Nuage à Plots shelving system by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina

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Nuage à Plots shelving system by Charlotte Perriand

Dezeen Showroom: Cassina has produced a reissue of French architect and designer Charlotte Perriand's modular, Nuage à Plots bookcase with curved aluminium elements.

The sort after Nuage bookcases were developed by Perriand in the mid-1950s and have been reissued by Cassina since 2012.

A photograph of the shelf system
It is available as a freestanding unit

The Nuage à Plots is a bookcase that combines Perriand's concept of modularity, functionality and aesthetics. It can be suspended from the wall or used as a free-standing shelving unit.

It includes a collection of horizontal shelves and vertical curved aluminium structures that are connected by tie rods and bearings.

A photograph of the wall-mounted shelf system
It can also be wall-mounted

Nuage à Plots shelving system has a 33.5-centimetre shelf depth paired with its curved aluminium elements that replace the classic dividers.

The curved aluminium elements can be finished with a natural anodize or painted black or white.

Product: Nuage à Plots shelving
Brand: Cassina

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