Regardless of the size of your home, it’s difficult to include in the decor every little object that you might or might not need at some point.

Regardless of the size of your home, it’s difficult to include in the decor every little object that you might or might not need at some point.

It’s not practical either as it’s much simpler to just opt for fewer multipurpose pieces of furniture that will serve you just as well. This way you save space and money and you get to have everything you need right there in your small home.
Chairs, up and down and upside down.

Most people think that a chair is only what it appears to be, a place to sit on. But if you’re creative you can easily turn it into something else. For example, here we have four folding chairs that are mounted on the wall. When flat they just sit there. But when unfolded they become more than useful. The seat becomes a storage shelf and the base is great for hanging all sorts of things on.{found on yiconglu}.
Aleph multi-purpose furniture.

For those that either live alone or in a small space having too much furniture in the house is not exactly practical and it’s not necessary either. For such cases, the Aleph furniture is perfect. Designed by Gyuyub Jo, Aleph is a collection of pieces inspired by boxes. The collection consists of boxes, lids and wooden sticks that can be combined and reconfigured in many different ways, thus offering the maximum of efficiency and functionality while taking up minimum space.{found on mocoloco}.
Badac multi purpose furniture.

A similar collection is Badac. Created by Sang A Choi, the furniture was inspired by the Korean flat furniture called Pyung Sang. Badac is a collection of eight pieces that can be used to create all sorts of different configurations. The pieces include two backrests, a coffee table, a lamp ad a shelf. The three seats are reversible and all the pieces are very versatile.{found on mocoloco}.
Mirror and board.

Here’s another very interesting piece. This is “Madame est servie” and it’s a cheval mirror that can also become an ironing board. All you have to do is tilt it and lock it in place . It allows you to iron your clothes and then to admire them in the mirror. It’s a very interesting piece that combines two functions that are usually used consecutively.{found on site}.
Bike shelf.

A bike that is stored inside the house is not exactly a way of saving space. It’s true that if you mount it on a wall on a bike rack it might not get in the way but that’s still not enough. However, if the bike rack can also be used for something else, then it’s a whole different situation. This Bike Shelf serves both as a rack and a shelf. It can be custom made to any bike size and from any type of wood.{found on Knife & Saw}.

This is Matroshka. It’s a collection of furniture pieces inspired by the Russian dolls that everyone knows about. The collection is composed of several versatile pieces that can be combined and configured in lots of different ways. But the best part is that the furniture pieces can be stored in one another. The most compact version takes up just 4 square meters. The pieces can be used to make a bed, a desk, a bookshelf, a coffee table, a dining table, a wardrobe, clothing drawers and seating for 12.
Sweet talk and dream for campeggi.

Created by French designer Matali Crasset, this piece is very simple but also very flexible. One moment it’s a cozy, soft and relaxing pad to sleep on and the next it’s a seating area. It’s perfect for relaxing, chatting, reading, writing and other similar activities. It has an integrated table can be removed if needed. The pad can be folded according to your needs and transformed into a seating unit.
Flip coffeecup.

Here’s another collection that is not only functional and versatile but also fun to look at. This is the Flip furniture collection and it now also includes a chair shaped like a coffee cup. The idea behind this collection is that the pieces change function when flipped. The coffee cup can either be a low table or it can become an armchair or a chair with a low back.{found on mocoloco}.
Land peel.

This is probably one of the most flexible and adaptable pieces you can ever find. It’s called “Land peel” and it was created by Japanese industrial design student Shin Yamashita. It’s basically just a flat mat. It’s made of three pieces and each panel can be lifted and it becomes either a table or a seat. It’s a perfect piece for activities such as lounging, studying, relaxing, reading or watching TV.
Fashion table.

How many of you wish they could have the space for a pool table in the house? Well, thanks to this piece, you will no longer have to worry about that. This is the “Fusion” table. It serves both as a dining table and as a pool table. It was created by Aramith and it’s a great multipurpose piece that allows you to have fun and to have a regular-looking dining area or living room by simply making a few changes.
Stonewall Kitchen’s Chair/Ladder.

Usually when we want to reach something that is stored all the way up in the top cabinet we take a chair. Even though it’s not exactly perfect and doesn’t give us a good view, it’s what we do because, let’s face it, who has a ladder in their home? Well, the reason why we don’t have ladders in our homes is because we have no place to store them. But this problem disappears when you get “The folding chair ladder”. As the name clearly suggests, this is a chair that, when unfolded, becomes a ladder.{found on treehugger}.
Side chair.

Another interesting example of a multifunctional piece of furniture would be the “Side chair”. Designed by Alexander Kneller, this is a modular piece of furniture that serves both as a chair and as a table. You can sit down and be comfortable and still have room near you for your laptop or for a glass, a plate, etc. There are two versions for each piece and one of them comes with an open lower area for storage.
Reading corner.

