Neoclassical Interior Spliced With Sage Green & Pink Decor

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Lovingly preserved historical heritage brings neoclassical intricacy to this exquisite apartment that overlooks Bolshoi Prospekt, at the very heart of the Petrogradka District of St. Petersburg, Russia. Visualised by Rindes, this elegant residence boasts original crown moulding and deeply decorative stucco moulding across impressively high ceilings. Wainscotting has been manipulated to disguise interior doors, and unique paint effects distort spacial perception under a subtle muted sage green and blush pink palette. Crisp, contemporary furniture items and modern decor accessories create clean juxtaposition against the more decorative elements, whilst eye-catching modern light fixtures add a refreshed sense of grandeur. Floor plan included at the end of the home tour.

A Maytoni Nostalgia chandelier catches the eye and draws attention to a wonderful original decorative stucco ceiling. In contrast, things are kept simple down on the floor, with a subdued area rug and a crisp white sofa.

The regularly spaced modern wall sconces are inspired by a traditional candle sconce. The lights accentuate smart wainscotting, which is topped with a chic crown moulding. A traditional fireplace has been given an update with a coat of glossy sage green paint. The soft accent colour breathes life into the delicate room palette.

Opposite the sofa, a floating tv stand carries a fashionable ribbed aesthetic under a luxe black marble top. A decorative vase adds a little height to the linear piece, which connects it with a frame of exquisite boiserie. Glass doors on either side of the TV wall reveal a glimpse of a second lounge area with a dainty blush pink painted fireplace.

In the second lounge, a beige modern sofa adds warmth to the furniture arrangement alongside two fresh white lounge chairs.

Contemporary artwork adds a bold black and white display above the sofa, between two stylish black wall sconces.

A unique shelving unit takes the black accent colour to the far end of the predominantly white scheme, where a small dining area is set up in the window.

Bespoke storage is installed along the back of the TV wall. A small library of books and glassware are displayed on open, backlit shelves, announcing the leisure function of this room.

The kitchen is situated down the hallway. The large room accommodates the main dining area here too.

The same oak chevron flooring creates cohesivity throughout the home, as well as classic decorative features.

An extraordinary dining room chandelier sets modernity against the backdrop of traditional wainscot.

The entryway is a peaceful sea of sage green, with walls, doors, furniture and the radiator painted to perfectly match.

Even the dog bed receives a sage green upholstery treatment.

A half-height, light grey paint effect cuts panel moulded walls and custom storage units in half to break the monotony of the long hallway.

Sage green entryway paint is flooded up and over crown moulding and the ceiling to create clear zoning.

The bedroom is a spectacular example of neoclassical interior design, with a mesmerising decorative stucco ceiling, classic crown moulding and a beautiful boiserie headboard wall. Contemporary glass closet doors increase the sense of incredible space, light and grandeur.

Wall sconces are incorporated into a unique headboard design behind the simple upholstered bed. Contemporary artwork creates layers over the ornate wall trim.

A subtle, tonal paint palette breaks up the lofty height of the room. Perimeter LEDs highlight the classic trim.

A round ottoman is accompanied by a unique floor lamp, which is the Pasteur pedestal table and lamp designed by Johan Lindsten for Roche Bobois.

Frameless interior doors are disguised within the panel moulded wall treatment.

In the master ensuite, a double sink bathroom vanity follows the same ribbed and black marble aesthetic as the living room’s TV stand.

A white marble backsplash climbs to a deep, traditional crown moulding.

Regal boiserie surrounds the “throne”.

A stepped black marble floor raises the bathtub to stylishly accommodate plumbing. A small black side table perches neatly at the edge,

Moving on into the second bedroom of the home, we find ourselves under a cosy blush pink ceiling. A large area rug keeps the floor light.

With no exterior windows of its own, this space borrows light from the adjacent room via clerestory windows.

Pink paintwork is extended down from the ceiling to form a deep border around the room, which bleeds into a row of built-in storage units.

Bright pendant lights descend over pink bedside tables.

Colour coordinated pink skirting board makes a unique trim.

On the opposite side of the clerestory windows lies an adventurous modern kid’s room design. An AIM pendant light strings a playful tangle across the green ceiling.

Colourful green, yellow, blue and orange accents, and a nature inspired wall mural fill this space with energy and interest.

Custom-made wall units, bookshelves and wardrobes are built-in around the door to create one sleek wall of kids’ storage.

The family bathroom decor scheme creates drama under a black, grey and green saturated palette.

Green tiles encase the small room and the bathtub.

The vertical tiles smoothly follow the curve of the bathroom wall, accentuating the unique architectural feature.

The powder room that is attached to the kitchen follows the same dark aesthetic.

Wood tone doors momentarily lighten the look.

Bathroom supplies are stored inside.

Adjacent doors hide away another large storage space.

In here, we discover that the small powder room actually doubles as the laundry room.

Floor plan.

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