On the list of “must have” items for a master suite, double bathroom vanities are at the top.  There was a day when they were probably considered a luxury, but in this busy, rush-rush world where two people need to get ready to go at the same time,...

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In fact, they are quite common in secondary bathrooms as well because typically more than one child or family member has to get ready for school or work at the same time too. The range of styles for modern double bathroom vanities has also expanded far beyond the plain types of decades past. Choices include having two separate basins on a single vanity or separate units that are combined with a cabinet or as a pedestal. These are some of our favorite recent styles.
Modern Retro Combo

Done is a trendy gray, this monochrome bathroom features double vanities that have a retro flair. The two individual vanities are rounded in the front and topped with marble. The undermounted sinks give the space a clean look and having the faucets mounted on the back saves space but also provides an additional retro element. Still, the hardware looks modern because of the angular style of the handles. Streamlined individual rectangular mirrors match the size of the vanities and the unexpected modern jolt comes from the minimalist pendant light suspended in each corner, taking the place of the typical sconces.
Glamorous Vessels

Modern equals glamorous in this luxe vanity. First of all, the marble is gorgeous and its pattern is highlighted by the rounded edges of the vessel sinks. Underneath, the vanity has some curvy details while up above, two dramatic sconces light up the space in style. A bit of art deco flair is visible in the sink hardware, which tones down the opulence of the lighting and ties it in with the more muted shine of the vanity base.
Totally Zen

The trend of turning the bathroom into a Zen retreat in the home is still going strong and this modern bathroom has the right vibe. The overall look is nature-focused with the floating vanities faced with upcycled wood. Rounded vessel sinks sit atop the vanity, which has a thin countertop which helps maintain the sleek look. The two individual mirrors are positioned over each sink for maximum convenience and nicely reflect the forest wallcovering opposite. In between, a small shelf backed in the same upcycled wood ties the look together.
Mixed Geometries

Playful and distinctive, this modern bathroom vanity is focused on the shapes of the cabinets and drawers, especially when paired with the rounded and less orderly shapes of the mirrors. The unit is long and expansive, with loads of storage, but still feels modern because it’s floating rather than sitting on the floor. The rectangular drop-in basins are also wide and have an ample lip on the sides.  Because the vanity is so long, there’s plenty of countertop space to set down personal care items. Using backlighting with the mirrors really makes them the focus of the bathroom.
Integrated Sinks

For a sleek and easy to clean bathroom vanity, many people choose one that has the sinks integrated into the countertop. Definitely a custom piece, this double vanity has the sinks positioned at the outer edges to give it a more spacious feeling. Doing this also concentrates the open counter space in the center, which is more functional as well. White sink hardware seems to be integrated with the countertop itself and enhances the pared-down vibe. When the bathrooms double vanity is straight-forward in style, it’s a great opportunity to have some fun with the mirrors on the wall. Not only do these have an unexpected shape, thy feature edge detailing around the bottom part, while the top is highlighted by colored backlighting.
Minimal with a Twist

A lot of minimalist bathrooms are done in a palette of all-white or neutral tones, but this one has a real twist with the vivid purple hue of the double vanity. Just a countertop with exposed plumbing, the vanity is stopped with two low and sweeping oval vessel sinks. To maintain the spare vibe, the modern touchless faucets are mounted on the wall above the sinks. The wide sweep of metal looks more like an ornament than functional hardware and it helps maintain a clean look on the vanity, with the basins as the focus. Essential storage is inside the two mirrored medicine cabinets.
Modern Spa Style

A bit rustic with a touch of the tropical, this modern bathroom double vanity is all about the natural wood. The slatted style is reminiscent of the style of window shutters and doors you might find at luxe but understated tropical resorts. Round vessel sinks are the proper pairing with the wooden cabinet style of the vanity. While it has ample storage, a matching tower unit offers even more space for linens and other items. A unique shelving unit puts bathroom necessities close at hand and a slatted stool is super handy for taking a seat or leaving a robe.
All About the Angles