Lots of people like to read while relaxing on the sofa. It’s also common to have a small and cozy sofa in the reading corner. But what if you could somehow combine this piece with another that is just as important: a bookcase? This is the Ransa sofa and it has a base that serves as book storage space. The sofa seems to be floating above the books and this is another nice feature that makes it stand out.
Modular furniture.

In its most compact form, Multiplo resembles a brightly-colored cube that could be a table or an island. But that cube can be reconfigured in many different ways and it can become a bed, a sitting area or it can be taken apart into pieces and turned into a chair, table, nightstand or even a sofa. With Multiplo you don’t need anything else. Moreover, because of its design, colors and forms, it’s a perfect choice for the children’s playroom.

It’s hard to imagine how a small piece shaped like a pyramid can become so many things. But “Cleo” shows us that surprises never end when you’re creative. Cleo is a modular sofa made of polyurethane foam. It was designed by Barbara Pece and it’s made of nice pieces. These pieces can be reorganized and used to create all sorts of shapes and pieces. You can create a table, a desk, a sofa, a chair or even a lounge chair.

And here’s a piece of furniture that was designed for children. This is the “Fundy Play Table and it’s a small table that comes with a drawing surface that can be either a chalkboard or a dry erase board. It lets your child have fun and express his creativity without having you worried about the furniture.Available for 399$.
KEWB multi-functional furniture.

This is another great example of a piece that is perfect for small spaces. It can be converted into a table, a bed, a chair or a shelf unit. It’s made of lacquered hardwood and it’s a very flexible and versatile piece of furniture that can be useful in so many different ways. Use it as an everyday table or chair and, when a guest stays overnight, convert it into a bed.{found on popgadget}.
Boahaus Multipurpose Cabinet with Desk

This is a really great piece for small spaces. It measures 69’’ x 23’’ x 6’’ which allows it to fit in a variety of areas including transitional spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, offices or even kitchens. You can use it as a storage cabinet at all times and only extend the small table whenever needed, keeping it nice and hidden and out of the way the rest of the time.
Multipurpose bar table set

Bars are actually a lot more versatile than they seem and this particular set takes advantage of that. You can add something like this to a basement area to make it look and feel more homely and inviting but also to your main living area or even the kitchen. It could also serve as a sort of space divider between two open areas. The set includes a wooden table and three bar stools with built-in power strip and USB ports. The table is 5 ft long and 20’’ long, with a height of 36’’.
Multipurpose organizer/ reading nook

This product was designed with kids in mind. It’s a fairly compact unit which measures 40.25″(L) x 12″(W) x 25″(H) in total and which has this built-in seating area at the center. It’s a really great organizer for books, toys and other things and it’s both practical and good-looking at the same time. The cushioned reading nook is nice and comfortable and the cubbies are accessible at all times. There’s also room at the top for a small table lamp.
Convertible ottoman bed

This is a really perfect piece of furniture to have in the house just in case you have an overnight guest or you need a temporary bed. What’s really cool is that when you fold the bed and put it away, it becomes an ottoman which you can actually use. It’s a perfect combo really and it looks lovely too. As an ottoman this measures 35″l x 28″w x 16″h and when converted into a bed it’s 82.5″ x 28″ x 18.5″. The frame is made of tubular steel and the foam mattress is 2’’ thick.
Folding room divider with shelves

Room dividers are quite practical in general and allow us to visually divide large open spaces into smaller sections without relying on solid walls which take up more space and are a lot less flexible. Speaking of which, this folding divider takes practicality to a new level by also including shelving in its design. This is possible thanks to 2 sturdy wooden boards which slip through the bamboo panels of the divider, creating the shelves. This measures 19.75’’ W x 70.75’’ H x 0.75’’ D.
Baker’s rack with built-in cutting board

If you have the space for it, a baker’s rack or some other similar type of storage unit can be quite useful in the kitchen. It gives you some additional storage and you can also use this as a workstation, especially in this case given that there’s a butcher’s block built into the design. There are also hooks for hanging and organizing various things like kitchen utensils, towels and pots and pans and the shelves can also be adjusted at various heights to accommodate the items that you plan on storing there.
Multipurpose end table

End tables are generally quite flexible and practical as you can easily move them around and even repurpose them in all sorts of different ways. This is a sofa table and has a C-shaped structure that allows it to complement a sofa, couch, armchair or a bed and to take up little floor space and to stay out of the way. It’s very convenient and easy to integrate into a variety of different spaces and decors. It’s made of natural bamboo and has a simple and stylish design.
Convertible floor sofa

This floor sofa is a really cool piece of furniture for casual living rooms as well as lots of other spaces. It provides comfortable seating in a very laid-back style and it\s also a very flexible and versatile piece which can be easily converted into a bed in case you want to take a quick nap or if you need an extra bed for your guests. You can position the backrest at five different angles in order to make it as comfortable as possible.
Small table set with four seats

