Pink And Blue Interior Design: Examples, Design Tips And Accessory Recommendations

Pink And Blue Interior Design: Examples, Design Tips And Accessory Recommendations

Pink and blue accessories create sweet calming contrast. The definition between the two shades is crisp yet not jarring, which makes this an ideal combo for weaving an all encompassing colour palette throughout the home as well. Come with us as we gather tips from four modern home interiors that showcase inspirational ideas for fresh pink and blue decor. See how to divide open plan spaces with pastel coloured interruptions, how to infuse colourful character into plain minimalist spaces, and how to balance it all out in a cool and understated fashion. Stay tuned till the end to see some of our favourite pink and blue decor accessories too.

We take our first interior tour inside a 134 square metre home. Inspiration for this misty pink and blue modern living room came from the rare phenomenon of the secondary rainbow. Through the subconscious power of color, the design team aimed to encourage closer interactions and construct an ideal way of life for the urban homeowners.

More inspiration from nature comes in the form of raw timber accents. Wooden sided wall units and a wooden shelf hold decorative items and indoor plants. A timber legged round coffee table takes the accent to the floor.

Colourful geometric pattern jostles behind the couch. Small moments of concentrated colour clash go a long way.

Architect: NestSpace Design  

A sky blue modern sofa intermingles with an abstract wall of colourful units. Monochrome cushions and a strong black swing arm wall lamp add punchy pit stops.

Brighter coral pink and yellow notes are used to shake up the blue and pink rhythm.

A wood pegboard grows from the lower console so that other decorative knick-knacks can be added as desired.

The TV wall is concrete and angular. A bespoke media unit is built into and around its obscure perimeter. A lone pendant light hangs low at one end to create a subtle glow in the evenings.

A large indoor plant thrives by patio doors, bringing the outdoors inside.

To exaggerate the feeling of space, light wood laminate flooring floods the entire open plan with one cohesive colour and finish.

Volumes of pink and blue decor pop up around the large light filled room to create a changing narrative.

A blue accent wall drops calming colour behind a black console table and a modern rocking chair, as if painting out a separate little sitting room.

A natural rattan pouf pulls up by the wooden runners of the Scandi style rocking chair. Timber shelves fill a narrow niche behind them. Airy and serene colors calm the spirit.

Subtle lines and curves are integrated throughout the fluid minimalist space. The curvaceous bar stool seen here is the About A Stool by Hay.

A delicate vanity stool pulls into the well dressed niche, which is used as a work area. Using an attractive stool over a desk chair means that the piece can repurposed in any part of the room when not in use at the desk.

The apartment was torn back to the original walls during the renovation. Different functional rooms are now defined only by three invisible lines strung from the structural pillar. These include the living room, the ‘flexible’ room, and the dining room.

Artwork brings colour and character to the room.

The structural pillar connects with a kitchen island made of terrazzo.

The terrazzo interacts with a geometric wall to build an ultra modern aesthetic.

Curved shapes and a single support structure are used to reduce the island’s visual weight.

A slender dining chandelier lowers over the creative island design.

Behind the island we see that all of the interior doors are picked out in pastel pink, as though depicting non existent little hallways.

A wooden bar stool pulls up at the dining island, bringing with it a light blue accent seat.

Ribbed cupboards build a useful base volume around the integral column.

The rest of the kitchen is revealed through a glass wall.

Extra cabinets located by the island pertain to the dining area

Glass doors slide apart to give entry to the galley kitchen.

The kitchen brings an energised bolt of turquoise to the interior.

Its bright note carries through to the living room even with the doors shut.

Geometric tiles fill the kitchen floor with soft grey, blue and pink pattern.

Inside the master bedroom, a chest of drawers and a storage cubby form a desk. The designer table lamp is the Flos IC T2 lamp.

The closet stands completely open to the bedroom.

A barn door leads to the ensuite.

A soaking tub fits snugly into the compact bathroom.

The geo tiles from the kitchen floor now become wall decoration behind a simple round vanity mirror.

Two bed floor plan.

