to see the contents of the refrigerator. It’s also equipped with gallon door bins, a full-length freezer shelf, a chill drawer with temperature control settings, a control panel alert system that alerts the user when it’s time to replace the water filter, and an ultra air filtering system that keeps the interior air of the fridge cleaner and better smelling.
Frigidaire FFSS2615TE 25.5 Cubic Feet

A good refrigerator not only keeps your food items at a consistent temperature but also keeps them organized. And that’s exactly what this fridge provides and a whole lot more. This appliance also has super-bright LEDs inside of it to make spotting leftovers a whole lot easier and comes a beautiful black stainless steel exterior. This unit also has built-in ice and water dispensers located on the outside of the door, so users can draw a cold drink whenever they want. This appliance is a nice size and is only 69.6-inches tall, 35.6-inches wide and 31.7-inches deep. Inside of its roomy interior is a number of shelves and bins which also make the user’s life a lot easier. This includes 1-gallon door bins and shelves that allow for taller items to be stored on them.
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How to Buy a Refrigerator
Refrigerators are appliances which are vital to every home. Although there are a number of different appliances that allow people to cook their meals, from microwaves to stoves, refrigerators are the only way to keep your food at a safe temperature. That’s why it’s so important to find one that not only fits the kitchen it’s being placed in but also fits the homeowner’s lifestyle. Now, let’s take a few moments to discuss what people should look for when choosing a refrigerator.
Step One: Measure the Area
The very first thing that needs to be considered before buying a refrigerator is the space the refrigerator is going to spend its lifetime. You’ll want to make sure that you measure the height, width and depth of the space you’re considering buying so that you know just how big of a fridge to buy. There’s nothing worse than buying a fridge that doesn’t fit in the space it’s supposed to fit. So be sure you know the dimensions of the space so you can buy a fridge that will fit in it. Be sure that when you’re choosing one of these appliances you account for the extra space you’re fridge is going to need. After all, refrigerators need a little bit of space above, next to and behind them for proper air circulation.
Step Two: Choose a Style
Refrigerators come in a number of different styles, and each of these styles has their advantages and disadvantages. Although this article has been geared toward the presumption that you’re going to buy a side-by-side refrigerator, these type of fridges is just one of the different models currently available. Here’s a look at the popular fridge models with their pros and cons.

Side-By-Side Refrigerators

These refrigerators are the best for homes with families because they’re equally good keeping fresh foods at the proper temperature as they do the frozen foods. They are also ideal for individuals with disabilities or physical challenges because they are easily accessible.
Easy to Use
Great for the Physically Challenged
Doesn’t Require a Lot of Space for Opening the Doors Cons:
Shelves are Narrow
Maybe Difficult to Store Super-Sized Items
Refrigerators With Top Freezers

These fridges are good for households which prioritize frozen foods. The freezer is right at eye level for most people, so retrieving ice, ice cream or frozen dinners is a whole lot easier than with other models.
Usually Handles Large Items Well
Prioritizes Freezer Compartment Cons:
Users Have to Bend to Access Crisper Bins
Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

This type of refrigerator is good for people who tend to use more fresh foods than they do frozen foods since the freezer is located on the bottom of the appliance.
Good for Fresh Fruit Storage Cons:
Not Good for Physically Disabled People
Difficult to Locate Frozen Food Step Three: Refrigerator Capacity
Once you’ve determined what size fridge you can buy that fits in your kitchen and have chosen a style that suits your lifestyle, it’s now time to consider the capacity of the refrigerator. It’s recommended for households with 2 to 4-people to choose a model that’s in the 19 to 24 cubic foot range. However, several things can change this recommendation. For example, if you do a lot of buying in bulk, or need to buy more than a week’s worth of food, then you may want to choose a fridge that’s bigger than 24-cubic feet. There are some really excellent models in the 26-cubic feet to 30-cubic feet range.
Step Four: Consider Energy Consumption
If energy use is a concern for you, then you should choose a model that’s as energy efficient as possible. This means not only looking for the Energy Star Certification and logo on the fridge you’re considering but also check the estimated operating cost of the fridge which is located on the Energy Guide of the appliance. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a model that has the lowest estimated operating costs possible, but still has the other features that you need or want.
Step Five: Consider Other Features
There are 5 other features that you might want to consider when looking for a refrigerator, particularly a side-by-side fridge. Although not all of these features are going to be needed or wanted by some people, it’s good to know what’s out there so you can choose the model that’s perfect for you, your family and your lifestyle. Here are the 5 features that need to be considered.

Ice & Filtered Water Dispensers

A feature that’s very popular with most people are refrigerators with ice and filtered water dispensers located in the door. Although this can be extremely convenient to anyone, this feature isn’t without its drawbacks. For one, they take up space that could otherwise be used for food storage and two they tend to break prematurely.

Door-in-Door Storage

Door-in-door storage is a feature that gives users a place to store frequently used condiments or beverages. Not only is this feature extremely convenient, but it can also reduce energy costs because the homeowner doesn’t have to open the large portion of the fridge to grab a drink or a bottle of ketchup.

Temperature Controls

This feature is one that most fridges have, at least in some capacity. However, some of the better refrigerators currently available allow the user to set temperatures for each zone. For example, the temperature needs of meat are different from fresh fruits or veggies, and having a fridge with multiple temperature zones can allow the user to select the one that’s appropriate for their food.

Shelving Options

It’s also extremely important to consider shelving options. Some of the better refrigerators available give the users options as to how they want to set up their fridge. Some of these appliances have bins in the door for eggs, butter or condiments and some may also have bins for fresh foods. Of course, what you should choose ultimately is determined by your personal needs.

See Through Doors & LCD Screens

See-through doors and LCD screens are a current innovation that can be really helpful in seeing what’s in your fridge. This can prevent the fridge from having to be opened up regularly, which also saves energy and ultimately, money. Unfortunately, this feature often adds to the end-price of the appliance and as a result, some people may want to pass on this feature to buy a more inexpensive fridge.

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