My Journey to Motherhood + A Neutral Nursery Tour

My Journey to Motherhood + A Neutral Nursery Tour

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Hello, Local Milk readers! My name is Tara Hurst, and I am a Creative Director based on the West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. Im currently enjoying a cozy winter at home with my newborn son Albert (known lovingly as Bertie), who just arrived on New Years Day. Im excited to share my story of this journey of anticipating motherhood and a tour of his nursery with you.

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My Journey to Motherhood

When my husband Michael and I bought our heritage house five and a half years ago, its restoration became a labour of love. I poured my heart into the renovation of each room; marble counters, built-in bookcases, brass light fixtures, and linens. I knew that one day the bedroom looking out onto the back garden would be a nursery, but I had no idea it would take quite so long. Over the years, the guest bedroom remained untouched, a reminder that there wasnt a baby on the way, and I would often close the door when I walked by.

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Last January, we made the decision that it was time to commit to IVF. Four months of drugs and procedures led to my first IVF transfer being successful, and I became pregnant. After such a difficult time trying to conceive, my pregnancy couldnt have gone better. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, including the precious endeavour of decorating our sons nursery.

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Making A Special Space for Bertie

Within weeks of becoming pregnant, I found a gently used natural wood Stokke crib online, one that I had coveted for years. And so, quite early on, the nursery began to take shape. As a designer, materials and colour palette are very important to me. From the moment I found the crib, I knew that I wanted the babys room to be filled with natural wood and organic textiles.

Over the summer months, the pieces slowly came together: an Olliella basket changing tray and Ooh Noo toy chest from Maude Kids Decor; the birch peg rail and Japanese wooden stool made of Cypress wood from one of my favourite shops, June Home Supply; a white ash wood shelving unit made by Kroft; sustainably sourced wooden rocking chair from Caramba; and striped stonewashed linen baby quilt from Flaxsheep, all Canadian companies I love to support.

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The walls are White Tie and the closet doors Vert de Terre by Farrow and Ball, water-based paint with minimal VOCs that are eco-friendly and a very safe paint to use while pregnant. The striped linen curtains were lovingly made by my mother-in-law.

On a trip to Morocco, we sent home several rugs from the small village of Chefchaouen, including a vibrant Kilim that I knew would be perfect in a childs room one day. The rug is the only bright coloured accent in Berties room. I layered the rug over a more neutral Kilim to create warmth over the often cold fir floors. A perfect place to play when he gets a little older.

We have a lot of books in our house, and I was excited to give Bertie a place to start his own library. The wall shelves are from Ikea and are a well designed, affordable option. I also like that I can add more over time. Berties books have already begun to take up the bottom shelf in our living room library as well.

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Growing Into Berties Nursery

While the baby will spend the early months of his life co-sleeping in our room across the hall, I love spending time in Berties room, changing him in the early hours of the morning, and nursing him to sleep. The nursery feels calm and inviting, with an intentionally less-is-more approach. With all of the baby products out there, Ive been mindful of investing in pieces that Bertie will be able to grow into and use over time. The Stokke crib converts to both a toddler bed and then with an extension kit, a full childs bed. The low shelves will become his bedside table one day and the peg rail, a place to hang his clothes. The toy chest that is currently storing sleep sacks and blankets will one day house Berties toys.

As we settle into life as a family of three, Im looking forward to all of the creative projects motherhood will bring and will always look back fondly on the thoughtful time I spent pregnant, making a nursery for Bertie.

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Taras Nursery Favourites

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Tara Hurst is a Creative Director based on the West Coast of Canada on Vancouver Island. When shes not working on branding or design projects at her dining room table, you can find her in the kitchen with her camera or puttering in the garden. Curious to see more of her home? The story of their hundred-year-old arts and crafts cottage has become a great inspiration to her, as well as the backdrop for many of her photographs on Instagram.

Photography by Molly Jane Photo. You can also find Molly here on Instagram.

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