Rounded-Edge Furniture & Comforting Curves

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Rounded-edge furniture and curvaceous interior architecture create a comforting, tactile design aesthetic. Rounded furniture makes it possible to fashion layouts with a soft and easy flow, no matter what the size of the room. In compact spaces, rounded edges are the perfect solution for avoiding awkward corners and knocked shins. In a large living space, a curved furniture piece can make a distinct and eye-catching focal point. These smooth individuals work beautifully when teamed with elegant architectural arches, round feature windows and snaking partition walls for a cohesive theme. Alternatively, sharp geometric outlines can make a crisply contrasting option. Check out these two well-rounded home interiors for curve-filled inspiration.

Visualizer: Alina Larionova  

A curved sofa immediately states the shape theme in the centre of a smooth white and grey interior scheme.

Nesting round coffee tables create a tonal overlap in front of the white sofa.

The coffee tables’ deep, curved bases set down a weighty, tactile aesthetic. A freeform rug design creates additional contrast underfoot.

A coffee table book and decorative glass bowls adorn the two tables, whilst a set of decorative vases fill an attractive, round perforation in the microcement partition wall.

The interior window is shaped to complement a number of round feature windows and rounded rectangle windows within the main architecture.

The TV set has been mounted to one side of the round opening in the partition wall, which gives each of them equal prominence in the living room layout. A view of the neighbouring dining room is visible through the gap, which gives the living space an open, free-flowing feel.

An elevated wooden platform creates a split-level layout in the living room. The space beneath the platform is open to give the feature a lightweight, floating effect. Three floating access steps amplify the illusion.

The platform is utilised to raise up a small seating area to a wonderful natural panorama of tree-filled hillsides.

Indoor plants contribute natural greenery to the living room, to further blur the lines between inside and out.

Cylindrical silhouettes shape a small side table and a matching coffee table in the raised seating area. Designer chairs create inviting, comforting curves, and echo the rounded architectural embrace.

The thick partition wall between the lounge area and the adjacent dining room follows a relaxed, curved path to avoid jarring the silky smooth surroundings.

A round dining room chandelier mirrors the shape of the tabletop below.

The modern chandelier’s lustrous metal frame makes light-reflective contrast with a room of predominantly matt finishes.

Fully upholstered, curved dining chairs softly encircle the modern, ribbed pedestal dining table.

The interior window facilitates natural light-share between the two separate living spaces.

The round dining table coordinates with the curve of the modern sofa through the connecting window.

The limited tonal palette of the interior adds emphasis to the shape thread.

A ribbed glass vase forms a textural link between the base of the pedestal dining table and its centrepiece. A modern fruit bowl completes the simple arrangement.

The kitchen creates a contradiction to the rounded theme, with a sharp, geometric island design.

Angular sides define the unique kitchen island, which gives the kitchen its own distinctive vibe.

Recessed track lights burn brightly through the subtle cement ceiling, adding to the sharp change in theme, and exaggerating the linearity of the island below.

Sliding doors simplify the kitchen tower units behind the island. Black integrated ovens bed darkly in the wood effect finish.

Wide shelves hold flatware and decorative accessories. Glass tumblers incorporate the en vogue ribbed texture accent from the dining room.

A huge custom sink design dips into the island countertop.

An integrated induction hob completes the worktop.

Visualizer: Catherine Amato & Stanislav Tsoy  

Coastal vibes wash through our second featured home interior. Shells, waves and footprints in the sand spring to mind from its rounded, pebble-grey furniture and freeform nooks. A hexagonal coffee table creates a cut of shapely contrast.

The textured rug creates barefoot sensation, whilst a wall of unique recessed shelving niches feed the eye.

Intriguing design objects fill the pitted surface of the unique coffee table. The sunken column chapiter is a small scale model of the Capitello chair by Franco Audrito and Piero Gatti. The centerpiece is The Knot by Stockholm-based sculptor Tove Tengå.

The tactile, irregularly shaped floor lamp beside the sofa appears to be a modified version of Eny Lee Parker’s Oo floor lamp.

Glazed archways climb toward the lofty ceiling height, accepting glorious sunlight.

Green-tinted ceramic tiles wrap an impressive curved feature wall in the dining area. Dark green dining room pendant lights descend on a round glass dining table.

Geometric floor tiles offset the rounded decor elements.

Wall tiles have been cut into a curve to end the kitchen backsplash, which complements a rounded base unit.

The creative backsplash makes the one wall kitchen composition into a piece of functional art.

A moss green SMEG fridge brings retro inspired curves.

A green chimney extractor unit draws the accent colour up. A brass kitchen faucet makes a shiny addition.

An open kitchen shelf follows the top of the tiled backsplash, ending in a matching rounded corner. Glass jars create an attractive open pantry for dry goods. Small plants add a green flourish.

An assortment of wooden cutting boards tie in with the rustic look of the rich wood and ceramic kitchen arrangement. See cutting board and knife options here.

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