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So instead of making brand new New Year’s resolutions, why not just make tweaks to things you’re already doing? Most resolutions are ditched by January 17, but when you rebrand the healthy moves that are already part of your routine (and you are already doing at least some of the things below, you may just be overlooking them), you’re well on the path to success. Read on for nine easy wellness upgrades you can make in 2021.

1. Go for a walk
Parajumpers Limited-Edition Pia Jacket, $730, at 
Sitting for long periods of time is uncomfortable (let’s call for a moratorium on Zoom meetings longer than an hour, shall we?), but it’s also bad for your health. Long periods of sitting can tighten hip flexors and hamstring muscles, affecting balance, and potentially contributing to lower back and knee pain. Break up your day with periods of movement, like a walk around the block. The upgrade: make your walk chicer, for no reason other than personal enjoyment, with an on-trend (and toasty warm) Parajumpers puffer.

2. Put things away when you’re done with them
Give the IKEA IVAR shelving unit a new look with IVAR bamboo doors.
You’ve been doing this since you were three. Time to upgrade your storage units with new cabinets, like the rattan-inspired ones above from IKEA, and storage boxes and bins. Home is now your office, your gym, your restaurant. It’s important to keep things clutter free. It will look more streamlined, but more importantly, according to CAMH, decluttering may also improve your mental health.

3. Reduce blue-light exposure
SaveFace Blue Light Blocking IRL Filter iPhone, $42,
In the middle of a pandemic, it would be ridiculous to suggest you cut back on your screen time. Instead, try adding a blue-light shield to your device, like this one from SaveFace available at The Detox Market. (Read more about blue light and how it affects your skin here.) Made with four layers of tempered glass and antimicrobial silver ions it purports to reduce HEV blue light, reducing eye strain.

4. Make your morning coffee better
Marine Collagen Powder Pure Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen from Fish Scales, $50, at
You are already making coffee every morning, why not stir in some collagen powder for a hit of protein? This one, from Canadian company Organika, boasts 9 grams of protein per serving, and is sourced from fish. (They have bovine and vegan-based options, too.) Start using it now and expect to see stronger hair and nails by May. (It takes about five months of daily use to see the effects.)

5. Take a probiotic
Renew Life Ultimate Flora VS for Women 50 Billion, $37 for 30 capsules, at major retailers.
The microbiome in your gut is sensitive to stress, which, uh, we’re all experiencing a little of right now. “The gut microbiome is connected to the brain through the vagus nerve,” health psychologist Dr. Judith Andersen, PhD, told us. “Something that’s good for your body is probiotics.” Support your digestive and gastrointestinal health through eating probiotic rich foods, or make it even easier on yourself and take a once-a-day probiotic, like these gluten-dairy-and-soy free ones from Renew Life.

6. Try another form of CBD
Truss Beverages Veryvell Strawberry Hibiscus Sparkling Water,
If you’re someone who uses CBD and/or cannabis, consider exploring it in beverage form. While we aren’t making any health claims about this beverage, it’s a swap to consider in lieu of smoking.

7. Try a shorter workout
Apple Fitness+, from $13/month,
Remember when we used to attend hour-long boutique fitness classes? Yeah, us neither. We’re not sure if it’s because we’re out of shape or we’ve just learned to be more efficient with our time, but 10- and 20-minute workouts hit harder from home. The next time you’re trying to muster up the motivation to do a 45-minute class, try the great selection of short and sweet workouts – from HIIT to yoga to strength – on Apple Fitness+ instead. (Check out our full review of the new fitness platform for Apple Watch users.)

8. Upgrade your toothbrush
Bruush Electric Toothbrush, $95,
You brush your teeth twice a day (right?). Upgrade to a trendy electric toothbrush from direct-to-consumer Kevin Hart-backed brand, Bruush. The device boasts six cleaning modes (including a very satisfying tongue cleaning option) and ultra-soft bristles so its gentle on your gums. If you get on the refill plan, they’ll auto ship you new toothbrush heads every few months. So fresh, so clean.

9. Add another mask into your rotation
Herschel, $20,
By now, we all know the importance of wearing a face mask to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. We also all know that you are supposed to wash them between each use. In reality, it’s easier to have a few different masks on hand than remembering to wash the one you own each and every time you leave the house (although that should not be that often in lockdown). These ones from Herschel come in a great range of colours, are super comfortable and features an adjustable nose bridge and ear loops for the perfect fit on every face.

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