Large dining areas can look really nice and homely but are also often unnecessarily big. Unless you actually need a big dining table, something like this should do just fine. This is a 5-piece dining set with a small round table and four comfortable chairs. The table has two 9’’ drop leaves which you can fold down whenever the table is not used in order to save some space. You can get this set in a variety of different finishes.
Jewelry cabinet standing mirror

If you’re short on space or if you simply like hidden storage compartments, you might want to add this cool mirror to your bedroom or dressing room. It’s actually more than just a mirror. It also has built-in LED lights and a secret jewelry organizer. The interior of the organizer has velvet lining which keeps the jewelry safe and prevents tarnishing. There’s also a removable zipper pouch which you can take with you when you’re traveling.
Nesting tables

In addition to being very practical and space-efficient, nesting tables are also highly versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways and contexts. They can serve as a bedside tables in the bedroom and you can also scatter them around the house and use them as small stands or accent tables. This is a set of three wooden tables with a classic and simple design and a bit of retro flair. They have metal hairpin legs and triangle-shaped tops with rounded edges. You can use them individually or as a group and you can easily store them to save space when they’re not needed.
Wearable furniture

The idea that you could wear your furniture probably never crossed your mind and yet somebody made it happen. Designer Yan Zaho came up with this concept taking inspiration from the art of origami. The SharkMan as it was called is a flexible sort of cocoon which can be folded and shaped in several different ways. You can wear it as a sort of vest and then surround yourself with it if you want some privacy when you’re in an open or a crowded space. It’s definitely a bold experiment but it might catch on.
Dog house side table

Pets are part of the family too and for some it makes perfect sense for them to have their own furniture and accessories. This side table is designed to be useful for both the owner and their little dog or cat. It was created by Ben Hansen and it has a simple and modern aesthetic. There are of course plenty of other multipurpose tables out there but the thing that makes this one special is the planter at the top. There’s a system which uses excess water from watering plants and filters it into the water bowl that you can place on the side.
Planter and aquarium duo

Taken separately, both indoor planters and aquariums are very serene and beautiful. We often choose to add them as decorations in our home hut we’re not really fond of the fact that they require constant maintenance. What if they could care for themselves?

Well, Eva actually does. This is a really unique piece which integrates a planter and a small aquarium and allows them to establish a symbiotic relationship so they can become self-sustainable. The ammonia produced by the fish is being used by the plants which helps them grow and the plants in return produce nitrates which feed the fish. There’s several other similar designs worth checking out if you’re curious.
Tech-enhanced bed

Not everyone enjoys keeping electronics in their bedroom and some prefer to keep this space as simple and as basic as possible. Others however find tech enhancements relaxing and enjoy bringing them into their daily lives. The Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed is a particularly interesting piece of furniture. It has things like Bluetooth speakers, a reading lamp, a bookshelf, an air cleaning system, a charger, a pop-up desk, a footstool and even a reclining massage chair all built into the bed’s frame.
Lounge chair desk

Sometimes there’s work to be done and sometimes you just want to sit back and relax for a bit. This piece lets you do both. Chaise Renversée is both a desk and a lounge chair. These two functions have been put together by architect Pierre-Louis Gerlier and the idea behind this piece was to optimize the space we live in and to use it as efficiently as possible. It’s definitely a good idea, especially for small areas and for home offices in general.
Compact desk chair

A similar idea to what we mentioned earlier was also adapted by designers Anshul Kumar and Gargi Wadnap who created DUAL, a simple chair with a sleek and modern design that can be sued as a regular seat but which can also quickly be turned into a compact desk. This is possible because there’s actually an extra stool embedded into the chair which can be manipulated and used as a small surface for a laptop or a notebook. The rest of the time the chair has this storage shelf underneath the seat which can be very handy.
Convertible tea table

Hasu is an Asian-inspired piece of furniture. It’s a tea table that transforms itself gradually as the tea ritual takes place. At first, it’s a compact piece, a simple table but by the end of the ritual, it turns into complete furniture set with storage, seating and everything else needed. It has built-in floor chairs which can stay hidden and save space when not needed and which can be easily pulled out to accommodate more people around the table.
Garden coffee table

This is Sole, a coffee table with a miniature garden built right into it. It’s a compact piece of furniture with a stylish and modern design that allows it to fit even in tiny apartments or studios. It introduces the idea of gardening in small and busy urban areas by creating a perfect environment for the plants to grow in with an ideal climate, temperature and nutrients. The built-in planters don’t interfere with the functionality of the table.
Multipurpose organizer

The Learning Loop is a modern and space-efficient organizer created by Jason van der Burg of Urbanworm Design. It’s constructed out of solid hardwood and it’s basically all you need to make even a tiny entryway as user-friendly and practical as possible. It has built-in features such as a small shoe rack, a coat rack, a shelf and additional storage solutions for various accessories. Additionally, it looks elegant.

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