Restful Interiors For The Minimalist Mindset

Restful Interiors For The Minimalist Mindset

Let’s escape to the calm and comforting warm white decor schemes of four interiors, which each feature peacefully pared back layouts for the minimalist mindset. This is a blissfully serene collection of home tours that are carefully designed to provide pause from hectic surroundings and over abundant input. Even if only for a moment, consider a simple way of living with less–or at least less visual clutter. We’ll look at four open concept living spaces with quiet clutter control, in the shape of clean cut storage furniture arrangements. We’ll visit minimalist bedrooms that are set up to aid real rest and relaxation, and minimalist bathrooms that will always look clean.

Visualizer: Lule Lee  

We enter our first home tour at a living room dining room combo, where home storage is smoothly integrated into the walls for a minimalist streamlined effect. A rectangle dining table and matching dining benches rest at a brick tile dining room wall, which brings warmth and texture to the pale decor scheme.

Concrete blocks build modern muxarabi screens to partition the dining and lounge area from the home entryway.

A vanity table is integrated into one of the hallway storage volumes, where a full length frameless mirror increases the sense of space.

The minimalist kitchen is located just off the dining area. A simple arrangement of all white base and wall units make up the installation, along with a white refrigerator, white kitchen tap and white backsplash tiles.

A white kitchen extractor hood and white oven complete the other side of the fresh colour-free layout.

A home workspace slides into place at one end of the bedroom. Wall cabinets house office supplies way up by the ceiling line, whilst open shelving provides a decorative touch.

Base cabinets along the window wall conceal all visual clutter. A pared back clothing collection is housed on a small garment rail.

The same neutral palette and cabinet style is repeated in bedroom two, but this time a more generous wardrobe space is provided behind sleek sliding doors.

A practical adjustable shelf unit and pegboard wall serves the laundry room.

Bifold bathroom doors give entry to a shower enclosure and a WC.

A double sink bathroom vanity fits snugly into the narrow bathroom. White tiles, matching faucets, sinks and countertops help the compact dimensions feel more open.

A small skylight brings natural light to the shower.

Visualizer: Lule Lee  

Our next home design is an ethereal white scene with an elegant arrangement of curves and arches.

A built-in sofa merges into the wall to further simplify the layout. A tall cutout in the living room partition allows an unobstructed visual of the entire wall of arch windows.

The soft white decor scheme is warmed by an oatmeal ceiling.

Although there is no sign of a TV or projector in this minimalist living room, a bespoke media unit takes its dutiful place opposite the sofa.

A gorgeous archway grandly announces the dining area, and curvaceously complements a round pedestal dining table.

Wood Scandinavian style chairs warmly trim the setup.

A mini dining room pendant light does its job without fanfare.

On the opposite side of the living room sofa wall, a custom-made desk follows the same aesthetic as the lounge console unit.

A small indoor plant puts a decorative touch into the wall cutout between the two rooms.

Another workspace fills the opposite side of the room. A casual two-tone wall treatment creates interest within the neutral palette.

The freehand paint effect covers the headboard wall of the bedroom, and the vanity area of an ensuite bathroom at the other end.

A round vanity mirror complements the Roman arch doorways to a shower enclosure and a WC.

The curves continue inside the shower space design with a rounded enclosure and an archway of recessed shelves.

Visualizer: Sergey Makhno Architects  

The Sol apartment is a 120 square metre minimalist home, located in Kyiv, Ukraine. White walls, brown accents, beige and light grey furniture and a matching rug create harmonious cohesion.

The interior designers aimed to maximise natural light and to camouflage artificial sources. This wonderful wall light has an understated finish that melds it with the walls, yet, when lit it emits a serene artistic energy.

Modern dining chairs seat six around a crisp rectangle dining table in the window.

In the entryway, modern wall sconces flank an enormous vanity mirror that widens the sense of space. A round vanity stool cleanly matches the mirrors outline.

Floor to ceiling storage units keep the halfway mess-free.

Visualizer: Prozora Design  

Our fourth and last home design has a slightly more homey feel than our previous three, with a few more items permitted out on display. A mocha throw cosies up the plain cream sofa, and cohesively links with the tone of the round coffee table.

A modern lounge chair complements the sofa’s neat linear silhouette.

Low-profile leather chairs are grouped with the dining table, giving the set a casual appeal.

Open kitchen shelving adds interest to the length of the room, and adds a decorative touch to the back of the kitchen island.

An understated entryway bench stands alone in the hallway.

The bedroom is a large space, where a chaise lounge chair and floor lamp make up an airy reading spot by the window.

Rustic log side tables and a ribbed gypsum headboard wall make a texturally rich bedroom feature.

Closet storage systems keep clothing collections fully in check.

A racetrack bathtub makes contrasting curves against a geometric floor tile

A backlit round mirror highlights textural bathroom walls and a beautiful white marble and wood pedestal sink.

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