Pumpkin Puree Recipes ~ January Reading Challenge ~ A Finish

Pumpkin Puree Recipes ~ January Reading Challenge ~ A Finish

Friday I started my morning by paying bills, doing laundry and posting items up for sale on my Rooster's Crow Farm (handiwork) blog.

Our weekend weather was not just wacky, it was insane. We had 60 degree weather Saturday with pouring down rain, and thunderstorms, and today we woke up to "feels like 23F" and snowing.

I used some frozen garden pumpkin puree to make dog treats for Romeo. I'll use more for pumpkin soup, pumpkin hummus, pumpkin pancakes or waffles, pumpkin BBQ sauce and pumpkin/sage macaroni (using Jovial Einkorn noodles). What else do you use your pumpkin puree for? Besides pumpkin bread or a dessert?

Homemade bruschetta, using the leftover mix from the chicken dinner. By the way, I bought a new basil plant now, so we will have plenty next time I need fresh basil. Yum!

My new kitchen shelving arrived. I am replacing a wooden stand with metal and on wheels. I can easily move it to sweep and mop under it now, and have extra space for baking dishes I use, but not daily. So happy to be organized again. I "shopped" from home, and used a valance that came with my new curtains a year ago, and used metal clips to attach it around the top shelf of the unit. I love it!

We have an old farm house, with very few cupboards. The person who put in used cupboards prior to us, put in mostly drawers. I hate them, but until we can afford a total kitchen renovation, this works.

New shower curtain! I love it! My older "frilly" farmhouse style one got splattered with blue hair dye (thanks to our daughter). I have instructed her to remove this one, and put up the old one when dying her hair (rolling my eyes).

I had started this book a while ago, and am picking it for Jan. reading challenge.

Blackberry counts for a color, right? Not sure what I'll read in Feb. if I can keep up with this challenge. I'll admit, I'm inspired to shop the thrift store for books now. However, when one is added, one must go too. "Fantasy" is not my thing either, so I'll read a non-fiction book for August.

Finished this XL hot pad. I had requests for them. They fit 9 x 13 pans perfectly. Works great for baking sheets too. I guess you can count this as a completed UFO. I started it during the craft show in December and forgot about it until I was asked if I had any made.
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