Pastel Coloured Interior With A Sweet Sense Of Fun

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A sweet sense of fun pushes all the way through this playful pastel coloured apartment, visualised by Evgenia Belkina. The home incorporates a wonderful kids’ bedroom with an integrated playroom–whilst the parents bedroom is made by dropping down a modern Murphy bed design at one end of the lounge. A stunning powder blue and pink kitchen is combined with a family dining area in the airy layout, where natural elements like wood, rattan and dried pampas grass work to offset the sweetness of the candy coloured combo. The same soft palette graces each separate space of the home to create one beautifully calm and cohesive effect.

Designer: Elena Ivanova  

A blush sofa and powder blue accent chair furnish our first pastel room decor scheme, making up a soft and sweet living room design. The striking minimalist art print behind the sofa is a line drawing entitled Adunbi by Shatha Al Dafai.

Solid pastel coloured canvases are propped behind the blue accent chair, and a gold floor reading lamp, to add layers to the layout.

A gold and white side table is accessorised with candle holders and a vase of dried pampas grass.

The airy room is lit by an elegant chandelier. Long blush curtains draw across patio doors in the evening to make this a cosy and intimate space.

At night, the living room becomes a bedroom too, after a Murphy bed is dropped down into place.

Bespoke cabinetry houses the Murphy bed, and plentiful storage opportunities are built around it. The powder blue units extend into the lounge area, where they become a media unit and decorative shelving.

When the Murphy bed is folded back into place inside the cabinets, it’s impossible to tell it’s there at all.

Gold hardware gives the pastel blue units a beautiful high-end appeal.

Line drawings hide inside the pull-down bed, hung above the pillows. The wall art makes the bed area feel more like a permanent, fully-fledged bedroom.

Over on the TV wall, glass cabinets display all sorts of trinkets and a small collection of books. A set of pastel shaded decorative vases dot the top of the media cabinet with colour.

Another duo of solid pastel painted canvases colour the dining area. A gold dining room pendant light brings in a rich glow.

Blush pink seat pads soften wood dining chairs.

Monochrome flooring adds striking contrast against the subtle tones of the room.

A powder blue and pink one wall kitchen stretches alongside the family dining area. The cabinets have a classic shaker profile, and traditional corbels make a decorative addition in hiding the extractor fan.

Natural rattan baskets and dried pampas grass do a great job in offsetting the sweetness of the pastel palette.

White crockery is displayed cleanly in glass fronted upper cabinets and open fronted shelving, which lifts the expanse of blue.

Blush and blue elements enrich a small covered balcony area.

A mint beanbag makes a cosy hangout spot. A vase of feathery pampas softens hard lines.

More pastel coloured bean bags hangout in the kid’s decor scheme, where mint, pale yellow and powder blue come together to make a light and inviting space for play. Circle rugs dot the wood floor, creating little islands for activities inside a dedicated playroom that’s attached to the kid’s bedroom. Storage drawers have been built right into a step that leads up to the sleeping area, which effectively divides the two zones, along with a set of glass doors.

The cute kids’ wall mural adds another element of fun; it also helps balance out the height of the kid’s gym that towers up the adjacent wall.

A yellow pouf echoes the circle shape and fringe colour of the round area rugs.

A tall unit shelves a multitude of kids’ toy storage boxes and kids’ room accessories.

Up the step, in the sleep zone, a comfy little seat has been built into a wall of storage units.

The bed spans the opposite wall, next to a tiny desk with a kids’ night light. A duo tone wall treatment and metallic polka dots shimmer behind the cloud light.

Bunny ears perk up on the back of the kid’s chair, as if listening out for bedtime stories.

Hexagonal kids’ shelves stack to make a tower of honeycomb pattern.

A white macramé style hanging chair swings in the kid’s covered balcony area, overlooked by playful wall art.

There is also a shared kids’ room in this home. Two large desks are set up in mirror image for a pair of slightly older kids who need more dedicated study space. See more shared kids’ rooms.

Blue cupboards provide lots of stow away space for school supplies and books in the kid’s study areas. White wardrobes stand adjoined to the blue cabinets to keep the room neat and sleek.

But it can’t be all work and no fun! A TV is mounted onto the wall for downtime.

Adorable kids art swings the balance back in favour of the fun factor too.

In order to free up all that space for study, bunk beds have been stacked at one end.

A circle is painted onto one wall as a focussed gallery area.

The kids’ beds have drawers built into the stairs to the top bunk, and even more beneath the bottom bunk to maximise space for toys and clothes.

Powder blue cabinets flank the foyer design too.

A flipped and recoloured version of Blue Nude II by Henri Matisse adds a touch of pink.

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