Designer: NestSpace Design  

This 85 square metre home in Taipei, Taiwan, is the TO: DAY concept. It was created to be gentle, elegant, and full of happy expectations–a symbol of how the beginning of every day should be. In the living room, white window blinds diffuse intense light, and protect privacy. A grey sofa is brightened with cheerful scatter cushions. A colourful floor runner rolls out under a modern nesting coffee table set and magazine storage basket.

Unique planters support bursts of greenery around the room. The greenery builds beautiful contrast with gentle pink accents.

The pastel colour palette keeps the room looking cool, whilst a ceiling fan overhead does the real job. Find more ideas for a ceiling fan with light here.

Mesmerising blue and pink patterned tiles draw the eye over to the kitchen area. Solid pink paintwork picks out the hallway to the bedroom. “In the open and harmonious picture, each space can still be divided by invisible cutting lines into independent style places to satisfy the residence” reflects the designer.

White track lights blend with the white ceiling, quietly taking the light to exactly where it is needed.

A large pink panel backs the TV set and a freestanding media unit.

Decorative vases are arranged on a wooden serving cart, bringing natural beauty to the wall of electronics.

Apart from a couple of wall units above the fridge freezer, the kitchen is just a central island unit. As there is so little storage area in the kitchen itself, an adjustable shelving unit with cupboards is utilised. Pots and pans become decorative items upon the shelves.

Two dining room pendant lights buddy up over the kitchen island and the dining table, which is pushed up to touch.

The wooden shelving unit and wood dining table each complement the other.

Mismatched modern flatware looks pulled together on the simple timber table top.

The tiled column pulls the tones from pink accent walls and a breezy blue feature wall all together.

Magazine shelves create a link with the relaxed living room to create one easy flow.

Dining chairs on one side of the table and a dining bench on the other fashion a laid back look.

Glass doors close off a home workspace.

The modern home office is equipped with a basic wooden table and a blue desk chair. They face toward an internal window that looks into the living room, and the TV.

The bedroom is a minimalist white space interrupted by a grey bed and a black bedroom pendant light.

Scatter cushions add warmer hues. A small bedside table brings a little greenery.

On arriving in the home entryway, a cheery blue accent wall is made more interesting with a decorative mirror and a plant stand. Closer to the door, densely patterned floor tiles are an instant attraction. A wooden entryway bench makes good use of one wall, whilst decorative wall hooks utilise the other.

Visualizer: VAE Studio  

Colour is more saturated inside this 93 square metre apartment. A very pink sofa and a deep blue area rug fill the lounge. Monochrome throw pillows complement a black frame coffee table and a black sputnik chandelier.

The black stalk and clear globe aesthetic of the sputnik chandelier is deconstructed to become for orb pendant lights over the dining table.

Painting out a blue soffit and feature walls makes a crisp frame around white kitchen units.

Visualizer: VAE Studio  

FInally, this 41 square metre apartment in Minsk, Belarus is home to concrete decor that is uplifted by blue and pink elements. A comfy blue couch beds beneath a large pink painting to make a courageous clash. See more living rooms with large wall art.

A traditional chandelier swings from the concrete ceiling, dropping drama on a small dining island in the centre of the living room.

The corner by the window makes an ideal spot for a neat and well lit home workspace.

Rose pink kitchen units grow behind the dark wooded central island, creating delicious contrast.

A black bathroom door falls back into the shadows of an alcove.

Glass blocks build a translucent wall between the living area and the bedroom, to share natural light. A blue portiere pulls across the doorway.

A wicker planter cups a green plant by an ebony black entry door.

A green ottoman echoes the colour of the plant life.

Green throws pull the accent through into the bedroom.

An ultra modern chandelier offsets rustic elements.

Pink pillows add warmth to the palette.

A huge rattan bathroom vanity light adds bold character to a small bathroom.

1. Marquee Letters 2. Vases 3. Pink sofa 4. Blue lounge chair 5. Blue ottoman coffee table 6. Blue table lamp 7. Pink floor lamp 8. Pink and blue wall art 9. Pink pendant light

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