Strong angles are often associated with modern style and this bathroom double vanity is all about the linear look. The horizontal orientation of the floating vanity is emphasized by the design of the drawers and the center display cube highlights the symmetry of the bathroom. Rectangular vessel sinks also have strong lines and sit atop the vanity with just a single-hole faucet at each one. The mirrors follow the same design concept and even the accessories have angular flair.
Modern Eclecticism

This bathroom might be minimal but it has a lot going on from a design perspective and is focused on the floating vanity. Looking a bit like a desk with drawers, this double vanity has some closed storage as well as a handy central cubby. Stone vessel sinks sit atop the counter and minimalist hardware is wall-mounted. Modern mirrors are topped with a fixture style that is more often used with artwork but is a cool addition to the bathroom. A rustic crate, spare industrial lamp and a leaning mirror with a more Scandinavian feel round out the eclectic modern bathroom.
Ornate Modern

Calling this style of bathroom ornate modern might seem like an oxymoron because the two styles are at odds, but it accurately describes this design. Instead of a regular double vanity, this bathroom features two modern pedestals that have glass shelves underneath, exposed plumbing and a little bit of detailing on the tapered legs. The sinks themselves are gleaming black porcelain with silhouettes that are more associated with traditional or ornate spaces as is the faucet style. Traditional frames have a shiny black finish, which is completely modern, while the weathered rococo design of the wallcovering provides the ornate element.
Separate Structures

For those who just don’t like the look of a long double vanity countertop, dual pedestal sinks can easily take its place. This modern arrangement shows how pedestal styles can be minimalist,  especially with this style that has the sink integrated with the pedestal. The all-black fixtures matches the wall-mounted hardware — a must with this style of sink! A small floating shelf is handy for the soap and separate oval mirrors hide necessary the storage of a medicine cabinet. Black towel racks on the side wall round out this modern bathroom design.
Off-Center Style

Modern double vanities are traditionally arranged with the sinks evenly spaced across the countertop, which makes an off-center design like this extra distinctive. This bathroom vanity is very long, so having room is not an issue. Still, the two basins are arranged at one end of the long space, with a standard amount of space between the two. That leaves a long expanse of countertop for other purposes, or, just for the sake of the design. A floating shelf, storage unit underneath is oriented toward the opposite end of the sinks and a mirror that runs the full length of the vanity emphasizes the length.
 An Architectural Vibe

A dark finish on this custom floating double vanity makes it feel architectural, especially in combination with some of the other details. The double sinks are set toward one end of the vanity, which gives it more of a modern edge and this arrangement allows for a standard size mirror, which happens to have all the latest lighting technology built in. Recessed wall cubbies add function while helping keep the countertop clear. The architectural frame of the shower ties it in with the double vanity and the large-format weathered tiles on the wall lend an industrial feel.
Updated Traditional

Some people just aren’t ready to go modern or minimal, so it’s entirely possible to have a traditional bathroom with some modern upgrades. This custom double vanity is a traditional cabinet style, but instead of the usual doors, it has drawers accented with stylish hardware. The custom granite countertop features two drop-in porcelain sinks accented with a single-hole faucet that features two separate knobs for hot and cold water. Sconce lighting highlights the frame of the mirrors that is topped off with crown molding. Swinging arm towel holders are attached to the wall on both sides of the double vanity and are a fresh change from standard wall-mounted towel bars.
Vanity Furniture

Somewhere between the modern floating vanity and the traditional cabinetry style is the trend of using furniture instead.  This double vanity certainly feels more like a stylish piece of transitional furniture than a bathroom fixture which is the whole point. Topped with a beveled slab of granite, two flared oval vessel sinks are matched with single-hole faucets. Individual beveled mirrors are placed above each sink for function as well as style. We love the underlighting, which helps emphasize the style of the piece.

So, even though bathroom double vanities are now dé rigeur,  especially for master suites, that doesn’t mean they’re all going to look the same. Many of these are custom, so you can really adjust various features to fit exactly what you want for the space. The bathroom has to serve specific functions but beyond that, the feel and flow are entirely up to individual your style and desires.

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